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Banking industry in worse shape now than during the 2009 banking collapse

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 02:12 AM

Problem bank ratio at 23-year high
Posted by Colin Barr

February 23, 2011 2:48 pm

Fewer banks, more problems.

That's one take on the state of the banking industry, via the latest review issued by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

The number of banks fell for the 25th straight year in 2010, FDIC data show. The agency's deposit insurance fund now covers 7,657 banks and thrifts. That's down 25% from 1999 levels and 58% below the 1985 peak.

At the same time, the number of banks at risk of failure continues to climb. The FDIC says 884 institutions rate dishonorable mention (anonymously, of course) on its problem list. That number has risen for 17 straight quarters to its highest level since 1992, at the tail end of the savings and loan crisis.

And if anything that measure understates the severity of this crisis, which comes after the biggest financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

The number of FDIC-backed banks judged at risk of failure is 11.5% -- which is to say 1 bank in 9 is in danger of collapse.

That is the highest level since 1987, when 12.5% of banks -- 1 in 8 -- were on the problem list. It is also the third highest level since records started being kept in 1980, according to data provided by FDIC stats whiz Ross Waldorp.
...Rest of story at link

I also posted here: Breaking News: Problem bank ratio at 23-year high

So who is feeling better? Remember the old cycle? Home values fall, bank assets shrink, banks crash, treasury pumps failing banks with digital cash, banks invest in stocks instead of loaning it out, stock market reflates, commodity prices go up. Except this time there's little chance the treasury will pump more bits into the banks. Also Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are winding down and FHA insurance is demanding 10% down, reducing the max loan, raising rates and points to allow private competition, and issuing 10% fewer loans per year. That'll hit property values. No doubt states will want taxes and to wipe away the mortgage deduction, another hit.

Think it's all over? More like the eye of the storm.

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by dbriefed


posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 04:48 AM
Let them all collapse as they all are guilty of destorying and decimating the economy any time they want.

This is apart of the global policy initiative being developed now to effectively remove and erase private control over key elements of The United States Federal Government Infastructure and Overall Architecture.

The groundwork for something like this is under construction as we speak as the days of Fed control over this nation is over and done. That was a focal point of the financial reform bill. To erase Fed control and since very few actually read it they signed themselves into oblivion.

There has been a mass exodus as of late with regards to the mainstays. This is the flock fleeing before TSHTF. This decade everything changes but will change for the better.

Hence why any violent action now committed by a member of the populous now would be the absolute last thing we would want now as that will mess everything up.

Since the Federal Reserve masters have little influence in China currently this is us kicking them to the curb. However do not expect to hear much regarding this topic unless you got a direct source to the negotiations even via that avenue do not expect to hear much as something like this will tilt the balance back into our favour.

Defactowise we are on unofficial Def Con 4 now so that whatever happens we are prepared for it. Another terrorist attack is very likely now unfortunately as these psychotic douchebags will blow up another building or two just to prove a point. Let's keep a very close eye on as much as possible because my friends we are living in some very interesting times. It is all apart of a strategic multi pronged attack from as many avenues in as possible at once for maximum effectiveness which thus far continues to be working and will increase in size and magnitude as time passes eventually apexing and concluding suddenly.

This is how war is fought without firing one shot!

Since the Federal Reserve, Banking Dictaitorship and TPTB are effectively having all control stripped and erased this is them playing the now infamous little kid games. A three way massive and sudden strike all at once is being conducted now against all 3.

That is why the USD is being dropped as the world reserve currency because the Americans are growing a spine and excersizing our militarial, political, monetarial freedoms and with bank bailouts being effectively decreed against the law and banned means that those who are "Too big to fail" no longer have a lifeline and a license to do whatever the flip it wanted unchequed. They will fail allowing for competition that whose long range plan is to phase their groups out completely.

Banks are one a one sided focus now and that is the utter control of the planet and the more nations awaken that the less powerful they become.

As early as 2009 they had near dictorial control over not only us but every single nation out there nowadays a mere 2 1/2 yrs after the Sept 2008 calamity whose true culprits have been identified and we are now moving legislation and policies to effectively take them permanently out of the positions that they can use to continually destroy and manipulate our respective economies before we can move forth on the next phase which will involve proseucitions and takedowns.

Things are about to get messy people, they have awoken a sleeping giant and we are not going back to sleep any time soon.
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