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The End of the NWO

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:45 AM
So just to recap from my “Part I” post that introduces this post, I showed that:

Late November 2009 was the start of the 7 year tribulation period.
December 21, 2012 is the destruction of Babylon, the first 4 Trumpets of Revelations and the beginning of the 5th Trumpet, the first Woe.
The first Woe ends five months later on 5-19-13, the mid point of the Tribulation. The Antichrist is given power.
The messiah returns late November 2016.

I had previously mentioned that Prince William must be the Antichrist, “prince of the people”. So why is it him?
The British created Israel after WWII to fulfill the prophecy. Even aside from “British Zionism”, the idea that Jesus had descendants and that the lineage goes through various European bloodlines, the British royals have a very direct connection to thinking that they have a claim to being Israel’s messiah. Plus, they have an obsession with King Arthur being reborn (William Arthur Phillip Louis). “5-19-13 Expect Us” refers to the global popular uprising and revolution against “corporations, the Illuminati, bankers, the Fed,” and other hyped evil entities that are mere fall guys while the real criminals are deftly put into even more power.

For more info about William as the Antichrist, I recommend

About the False Prophet, I had hinted previously that I think the Dalai Lama is the false prophet (the new age Maitreya)(and not the current Dalai Lama, I’m thinking Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the US and China Buddhist double agent, just like the Dalai Lama is a CIA asset).

I could very well be wrong, but what appears to take place is this:
The aliens come in 2012, the Pope has collected all religions and churches under his umbrella and welcomed the alien God, “Xenu” (I’ll just call him that after L Ron Hubbard’s alien parody of the Judeo Christian God/ the equivilant of the Luciferian god, Adonay). Xenu and his UFO horde show up en masse and many governments nuke the invaders. Xenu has his own nuclear agenda, taking out a few cities of his own, including taking out the Vatican and Jerusalem (Spiritual Babylon from Revelations 18).

And here’s the most important part. People take their anti-radiation Prussian Blue tablets that have been spiked with hallucinogens. Dismiss anything else I say as insane, but I will keep harping on this issue until they haul me away. Everything else follows from this item that is very distinctly shown time and again.

People watch as Prince/ King William is killed by aliens on Dec 22, 2012. They are tripping and see “shadow people” and “the portal demon” come out from the Tevatron collider in Chicago (Rahm Emmanuel will make sure everything goes smoothly…) Here’s an example from Radiohead’s new CD (“King of Limbs”, you’ll get their joke soon enough) of the “portal demon” and a shadow alien person. I’ll show more of this “portal demon” further down.

Needless to say, chaos ensues. Wounded people are “zombies” to the drugged and paranoid minds. Suspicions are magnified, guns are drawn. People look like reptilians! Shadow people are all around! Prince William is reborn on Dec. 25 after being “dead” for 3 days, the returned King Arthur, and vows to rid the world of its evils: aliens, corporations, etc and usher in the new age. The global uprising brings him to power on 5-19-13.

666 is man, man, man. No aliens. The new Dalai Lama replaces the Pope as the head of the church body, making religion into the secular pursuit of meditation. The “god” in this unholy trinity appears to be the computer, IBM’s Watson. Maybe politicians will be replaced by a type of “city manager” in the form of Watson who monitors everyone's chips. (Kirby calls it the “mother box”).


posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:46 AM
In order to back up my assertions, I have put my scanner to work and have boat loads of examples to show you, mainly focusing on Jack Kirby’s work in his “4th world” era.

2012 approaches. It’s the Age of Aquarius (Aqua Ares, Water Ram). Here’s the Republican and Democratic logos, then mirrored and combined to form Aquarius.

Dec. 21, 2012, when the faked UFO space gods return.

What Kirby calls “space gods/ celestials” is a reference to Revelations 10 , the “mighty angel with the 7 thunders voice that holds the little book”. Here’s the “angel holding the little book” that then destroys and floods Spiritual Babylon (as described in Rev. 18). L Ron Hubbard referred to this entity as the “Big Being” from his Operating Thetan II materials.

Yes, Kirby depicts the denizens of the city as “Deviants”, in other words, the people inhabiting Babylon are deviants and worthy of destruction. Hey Jerusalem, who loves ya? Speaking of Deviants, here’s some quotes by Hubbard:

Borrowing from earlier operations such as Helotrobus. they conceived an ongoing implant [brainwashing] . some portions of which have been fairly faithfully rendered in parts of the Bible. This implant [brainwashing], laid in by carefully controlled genetic mutation at Incident Two of OT Ill and periodically reinforced by controlled historic events since then, makes it effectively impossible for beings on the more heavily affected planets such as Earth to become free. It causes progressive genetic "evolution" that gives the subject population greater and greater susceptibility to the telepathic impingement and direction of the controllers.

Here’s Kirby saying the same thing, a police state to weed out “mutants” caused by the nukes going off:

The nukes go off.
“Omega blasts”. Our “heroes” are metaphorically blasted into the stone age. The villain, Darkseid, is the alien leader, Xenu in our 2012 story.

A couple of them witness the Lincoln assassination. (Think King Arthur dying.)

One of the heroes in ancient Britain helps “Arta” remove a sword from a tree (King Arthur removing the sword from the stone, King Arthur is reborn).

One witnesses that the Maitreya character is now a hero having helped the world.

Here is the Maitreya character, “Sonny Sumo,” shown to have the “anti-life equation”/ religious control.

Here is Kirby doing the King Arthur resurrection bit again, from Eternals (note that Ikaris has a “wound” on his head just like the political Antichrist has a mortal head wound):

cont’d -

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:46 AM
It causes a lot of problems.
When the nukes go off, we will previously have been given Prussian Blue, anti radiation pills, part of the Strategic Natl Stockpile that is dispersed by the Cities Readiness Initiative, but they’ve been spiked by hallucinogens. Think the Matrix’s blue pill/ red pill. Here’s how Kirby shows this.

These are probably the most damning pages here, please look at these if you look at any. The blue “cartridge” animates things in the room, then he immediately segues into a séance. A mad scientist wants the blue pill to animate his monster and is stealing it from one of the heroes. As soon as he does so, the ghost of Boston Brand/ “Deadman” appears in the séance. Kirby is saying that the pill is causing the ghost to appear. Deadman is referring to the political Antichrist, Prince William, who is “murdered” by the man with the hook on the right hand (Xenu, the Christian God parody, equivilant to Darth Vader and Kirby’s Darkseid character who is “hooking”/ rapturing various people.) Xenu destroys spiritual Babylon and political Babylon, multiple cities and the Vatican getting nuked/ destroyed. In the process, Prince/ King William is wounded on Dec. 22 and dies for 3 days and gets reborn on Dec. 25. So, after just watching William get attacked by some entity, the drugged populace imagines that he is there with them.

This Frankenstein monster created by the mad scientist is representing the public at large that is doped up, frightened, and rioting - having a blue “cartridge” taped to its forehead.

The public at large is now “possessed” by the spirit of the political Antichrist – the resurrected King Arthur: Prince/ King William (William Arthur Phillip Louis).

While they are out of it, people are “raptured”/ stolen by Xenu.

Here’s the en masse public entity represented by a rampaging monster yet again. “There’s no telling how much cosmic power he’s absorbed!” Same as with the blue cartridge/ pill powered by “cosmic power”.

Note the three fireballs referenced in the 4th panel.

“Psychological warfare may do more for our side than brute force.” Note this tentacled entity. This is the "King of Limbs" again.

It’s the same as these:

From Watchmen (by Alan Moore author of V for Vendetta)

From the Rift videogame:

From Warren Ellis’ Supergod:

From Invaders Now

The 3 fireballs from earlier are the same as these 3 meteors from an earlier issue page. (Kirby keeps going over the same 2012 events from different perspectives.) This page depicts the “night of the demons” – people are hallucinating demons, demonic greys, interdimensional greys, shadow people, ghosts. These ghosts are the same ones depicted with the tentacled monster in the Supergod and Invaders pictures above. Please see my previous thread about Shadow People showing how certain drug users frequently see “shadow people” and people turning into “Reptilians”. This scenario is exactly like the movie, Signs, where aliens come to earth and people can only see these beings just out of the corner of their eyes – just like the drug users do.

These 3 fireballs refers to Revelations 12 where the Dragon, Satan, sweeps his tail and brings down a third of the stars (fallen angels) with him to take over the world. The dragon then attacks a woman (representing the church) who “makes flight” on the wings of a great eagle away into the wilderness to escape an attack consisting of flood waters, but the earth opens up and swallows the water. Here’s Kirby’s depiction of this.
The woman makes “flight” into the wilderness to escape the dragon.

In reality, the nuke on this last page is probably what sets off the earthquake that swallows up the waters.

Thanks for reading.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:31 AM
Kudos for posting this thread
I've been contemplating a thread based on a lot of the info from the site you linked to and I highly recommend everyone checking it out. I will warn you, it is a very large site and will take hours if not days to pour through all of the information.

The rabbit hole goes super deep ATSers

If you don't mind I'd like to post a few pics I was saving for a "Prince William / AntiChrist" thread-

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 10:42 AM
Im sorry. but WHAAAAt?!!
Got here from the new topic firehose. Seems ive missed a lot.
Good luck with this, is it a screenplay?

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by Signals

I am sorry but that is kind of funny. I see William has on some headphones. Do you think that he could be listening to some rock or heavy metal. I throw the horns up at concerts too. My son does when he watches music videos. Does this make me or my son a devil worshiper?

This cannot be, because I do not even believe in heaven or hell. Hell, I believed that I was the antichrist when I was a still wonder sometimes.

I just thought that the picture was kind of funny. Maybe taken way out of context. I am not trying to be super critical of you so please do not respond harshly. We all have our opinions and I respect yours. I just wanted to comment on the horns pic.

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