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"Father of China" Saw UFO in 1916

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 06:40 PM
Witness: Sun Wen (Wiki: Sun Yatshen) well-known as the "Father of China"
Location/time: Mount Pu-Tuo, Hui-Chi Temple, Zhejiang Province / Aug. 25th 1916

Group picture taken on the trip

While surveying parts of China in 1916, Mr. Sun, with an entourage of officials and assistants, traveled to Mt. Pu-Tuo in Zhejiang province and stayed at Hui-Chi Temple. On the trek up to the mountain temple, he witnessed something unexplainable. Upon reaching the temple, he asked others arrived ahead of him if they saw the strange sight, but the others said they did not see it. After some animated discussion, he had his secretary writeup a journal and stamped with his personal seal.

My rough translation of the section of the journal relating to UFO:

One the way to Hui-Chi temple, from afar, I saw in front of the temple a magnificent structure and tens of strange monks(strange as in looks? hairless beings like monks?) as if welcoming(him)..I was awed by the grandness... Upon further approach, saw a large disk within (structure)? spinning rapidly..I have no idea what it is made of...nor what is it's I was pondering, all suddenly disappeared..I was very puzzled. I do not have thoughts of extremes in my head (I don't believe in likes of fantastical, paranormal, things)...I have no idea what spiritual scene I was in.

I tried to translate as literally as possible. In summary:
-He saw a magnificent structure in the air(with a large disk inside, or the large disk IS the structure, not clear from the text).
-The disk spined rapidly.
-Caused him to wonder what it's made of and how it was powered.
-The structure disappeared suddenly.

The journal text was published in 1934 in a Bhuddist periodical with the interpretation that the incident was a religious manifestation. Mr. Sun's bewilderment of the incident was mentioned by the a published memoir(1953) of one of the officials as well as another memoir(1981) of one of the monk(master Zhu-Yun), who were present that day. A picture of the journal text engraved on a stone tablet accompanies the source article, but I can't verify where or when it was made.

The UFO relevance of this text was first reported in 1999, by Taiwanese UFO researcher Dr. Lu-Ing-Zhong, but received little enthusiasm until earlier this year, this incident was revived on the Chinese internet and have gone lukewarm viral.

This man's integrity and credibility is unquestionable (like George Washington of China). What's left to dissect is whether or not the document is real. The fact that the document first appeared in 1934, in a Buddhist literature, in China, way before the flying disc frenzy in the West, makes the document very unlikely to be hoax. Another possibility is that the Buddhist community embellished his visit to promote the religion, but the description akin to modern day UFO sighting is truly puzzling and is very out of place in the context of Buddhism.

Dr. Lu's Article (in Chinese)
Recent Viral Link (in Chinese)

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 06:45 PM
Very good find!


This is long before any other explanation, such as military projects or advanced technology, existed so it would be very hard to debunk this. He could have had altitude sickness or maybe a lack of oxygen in the air, or what I guarantee some idiot is going to say given the context... "Chinese lanterns".... but I think this has quite a bit of merit beyond the typical stories.

For me, any reports prior to 1947 are more newsworthy than most things since then.

How did you happen to stumble on this?


posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:41 PM
Excellent Post

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 11:13 PM
Great find and a breath of fresh air in a ufo report. Wish we had a better description of the monks/beings. But speaking of monks: There is a long history, of course, of anomalous events connected to their meditations.

Sounds very inter-dimensional in nature.

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 11:17 PM
Nice find! I really like seeing older stuff such as this come to surface (even if it's been out there for a while). Just keeps me looking out for more, even if it is a hoax, entertaining to say the least!

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 12:51 AM

Originally posted by SonOfTheLawOfOne

How did you happen to stumble on this?


Well, I'm Chinese and interested in UFO
There are a lot of other interesting ancient Chinese articles of UFO relevance referenced in one of Dr. Lu's books. I've yet been able to get my hands on a copy. I'll also try to reach out to him through his website and see if he'll respond with more details.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by TinkererJim

That would be fantastic

I'm also fascinated by older sightings and what have you in that 'general' area of the blue marble.

Is Dr Lu still located in Taiwan?

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 09:53 PM

Originally posted by Somamech
reply to post by TinkererJim

Is Dr Lu still located in Taiwan?

From all signs I found, he is still in Taiwan. He's written many books on various subjects. Media still calls him for opinion whenever there are worthy sightings reports.
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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by TinkererJim

Thanking You Very Much TinkerJim

When I'm in Taiwan later this year I shall sought out his books

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