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My Musician Friend is calling for us "the public" to unite...

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 02:38 AM
I stole this from facebook...
Don't let yourself get mad at the media tactics my friend. This is what exactly keeps us supressed and distantly divided. We need to focas our pain, power and passion collectivly and productively because we are the numbers... you,me and all Canadians.

For those that dont know about whats going on....

If this video doesn't make Canadians mad.... what the HELL will? We the Canadian people are here to STAND on gaurd for our troops here at home.... we need major organizing and planning to start being SEEN and HEARD.... stickers and t-shirts are.. in a grand scale.. just flare if those NOT WILLING to stop their day, or perfect little lives to NOT gather and show power in numbers anywhere anytime... my biggest fear is for all of this and our efforts and loss to be in vain!!! There are rallies all of the time and people need to start flocking to them... hundreds are just okay..... but we need more effort and creative awarness by everyone!!

When the number of our fallen troops, trumps the numbers of people that show up for rallies... personally... it EN-RAGES the # outta me!! We are in the time of the digital age... facebooks, twitters, youtubes emails, webcams...... all of these are our weapons and tools to fight FOR our troops....and as Victor Hugo once said...
Our time is now...there are no other options people!!!

Put it this way. If all those that wear red and have stickers on their cars started buying gas only from 1 kind of gas company... for just a week...@ apointed company rotations untill 2014.. what do you think would happen....? Cause and effect.....Hmm I wonder how the media would deamonize us patriots?... My sorces tell me it's gonna be 200$ a barrel in the not too distant future!!

Imagine the shock wave our corporate owners would feel by us in this action? Nobody can touch my pride for our soldiers, but by god we better start smashing some bee hives up there in ottawa....

Because me personally.... a sticker on a cop car that is baracading me back from a parliment... who won't let my brother and his band of brothers in arms come home... won't mean anything to stop me when it comes down to the brass-tax as they say... especially when the rest of the sleeping Canadians finally awaken to the real truth and ACT AND STAND UNITED in one direction TWARDS PEACE and CHOICE and start showing our power in numbers. The government works for us, and if all of us with birth certificates with our NASDAQ traded red stock numbers on the back of them started gathering... we could make change... real change!!! Dunno what I'm talking about folks... hmm funny thing.... open your ears and your mind.. watch this seminar and learn what u really are!!!

PART 1 starts getting good after 2.5 mins!! Prepare yrself!!!!

I am with you and our soldiers 100 percent!!
Stay Canadian...Stay Proud hun!!
Power Together In Numbers!!
♥ c.

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 03:02 AM
You realize that these Free Men On The Land attempt to opt out of everything they can't scam like unemployment insurance , welfare and bogus claims for Canada Pension lifetime disability pensions and 6 of them are in jail in British Columbia right now because their defense strategy doesn't hold water and the only times they've ever recieved a dismissal was when the court was back logged and they demanded a trial by jury over a 50 dollar speeding ticket . Follow Menards advice and you're looking at a lengthy prison sentance . Absolutely bogus . Everything about them centers around crime and the conviction rate on them is over 90% .

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by Akragon

Indivisible and with Justice for all.

Third Line

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by bandito

Another great supporter of our troops... haha!! Man spend some time getting the boys n soldier girls home? You got smarts!! It be nice to have ya on the family side!! Good call on the smoke screen to the sheep i threw out there on free man!!

I must say BC really is the bomb though... shure hope these Niburu folk arn't right


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