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Government Protests. Changes. Good, Or Evil?

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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 02:06 PM
As most everyone here kows, the events happening over the last 60 days are quite massive in scale. No I'm not talking about the tragic earthquake in NZ, the recent 'discoveries of asteroids/comets/dwarf stars near earth, or the baby dolphins dying.
I'm speaking of the protests which have toppled a leader, and look like we may make the word leader a plural. We know of Egypt. We are learning more about Libya. Stories of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia trying to buy off his people are coming to the fore front as we speak.
OK. we're already seeing a spike in oil prices. *yawn*. Who didn't see that coming? Every time an oil producing country has a leader who gets indigestion the oil prices skyrocket. Old news.
History has proven that conventional weaponry and troops will not defeat the defenders of that part of the world. That's just a fact. No I don't want to nuke everyone and take the oil.
Frankly Oil is the last thing which worries me although the news paints a picture as though it is the ONLY thing we need to worry about.
1) That part of the world had ALOT of money. And a whole lot of that money is a surplus which is expendable.
2) That part of the world has very little if any love lost for not just the western world, but her own neighbors. And in some cases their own countrymen.
3) That part of the world has values which the west doesn't really understand. Being a Martyr, in other words dying for your cause is looked upon as a grandiose tribute.

So what in the heck am I saying here? The leaders who are recently dethroned, or look as though they might very well be next to fall are a known entity. The world knows what to expect for the most part from them. Quadafi is a different animal who is as unpredictable as a bachelor party in Vegas, but overall he is pretty harmless. He has enough faculties to know he is inside a box.
Let's say that another leader or two fall. Who is going to take their place? Is the prophecied 'Man with a blue turban' going to make himself known? Taking over the area, and the wealth associated with it? Using the time to his advantage to reek the havoc he would be able to control?
Out of the question?
That's what the World thought when they viewed a short, homely man as nothing more than an eccentric failed artist in Europe.
History has a tendency to repeat itself. This picture is a very big one, and should not be glossed over. Their is alot of depth to the situation.
Change may very well be good. But is it?

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 02:49 PM
My only question is, how is any of this protest garbage going to effect the normal jagoffs? All these guys are cheering the downfall of Mubarak, but the chances of anything changing for the little guy are nil.


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