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Arizona business community opposes new immigration crackdown

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 02:30 PM
I wish I could open this post with The Jaws theme song from the classic Jaws movie "Baaa Dumm Baaa Dummm" It's back and all dressed up in a bright shiny new outfit...

You might have thought lawmakers in Arizona were demoralized in the wake of the federal court decision striking down their sweeping crackdown on immigration. If so, you'd be wrong: the Arizona legislature has crafted a new raft of anti-illegal immigration laws that are winding their way through various committees and may come up for a vote soon.

The most controversial of those measures--a bill that seeks to end "birthright citizenship" for children of illegal immigrants--passed out of committee on Tuesday. Similar bills have been introduced in Indiana, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Yup you guessed it after the courts struck down the states earlier laws they repackaged and are trying a new approach

Here's a rundown of the proposed bills:

• Legislation that would require hospitals to check immigration status of patients who don't have health insurance. Hospital officials would notify law enforcement if the patient couldn't produce ID, but would still be required to treat the patients in an emergency.

• A bill to require schools to check immigration status of students and notify law enforcement if a child cannot provide it.

• A measure that would bar illegal immigrants from living in public housing. If someone living in a unit is discovered to not have papers, the entire group living in the apartment would be evicted.

• A bill that would make it a state crime for an illegal immigrant to drive a car.

• A bill to suspend state licenses for businesses that don't use the federal E-Verify system to ensure employers are citizens or legal residents.

Full story here

Obviously business are worried as the first batch of laws drove over 100,000 Hispanics out of the state..
the loss of revenue is of major concern not to mention the damage to the tourist trade

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 03:09 PM
Of course this is a serious issue that has received a lot of attention and will receive much more, thank you for bringing it up.

I am new to ATS and have tried to learn its prevailing philosophy. It seems that corporate interests are being held responsible for the NWO and the people have to learn to resist them. Isn't that what's happening here? The business interests want to go one way with this legislation and the people want to go another. Shouldn't ATSers side with the people?

I know this doesn't sound serious, but I am interested in the motives involved.


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