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Space Shuttle Discovery Final Launch ~NOW~

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 05:13 PM
Press conference admitting concern about the foam loss

Especially the one at 03:51 (I think thats the one in the foreground of the pic posted)

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 05:31 PM

Originally posted by mblahnikluver
DO you ever look at the boards or do you just want tons of flags and stars.

Kiwifoot posted about the launch this morning. You couldn't add to her thread? Had to make your own.

I like your posts and threads but you should really look at the boards before you post sometimes.
edit on 2/24/2011 by mblahnikluver because: (no reason given)

What is your problem??? Why do people care about other peoples flags and stars??

Is this whole world about competition? This is NOT why I make threads. I don't give a rat's arse about stars or flags. I will gladly donate them to people like you who seem obsess about them. I don't even know their value I care!

I made this thread because it was happening in "T-120 seconds"

Don't like it? Take it up with the board. Don't bother wasting your whining with me because all you're doing is promoting a thread, you dislike in the first place by bumping it!

There is an "alert' option. USE IT!!!!!!!

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 05:42 PM
Nice deal they try to launch this last flight timed just right with the Gov. running out of cash next week and shutting its doors momentarily (possibly).

Also..I'm sure they dont want flack when all these programs and funding are shut down by Uncle Sam and the people loose their minds when they are still funding billions into NASA. Good slide of hand to shhhhh the people. "Look...we cant even have NASA cause were broke"...well...maybe we are broke but its because they've spent all our money building all this secret Crap trying to save themselves. Just a wild guess...hahahhaha.

Its almost as if they know outer space is going to be an unforgiving place the next few years and they are going to shut down shop. Hmmmm

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 05:52 PM
Please direct your comments to this ongoing Thread
posted on Feb 24 2011 @ 06:56 AM

Shuttle Discovery's Final Voyage - watch history unfolding 1650 local time (2150 GMT) - LINKS

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