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does the moon, magnetism effect the human brain?

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posted on Jan, 18 2004 @ 09:23 PM
There are doctors, one of which I knew for a short period, that medicate magnetism to their patients.

The claim is that a focused wave of magnetism thru an ailing portion of the body, can be medically improved and aids healing.

Although the doctor I met is a legitimate doctor, with a legitimate practice,
I never succumbed to the offer to be 'polarized'. I have never believed in this 'science'.

(Interestingly the 'magnetic' office, was 'miles' out of the city, in the woods, very well equipped with modern equipment and systems, and had it's own private stocked 'shelter'.)

[Edited on 18-1-2004 by smirkley]

posted on Jan, 19 2004 @ 10:53 AM

Ivan Kelly, James Rotton and Roger Culver (1996) examined over 100 studies on lunar effects and concluded that the studies have failed to show a reliable and significant correlation (i.e., one not likely due to chance) between the full moon, or any other phase of the moon, and each of the following:

-the homicide rate
-traffic accidents
-crisis calls to police or fire stations
-domestic violence
-births of babies
-major disasters
-casino payout rates
-aggression by professional hockey players
-violence in prisons
-psychiatric admissions
-agitated behavior by nursing home residents
-gunshot wounds
-emergency room admissions
-behavioral outbursts of psychologically challenged rural adults
-sleep walking

If so many studies have failed to prove a significant correlation between the full moon and anything, why do so many people believe in these lunar myths? Kelly, Rotton, and Culver suspect four factors: media effects, folklore and tradition, misconceptions, and cognitive biases. A fifth factor should be considered, as well: communal reinforcement.


posted on Jan, 20 2004 @ 12:12 AM

Originally posted by Ashly
Did you know all crimes increase during a full moon, excluding murder?? This mean rape, robbery, assault, everything!
My mom also works at a hospital for mentally uh..insane people, and she said she believes the moon affects us, becuase during a full moon, her patients get really really wierd!

My uncle is a police officer in Chicago and he has said when there's a full-moon outside it seams a little more "hecktic" Well, this was an interesting read, but honestly I don't see it; when there's a full moon outside I don't feel any different (sorry)..

posted on Jan, 20 2004 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by cwzilly
becuase during a full moon, her patients get really really wierd!

My uncle is a police officer in Chicago and he has said when there's a full-moon outside it seams a little more "hecktic"

Maybe it is just coincidence, but I have heard of many stories where insane patients act strangely than they already do in full moon days, and also new moon days, but return to their normal behavior the following morning.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 01:06 AM
i was researching on the pole shift and i came across an article which spoke abt the effects of magnetism on the human xplained y astronauts in space (wer the earths magentism is close to nil)..were prone to halucinating affects ..but return to sane mind once in the realm of the earths magnetic poles. intriguiging must say.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:28 AM
A truly fascinating thread. A pity it's in this forum - I suspect it may have attracted even more interest elsewhere, (but the OP has the right to put it here, so fair enough).

I can back up what people like arc have been saying. My wife gets extremely irritable around the new moon. (She has always been the one to point it out, so I'm not making unfair accusations, incidentally.) In fact she can find it has quite a significant impact on her life.

Again, I don't want to sound like I'm putting someone down - I just think this is a topic worth exploring. If I'm not mistaken the effect of the moon on the human body/psyche is the origin of the word 'lunatic', which, I suppose links in with what Ashly has said about the mentally infirm.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:40 AM
Cool thread.. I knew the word "lunatic" came from the effects of moon. Every month about this time, I turn into a werewolf. It supposedly effects (or causes effects) for those who have mental problems such as bipolar. There must be some truth to it...

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