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Witnessed UFO October 2009- Contacted CIA via E-mail ..continued,paranoid or not?

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:45 AM
This is a similar description not in the same words but basically contained all the same information on the sighting, that was sent to the CIA e-mail address on their webpage. Im from england so you may wonder why not contact someone in own country that deals with such issues, I looked into this and the 'data base,...investigating and logging such sightings were such down by our MOD ealier that year 2009.

Description of events

I was on my way to my grandmas house at 8pm at night on the 4thoct2009, drove onto the drive way got out to see an object circling the village over the M18 motorway. It was like a ball which looked asthough it was on fire and looked asthough it was dropping hot molten blobs! wierd yes but i dont know how else to describe it. It was bright yellow in colour and my brother and I watched it slowly circle for around 10-15 minutes. Its funny because I ran inside to tell my grandma what i was seeing and she instantly said ive seen it and she had been apparently watching it half an hour before we got there. Then the object began to elevate in height asthough it had some sort of propulsion system and as got higher it turned red.

We both tracked the red object climb in altitude to the point where it looked like a little red dot! then all i can describe it as were multiple random small red dots lit up asthough the object we tracked was being directed to that area by something, and we were right because the lights went out and it presented a disc shaped object which must have been huge becuase it was high up. The disc began to move across the sky over the m18 motorway and almost looked unstable in a wobbly effect as it moved, it dissapeared then re appeared and looked like it was on its side then became flat again. ill describe the disc it almost looked a gun metal grey that seemed to contrast in the nights sky you could see it clearly it didnt shine it looked really blurry!

It went over the motorway and never came back - 5 to 10 minutes later a military helicopter which was a merlin cirlced the village for about a few minutes then went off in the direction where object went.. they must have known something was there ? on radar ?

Its either advanced craft that we have which is under wraps or ET life ... and we are lucky to have seen it i wish i could transfer the images in my brain to video so you could all see what i actually saw that night.. you'd be freaked out!

Anyway the main reason for this thread is as follows...

I have been paranoid about the email I sent, regretting it to this day for sending to the CIA, I know that they read every e-mail (states in webpage) so I know they read the description.... all they would have to do is contact the commander who was in charge of sending that heli out and point out that there were 2 witnesses that saw it all that night...

Another issue is I use a certain website for getting temp contracts as im a plumber/heating engineer. Call me paranoid but if they are now watching my trends on internet pages where? what I search and mainly use net for then the next bit Im going to mention made me is more concerned...

I saw advertised on the site Jobsite UK.... journeyman plumbers wanted (afghanistan) 80k GBP per year I thought nice Ill apply for that... recruiters were called TRS located in greenville SC...usa.

Sent in CV coverletter sunday evening, and looked on a few forums for people wanting to work in afghan iraq etc.. and whether I had any chance on hearing back from them... the results from peeps on there wasnt good people with over 15-20year experience were being ignored ...I only have 3-4 years experience max! so I thought forget it waste of time

Next day came, phone rang monday afternoon around 3pm... mum shouted phone for me! ... 'TRS recruitment' wtf?

I answered the recruiter wanted lots of info passport copied, birth certificate, etc etc..... stayed on phone for about 20mins, I found out that the company was called FLUOR Corp. I googled this company, ex- cia members in charger of it, apprently linked to bin laden family / etc etc. this got me paranoid even more than before remembering I contacted the CIA about the 2009 ufo stuff, a hole host of possibilities fears were running through my head

I was constantly rang for over a month, then I said I wasnt prepared to go, they emailed rang and rang for a further 3 weeks then no more from them...

I found this whole thing unbelievably odd, also my friend applied for the post at first, he never heard anything from them, I told them on the phone my friend applied also (he has more years experience than me) they werent interested..they just wanted me to sign up...and go to macedonia to the first base, then dubai to second point the afghan...

I heard before that some of the beheadings where staged by westerns to create western hate toward the extremists... thats what I feared the most being the next internet beheading sensation, seen as though there hasnt been one for a while maybe ......I dont know......

I didnt sign up,....will never consider anything like that again....

Was I being over cautious and paranoid> interested to know what ATS peeps think of this.

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:52 AM
I think it's interesting that you could pick up that the helicopter was a merlin, even though you said this was night time. Not sure why someone in the UK would contact the CIA. I think you're being paranoid.

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 08:54 AM
It probably just got deleted. I wouldn't be to worried about it. They are more busy trying to instigate wars and make money selling drugs.
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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by Tephra

Ok, no problems then I was being over cauticous....

by the way the comment about the merlin ...I forgot to say I know alittle about helicopters(hobby). Know the sounds sizes etc... it wasnt pitch black the chopper was low enough to see the outline of it, so thats why I said without doubt that was a merlin

thanks anyways....mods can delete!

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by lukeUK

You may be paranoid about this, but the way I see it you can never be too paranoid where the CIA is concerned. I don't care how busy they are doing all the stuff they do all over the globe, they always have staff to take care of the mundane business. You are better off to be a little paranoid and stay a lot alive.

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