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How big is this inflation sheme going to get this year and what are the factors creating it.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 06:42 AM
If everyone remembers about three months ago back in december and even before the media fired up the propaganda machine. Now we all know the economy has been # for several years but why does the media start reassuring everyone before the November elections that America is getting better sales are up inflation is down interest rates are down etc.

December after the elections media immeadiatly begins saying inflation is on the way and didnt really give a reason and as soon as said it tshtf oil is through the roof again wars in the middle east right in crucial oil territory worldwide.

Natural disasters of a brutal winter and early winter even killing crops worldwide probably via haarp or some other weather machine.

Is all of this more evidence of the NWO at work how is it possible for bad to just continue to get worse Im really starting to think this is all part of the plan the inflation the riots the wars.

What is the connection here I mean look at this fact how many of you seen news coverage of Iraqis fighting for freedom or democracy which if they knew american democracy they would not want it either. I mean did anyone see coverage of Sadam killing his peopleI didnt ever. Now this Quadaffi guy who looks like an alien by the way literally, is killing his people like it is going out of style right in the public eye and no one is in a hurry to help them.

Is this all part of the plan to get us to riot put the whole world in a uproar am I the only one who thinks this is serious why are average people so dumb and do not see what is about to happen to them. Why is it the 2012 theory only came out a couple years ago when we have been studying them for years but this just in the world going to end in 2012.

Is the history channel also giving us warnings with the ancient astronaut theory the nostradamus theory tha ancient maya theory or they all just manipulating history to get us jacked up for this date. But cant you see it in the air dead birds earthquakes a burning oil rig destroying the sea chemtrails in the sky mysterious planets in the sky is this all a load of bull why are conspiracy theorist the only ones who believe not saying I dont believe but are we warned are we the doom sayers the preachers of whoaa to the earth.

I know this is not all coincidence but is it concievable that the NWO is behind this or is it even more sinister. If they want us to riot they are going in the right direction but if we do arent we just playing into their plan. Secondly I am in favor of change real change and we all know what that would take but if the goal is depopulation they will get what they want either way. So what Im saying is do we really win in the end or do they just let us think that we have won and start the whole process over again. Lets just say that we did riot and win for me the positives of no gov every man for himself wild west style and hope fully good and moral people prevail. But if the evil ones are still here we do not win.

Even worse than that we do not even win to begin with and all of us our children and our neighbors we will be slaves starved to death of under a more tyrannical rule than we could ever imagine. So when you begin to spout about this so called revoulution think long and hard and whatever you decid think about the consequences and do not underestimate your enemy.
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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by teotwawki77

This inflation "Scheme" will get as big as the media can handle.
But if items get too much more expensive we will need another disaster or war to direct our anger somewhere else.


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