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Ode to This One Lady

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:26 AM
It’s my soul the catalyst…maybe on stage I’ll just call myself Atlas. My ranting at the powers that be and I’m probably on their blacklist…man, I didn’t know Uncle Sam would become a fascist…

Now all I do is watch the clock…when I know all it does is go tick and tock…tick and tock…the whole world’s on my shoulder, but it’s just a rock…maybe I should let it drop.

Why’s it even my job to keep it open and rolling? All I can be now is a stone king.

So we can’t keep dating, Ms Maria Janey…no, we can’t keep dating, Ms Maria Janey. It’s only an ode to this one lady…oh, baby, you won’t hate me.

And I’m coming down to this ground…yeah I’m coming back down from my cloud


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