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Alien Desensitization? You be the Judge....

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:50 AM
Right, i thought there were more . I see it as the next thing to come along. It will be movies about something or someone else in the fall , nothing to see here folks move along.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:47 PM
Call me a nut-job, but this is my firmly held theory. Orson Welles didn't just narrate The War of the Worlds for pure entertainment purposes. I believe it was a practice run/test for future disclosure. When people started panicking, it was clear that we simply were not ready to affront the truth of alien life on other planets. It became very important and necessary for a kind of conditioning program to be developed. So a few yrs. later we have the possibly "staged" Roswell crash. I'm not too sure if I believe there was such a crash or what's more important, the alleged so-called aliens that were retrieved and kept secret.
However, what happens after that "incident" is interesting. Hollywood punches out a few movies about UFO's and aliens, could be because of the surrounding sensationalism, or perhaps a hidden agenda, who knows. But a few yrs. later we get the most widely known case of UFO abduction, the Betty and Barney Hill case. This opens up more possibilities and allows room for more speculation. Following that we get more abduction reports, for the most part they all go ridiculed and frowned upon, and the so-called abductees are ostracized.
What follows during the upcoming decades are more UFO movies, such as Close Encounters, Body Snatchers, ET, etc. It is clear the UFO phenomenon has left its mark on our pop culture.
Meanwhile, we get thousands upon thousands of reported sightings, still going overlooked. Fast forward to the late 90's, the Phoenix Lights incident which riles up an entire community of individuals who demand answers. And yet the incident is only taken lightly by authority figures, one of whom has finally come out and said that he didn't even know what the hell happened that night. But seeing the position he was in at the time, he could not give too much importance to the event.
And now we have a decade of Hollywood gradually punching out even more flicks about aliens, including shows such as The X-Files which was the most popular in the early 90's.
The UFO sightings keep increasing, and for some asinine reason Hollywood keeps making even more UFO flicks.
And now we have "Paul". Not to mention Battle LA, I Am Number Four, and I'm sure if you look up in imdb Hollywood's upcoming flicks, you will find that most of them are about aliens.

So what's going on? Is it all sensationalism due to the recent increase in UFO sightings, or is there something more sinister afoot?

Personally, I believe they have been conditioning us since the beginning. Orson Welles proved that we simply were not prepared for a disclosure. There would be mass panic. The only other alternative would be to soften the blow for us by conditioning us with programs and films mainly. I believe E.T. was the cornerstone of this "plan", since after so many movies about hostile aliens and UFO's, we finally get a film about a benevolent alien being. E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. This is definitely a plan that's been in the work for a long long time, and it does not matter if some people have already passed away, the point is to condition the masses through years and years of exposure to these movies which desensitize us to aliens and then teach us that they are benevolent. We should welcome them, we should become one with them, for they are our space brethren and here to help us, not harm us. I believe Dr. David Jacobs has the 411 on this so-called alien agenda. I suggest people look him up and listen to what he has to say. You don't have to like it, but do take it into consideration and with a grain of salt of course.
What we are witnessing today, with the blatant increase in UFO sightings is not an accident, I believe. They appear in more public places, they stay there for longer periods, it's as if now they WANT to be seen. They WANT us to know they're here. And the more they appear, the more authority and public figures talk about them and in a serious vein, mind you. So in conclusion, I believe that after we finally get disclosure, we should publicly apologize to all the poor red-neck hicks who got anally probed and no one did anything besides laugh at them or a long while. Because we will have finally seen them too.
I believe that if they finally come, we will no longer panic. We will welcome them. Why? Because Hollywood has done a damn good job at making us do so. "Paul" is the perfect example of that.
Are they benevolent or malevolent though? That is up to each person of this forum to decide. As for me, I'm going with the latter.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:51 PM
Just a few more i found cruising the net, Granted some of these are not to far out there but hey whatever it at least makes for good conversation. RED STATE, SO UNDERCOVER, RANGO ( this is for all the reptilian people ha ha) , BATTLE LOS ANGELES, MARS NEEDS MOM, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, SUCKER PUNCH, LIMITLESS, THE CONSPIRATOR, A BETTER LIFE, THE WHISTLEBLOWER, 11-11-11, and another new one i just saw on tv cant remember the name, the dude off october sky. There are many others is it just the new fad?

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by MonkeyWrench30
So basically we are now seeing desensitization to area 51 in kids movies

I saw Paul last night actually...

Firstly, it isn't a kids movie, not by a long shot. It's rated 15 and has ALOT of swearing in. Secondly, it's a typical Pegg/Frost "spoof" type film that kind of rips on ET and plenty of other sci-fi films, like when they walk into a red neck bar and the band is playing the tune from the Mos Eisley canteena band in Star Wars

May I ask if you've seen the film and come to these conclusions or a merely seeing an "alien" film and knee-jerking your way onto ATS? I might suggest seeing it first.

reply to post by spoonbender

That might be because it's based on that event, in so far as it was a pre-cursor to the events in the film. Aagin, I'd suggest watching the traliers and reading the film info that is online before making conclusions.

reply to post by leaualorin

Oh, so based on a 2 minute trailer you've concluded it's not only offensive to Humans (god knows why) but it's crap? Elaborate. I've seen it and thought it was a funny movie and well made.

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 04:05 PM
THE SOURCE CODE, it was just on the tv , man i have no memory anymore, or maybe that is what they want me to think muhahahaha.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 07:31 AM
I think the best way to desensitize is to experience the exposure. That can't be done with a closed mind. Probably one of the best is the internet where like minded folks can discuss the issue.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 10:02 PM
there have been alien movies since the '50's and here we are, 2011, and not even an acknowledgement by any official report, that the possibility that some of these sightings are legit.

it reminds of star trek, when picard and the enterprise somehow manage to screw up the prime directive and interfere with backward and primitive cultures.

exept that humans are the primitive and backward culture that have closed minds that can't grasp the concept that the possibility of life beyond this planet is almost 100%.

and being lead by idiots, who because they can grasp this concept, chose to ridicule and withhold this information from less enlightened people (99% of earths population) instead of telling and sharing all the knowledge and information they have in an equal and informative way.

in the end we are one species, human. but maybe that's what the one world order agenda is for. to unite humanity so they can better prepare and grasp this concept.

unless there is harmony on earth, not even saying peace, we cannot prepare ourselves for what is out there.

but since everything from the mayans to the Bible prophesied our destruction, humanity is a doomed species.

i bet everyone outside of earth live in peace and happiness and together in harmony in accordance to God's will and grace and we are the only idiots in the galaxy.

God has to pick and chose a few of us because the rest are screwed beyond repair.

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 10:04 PM
I'd really struggle to believe that the release of alien movies at the moment is some kind of precursor to an unveiling. Firstly, the movie 'Paul' is a comedy film, starring two best friends who are self-confessed geeks. These guys have been in TV series about aliens in the past, are massive star wars fans, and basically wanted to make a movie about aliens (and coincidentally, had the means to do so). Nick Frost and Simon Pegg made a movie about zombies (Shaun of the Dead) a while ago - which was released at the same time as other zombie movies were picking up (i.e. dawn of the dead). There was no suggestion then that hollywood was complicit in some form of plan to prepare us for zombies, and I think it's equally as illegitimate to claim that's what's happening at the moment with aliens.

Space, rockets, flying, and especially aliens, are cool. That's why people make movies about them; they capture people's imaginations and make for good storytelling, since writers are pretty much free to come up with what they want. There's not a huge increase in the frequency of alien films either - there have always been alien-themed films around. Independence day has a theme a little darker than 'Paul', and we don't expect alien annihilation. Transformers was technically about aliens, too. Here's a huge list of movies with aliens:

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 10:13 PM
I dont know if anyone has posted it but I just saw the trailer for Apollo 18. Its about a secret mission to the moon that has some nasty consequences. It reminded me of Pandorum.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by irsuccubus
I dont know if anyone has posted it but I just saw the trailer for Apollo 18. Its about a secret mission to the moon that has some nasty consequences. It reminded me of Pandorum.

Yes, saw the trailer on AICN and the gobby rude lot all panned the film based upon a 2 min trailer so massive loss of brain cells there. It looked ok, made me want to see more but didn't have a money shot (no, not that sort) where you went "WOW" I have to see this.

Should be ok and hopefully a good fun film.

As for Paul, I don't know why people are reading so much into it, Pegg who loves sci fi has done what he always does, grabs a genre and popular topic, throws in lots of fart and sex jokes with a sprinkling of wit and sarcasm and makes nods to many other big alien / ufo films.

All in all a fun film...

Is it a lead to disclosure, not on your life and I do hope people are not going to pick up on the line in it where Paul points at his tee shirt that has a picture of a grey on it and says something like "they have been preconditioning you for years" in reference to a question about meeting aliens.

All these films are purely hot topic bums on seats and good cash for the makers...Nothing beyond that.

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posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 07:12 AM
I saw this yesterday and LOVED it.

This movie was hilarious and cute, even made me shed a few tears in one scene.

It references many ufo stories and myths and if you are into aliens and ufos and things that relate to it you will LOVE this movie like I did. I loved all the references to things I know most of my friends would not get.

I would love a Paul
he would be an awesome BFF!

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