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Are human beings engineered for sex?

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 11:58 AM
Well, I'm not really sure what to make of this yet. I need time to think. It's insightful and relevant, but quite disturbing actually:

For years abductees have reported being forced to engage in sexual intercourse with
another abductee on board a UFO. These reports have been especially puzzling. Since
aliens take sperm and eggs and then impregnate a woman with an embryo, there seems to
be no reason why they should force humans to have intercourse. A popular theory is that
the aliens are interested in the emotional aspects of sex. I have found what could be a
simpler reason for this practice.

Intercourse usually takes place after an alien performs Mindscan, arousing intense sexual
feelings in both the man and the woman. At this point, the aliens put the man and the
woman together and the couple engages in intercourse. Then, just before ejaculation, they
pull the two apart and the man ejaculates into a receptacle.

During hypnotic regression, abductees have described a variety of emotional states during
intercourse. Some are neutral. Some enjoy it, as they are made to envision a loved one
with them. Many feel guilt and humiliation. Sometimes the man experiences remorse at
having done this to a woman. Lucy Simpson reported a man who communicated "I'm so
sorry" as the aliens pulled them apart. But the aliens seem to pay no attention to these
emotional reactions. They focus only on eliciting a normal physiological reaction so that
the man will ejaculate.

Although the aliens routinely collect sperm by attaching a collection device to the man's
penis, apparently this technique is not foolproof. The evidence suggests that there are
times when this procedure and even some masturbatory techniques either fail or cannot
be performed.

Joel Samuelson, an easygoing forty-year-old man who owns his own business in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, related an extremely puzzling event in which the aliens
attached a device to his penis for sperm collection. Then, just a few minutes later, they
led him into another room, compelled him to have intercourse with a woman, and
collected his sperm. As I listened to this account, it occurred to me that although it is
possible to ejaculate twice in quick succession, the time between the two ejaculations was
so short that the chances are that Joel would not have been able to generate very much
more sperm. In addition, he had the impression that the initial mechanical attempt had
failed.9 It seems likely, then, that most sexual intercourse between humans on board a
UFO is for the purpose of sperm collection and not necessarily for eliciting sexual
expression. Abductees are often enlisted to obtain sperm when the mechanical means do
not work or have failed. Terry Matthews helped to manually masturbate four men in turn
as they lay on tables. Each time the aliens collected the sperm. Another example comes
from Carla Enders, who had to help the aliens collect sperm from an older man who was

They can't get him to respond the way they want. So they ask me if I would help.
I'm like, "I don't understand." They're kind of saying, "It's not like you haven't
done it before." They're asking me to do something, and I don't really know what
they're asking me to do. "You've never asked me these questions before, why are
you asking me these questions?" ... I'm standing in the middle of them, and they're
all around me. They've formed a circle around me. I'm feeling like I just want to
throw a tantrum and scream and yell... They're telling me it won't be that bad, just
do it, and it will be over with....

Do you fully understand what they're asking you?

Not really. Except they want to get some sperm from this man and they can't get
it. And they've tried what they normally would do, and it didn't work. And for
some reason they have this impression that he would really like that.... But I still
don't realize until I go in there what they're asking me to do. They're just saying,
"It's going to be different, but don't worry about it," or something.

So what happens next, then?

I'm just feeling kind of puzzled as we're walking over there.

You walk back into the hallway, you mean?

Yes, and there's like two in front of me, and two behind me. And we keep going
further down the hall, not very far.... And I go into this room to the right. There's
other ones in there.... I'm getting flashes of it being an older man.... He's just
sitting down on the end of the table, just sitting there. He's not moving. He's older
... probably at least midfifties. You can tell he's older, he's not fat, but his muscle
tone is different. It's not like a young person.... It seems like he wants to get up
and leave too. Seems like he can't move....

You can tap into his thoughts a little?

Yeah, and then it seems like they start, like they're doing something so he will feel
sexually, some kind of sexual desire or something. It seems like he changes-----
It's like he's not thinking about
leaving anymore. He's not realizing that they're all around him anymore. It's like
he's fantasizing or something.... It seems like they're asking me to touch his
genitals. And I'm not cooperating, but they make my hands do it anyway.... I'm
starting to get images that I somehow really like this person. I don't understand it.
That maybe I'm really in love with this person.

Does this guy look familiar at all?

No. I'm thinking, why am I feeling that? Then it just becomes that I don't really
notice any other thoughts. I'm not even noticing that they're there anymore. I don't
really remember how I started having, doing oral sex, I just remember there was a
flash and I was thinking, "I don't want to be doing this," and my head is going up
and down and I can't stop it. It felt... like their hands were on the side of my head,
kind of pushing my head up and down, but not, like, in a way it felt forcibly, but
in a way it didn't. In a way it felt like my head was just going up and down
anyway. But then I felt like I wanted to stop, and I couldn't stop.... It seems like
finally I can pull my head away. And I'm just really feeling sick.

What do they do with him when you pull your head away?

It's like I'm thinking they're hoping that he will ejaculate because it seems like
that's what they were trying to get him to do. I don't really know. It's like they're
all coming around him. ... It seems like they're getting what they wanted to. It
seems like they're satisfied with the results because, it seems like they've got what
they wanted.

So the procedure was successful for them.

Yes. It seems like I don't stay in there very long. They're telling me I'll just forget.
Because I'm really angry. I'm thinking, "How did that happen?" and we're just
walking down the hall.10

Sperm collection is so important that the aliens do not adhere to the accepted "rules"
about sex between relatives. "Carole" was traveling in Arizona with two friends and a
first cousin when they were all abducted. After her physical examination, Carole was
sexually aroused and led into another room. The aliens then brought her cousin to her and
the two had intercourse—much to Carole's intense shame and guilt. The aliens pulled
them apart when her cousin began to ejaculate and collected his sperm. So again, the
purpose of forcing sexual intercourse between human seems to be to collect sperm.

An unintended consequence of intercourse for sperm collection might provide a reason
for another puzzling aspect of the abduction phenomenon. Women abductees have
reported that they became pregnant under impossible conditions; they'd not engaged in
sexual intercourse with anyone and yet they were pregnant. They carried the baby to term
and they had a normal, healthy child. One woman remembered seeing a bright light while
she was driving, then there was a period of missing time. She became pregnant, and after
her child's birth, she referred to him as a "star child." Hearing the story of his birth, the
now-twelve-year-old son was convinced that he had traveled to his mother's uterus "on a
beam of light." At least some of these "immaculate conceptions" are probably a result of
bad timing, and because the aliens are living, sentient beings, they make mistakes. If,
during an abduction, the male begins to ejaculate a fewseconds before the aliens pull him
off the woman, she could easily become pregnant.

While sexual intercourse between two humans is primarily for sperm collection, there is
another sexual scenario. Abductees have reported establishing close relationships with
other humans, which the aliens arrange during their abductions. A male and a female
child meet while on board a UFO, continue to see each other during abductions, and
establish a friendship. When they become adolescents, they enter into an onboard sexual
relationship. Sometimes they know each other's names, and sometimes they make up
names for each other. Terry Matthews knew a boy named Ben Anderson, with whom she
had a deep relationship as a young girl and teenager during her abductions. On one
occasion she expected to meet him again, but the aliens abruptly told her that he was dead
and that "we have somebody else for you to meet." When she became upset, they told her
that it was not their fault and that he had died in an automobile accident.11

Occasionally two abductees will meet in a nonabduction context where they get a strong
sense of familiarity and feel a powerful attraction toward each other. For example, Dena
and Ray both knew immediately that they belonged together when they met. They had no
idea how or why they felt that way, but the feeling was strong enough for them to divorce
their spouses and marry. Hypnosis revealed that they have a long-term adolescent sexual
relationship that took place exclusively during abductions.

Budd Hopkins, who first identified this phenomenon, has suggested that the mating of
two abductees indicates that the aliens are conducting a study of the abductees'
relationships, both social and sexual.12 This may indeed be the case. It is also possible
that the two abductees possess certain genetic properties that the aliens want passed on to
their children.

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 12:12 PM

Controlling the Human Subjects

A puzzling aspect of the abduction phenomenon has been the use of Mindscan to sexually
arouse women. In Mindscan, which usually comes during or immediately after the initial
physical examination, a tall alien places his face very close to that of the abductee and
stares intensely at her. The alien can elicit a variety of feelings and he can make the
abductee envision specific scenarios of his own choosing. One of the most common
procedures is when the alien uses Mindscan to elicit sexual feelings that escalate
unabated until the female abductee reaches a high sexual plateau or orgasm.

The question is: Why are sexual feelings stimulated during Mind-scan? To answer this,
one must pay attention to what the tall alien, who usually performs Mindscan, does at the
onset of the abductee's orgasm. He immediately breaks off his staring procedure and goes
between the abductee's legs to begin the gynecological procedures. The most frequent
procedure that abductees report during orgasm is egg harvesting. Inducing orgasm does
not appear to be linked to any interest in or testing of sexual response. Instead, the
evidence suggests that the aliens need the physiological effects of orgasm— tumescence,
expansion, lubrication, and perhaps ovulation—to facilitate the gynecological procedures
in which they are engaged. Although the role of orgasm in ovulation is controversial,
physician (and abductee) Gloria Kane felt certain that during Mindscan the alien was
provoking the release of an egg from her ovary.

When I was ... sixteen they said that they were altering the way I worked inside, just after
I got my period, that they were altering the way that I worked so that I would be like a
rabbit. I would be sexually excited and then produce, or release an ovum. ... They wanted
me to get excited enough to ovulate that way.13

Ovulation must take place on cue for the Breeding Program. Hybrids have instructed
other hybrids in the intricacies of providing for ova release. Christine Kennedy recounted
an event in which one hybrid discussed inducing ovulation with three other hybrids.

He's saying something to the other ones.

When he says something, does he face them, or is he feeing away from them, or ...

They're facing him. He's pushing around my ovaries.

What's your position on the table? Straight down, legs straight out and together?

No, they have my feet in these things—the stirrup things.

I see. So then am I assuming that your knees are up and legs apart and all that?

Mm-hmm [Yes]. I can't move my feet. He's pressing on your ovary. Mm-hmm.

Now, when he says something to these other guys, can you pick up just a little
what he said, a thought here, a thought there?

They're going to make me ovulate. And that's what he says?

Mm-hmm. He says something about an egg, but I don't know if it's, "Take an
egg." I don't think so. I can't see my arms ... moving around.

You arms are moving? How do you mean? I was able to move my arms around.
Are you flailing away? I wanted to smack the son of a bitch. Good. So, you have
some movement.

I can't do anything with them. I put them down. He hooks my right arm down and
the other two, they're on the other side of the table. They followed suit.

So he's no longer pressing down on your ovary when he does that?

Mm-mm [No]. I feel like I'm being patronized. He's saying something. Something
about why do I want to do that, or something....

Do you tell him off, or do you respond at all?

No, because ... he's calming me down, he's coming real close to my face.

How close does he get to you?

Really close. I feel him touching my forehead.

What's happening?

If he makes me reach an orgasm ... son of a bitch!

When that happens—he's just sort of standing next to you, touching your

With his head. He was staring. He's doing the same # that they always do.14

The aliens' ability to stare into an abductees' eyes and effect a wide variety of changes in
brain function is extraordinary. At first it seems almost supernatural or mystical, as if
Svengali were peering into Trilby's eyes, mesmerizing her to do anything he wanted. But
the mystical and supernatural are not part of the abduction phenomenon. The aliens use
their advanced knowledge of human physiology to control humans and, ultimately, to
make sure that

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by WhizPhiz

Wow, now that's a fairly crazy story. Can you do this for me: try to describe how the women sent thoughts into your head. EDIT: I'll tell you what's also funny, you start off by saying "I do this knowing I will be called a crazy man" this book I'm talking about there's a chapter called "I Know This Sounds Crazy, But...".

I say that because to a normal human being this would be a crazy thing to happen, and I have been hearing that term applied to me for most of my life when I talk about these matters. I am anything but normal.

Telepathy is a very real thing. But it is most likely now what you might think it is, nor does it work like you might think it does. It worked like this: She looked at me and thought some things. I picked up the things she sent to me in real time. I "heard" her words in my head.
The psychic phenomena by which communication occurs between minds, or mind-to-mind communication. Such communication includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images. Telepathic descriptions are universally found in writings and oral lore. In tribal societies such as the Aborigines of Australia telepathy is accepted as a human faculty, while in more advanced societies it is thought a special ability belonging to mystics and psychics. Although not scientifically proven, telepathy is being increasingly studied in psychical research. In some cultures, telepathy is the only means of collective thought. Think of the mind as an energy field that surrounds us all, and contains the thoughts of every human being on the planet, even those who have died. Each human is born with a default connection. Some people build on their connection, making it bigger, while some others build out, and try to establish more connections. Some have a great deal of connections, built over the entire course of life. To know a thing one wants to know, they simply tap in, find the appropriate "file." and download it to my brain. Now I know it. When I get a new idea, I can upload it to the collective, and others can use it. One day we will all have this power.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by autowrench

I say that because to a normal human being this would be a crazy thing to happen, and I have been hearing that term applied to me for most of my life when I talk about these matters. I am anything but normal.

Well, to be honest, your story shows typical signs of a false or distorted memory. And I asked you the question about telepathy for a very specific reason. All legitimate abductees describe telepathy in a similar way.

This is what you said:

Telepathy is a very real thing. But it is most likely now what you might think it is, nor does it work like you might think it does. It worked like this: She looked at me and thought some things. I picked up the things she sent to me in real time. I "heard" her words in my head.

However, and person who has experienced real telepathy with an alien will tell you something different.

When abductees describe the communication process, they say they receive an impression in their minds that they automatically convert into their own words for comprehension.

In other words, the aliens send you a raw concept and/or emotions which you convert into your own words. You claim you actually heard her voice in your head, as if she were sending English words directly into your head. Whilst that may be possible, I'm inclined to believe your experience isn't quite a solid one worth relying on.

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 02:29 AM
If we were a recepie, they put too much chilli. Anyway, among primates, sex also serves a purpose in sorting out differences, in addition to reproduction. In that sense, there might not really be that much genuine sex occuring, and more a case of combined masturbation.
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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by WhizPhiz

I've read the Terra Papers several times, and I have never noticed this part where aliens are selling drugs. Could you tell me what page that is on? It does say the government is selling drugs to fund black ops, but it doesn't say anything about aliens being the government. Though, it says the greys kinda "own" us at the moment, but it doesn't say that any kind of alien is hanging around dressed up as a human.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by mamelukkikala

The Terra Papers, Page 45:

As the ASA-RRR had done before them, the SHET-I began to increase the production and efficiency of the operation. In addition, however, they entered into the development and the production of a new commodity, a drug called 'S-MA'. Once a drug used only by the Kings, the SHET-I began to make and sell the drug to all galaxy beings. Profits soarded and Loard RAA fast became one of the wealthiest Kings in all the Ninth Sector.

There is also one or two other paragraphs that mention this drug.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by WhizPhiz

Ah, thanks. I should read it again. Such an interesting story.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:14 AM
And so the rabbit hole deepens...for anyone that gets the time to read through this I would like your thoughts on it all:

The late-stage hybrids who display a strong sexual drive often begin their sexual
activity in adolescence. When Kathleen Morrison was eight years old, a sixteenyear-
old hybrid, whom she would know through out her life, engaged in what was
clearly masturba-tory activity with her. First he put her on his lap and began
rubbing his body on hers while he generated sexual feelings in her through a
staring procedure. Kathleen recalled the episode from an eight-year-old's point of

He's done this before?

... It's when we've been quiet together. It's usually when I'm sitting on his lap. I'm
sitting on his lap, and I straddle his body, and I face him. He gives me wonderful
big hugs. And then sometimes he looks at me and makes me feel different.... He
Says he likes me to sit on his lap and be very close to him.

... How old are you ... ?

Maybe eight or nine. We don't do this all the time though. Just sometimes. When
we're quiet and alone. He does like to rub on my body though.

Does he usually wear some kind of outfit when you see him? Not always.
Sometimes he doesn't have a lot on.

When he doesn't have a lot on, you mean he's sort of naked mid all that?


When you sit on his lap, what does he do then when he's not wearing clothes?

He just bends his knees up and I just sit on his lap and sit back up against his legs.
And his legs are like this and I sit right here but I can lean on his legs and he holds
me, and he breathes pretty heavy sometimes. But he always makes me leave.
He makes you leave?

I always have to get off his lap.... I just kind of sit off on the side, and kind of go
into a "comatose" thing. When he's breathing kind of heavily he tells me to get off
his lap.2

Hybrid adolescents are encouraged to have sexual relations with abductees. Christine
Kennedy recounted an incident when, after Mindscan, she had to get on top of an
adolescent hybrid who was reclining on a pad on the floor. The young hybrid, who
appeared to be fifteen years old, engaged in intercourse with her. She was extremely
angry and thought that she was being used simply to satisfy his needs.

I feel like I was a "treat" that was tossed to this little #er....

What are his reactions like? I mean, what does he do with his arms? Are they just
laying at his side, or does he—?

No. They're wrapped tight around me. I can't... move. My head is laying like over
at his shoulder. I'm looking away, and it's just... I'm totally gone. I'm not even a
part of my body.

... Do you think they're doing this for reproductive purposes or for other
purposes? What's your best guess on that?

I wouldn't say for reproductive—not when it comes to me, because I have my
tubes tied.3

Some abductees feel that intercourse with an adolescent is almost like a hybrid "training"
session for the future. On some occasions, an adult hybrid actively directs the adolescent
on how to have intercourse with an abductee.The adolescent hybrid learns from these
experiences and then engages in more active sexual behavior as an adult.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Hybrid-Human Reproduction

The most problematic aspect of abductee interaction with late-stage hybrids is the
frequency of sexual activity. The hybrids want sex, not only because it is critical for the
Breeding Program, but also apparently because it satisfies them. Hybrids have total
control over the sexual encounter, and the male hybrids require female abductees to have
a full range of sexual response. To ensure this response, the hybrids perform a separate
procedure in which they physically stimulate a woman almost to orgasm, while an alien
stares into her eyes in what amounts to "fine tuning" the precise neural response in the
brain. "Beverly"11 had this experience while she was lying on a table, hooked up to a
headgear device:

There's a monitoring type procedure done. There's ... like something put on my
head that I feel... monitors brain activity, brain waves ... something to do with
brain. It's something to do with brain and monitoring brain waves, brain action,
whatever it does. This gray one, he's here on my left.

Is this the escort, you mean?

Yeah, same guy.... There's a hybrid man on my right, I'm a lot more nervous than
before and ...

The anxiety has gone up?

A lot. A lot. Especially because of this ... I want to say "man" but I don't want to
humanize it. The gray guy ... he doesn't come really close to my face but he, using
telepathy, he can pass on to me calming energies but they don't want me zonked
out because then my brain responses won't be legitimate. If they mess with my
brain and probe in there or whatever and do something to make me calm down
and be vegetablelike, then it will mess up their ...

So, they're allowing you to be nervous?

Yeah.... The hybrid is talking about being calm and stuff but I don't trust him.
He's being nice but I don't like being in these situations. I just do not like this at
all. And, again, I don't think either one of these guys means any harm and I don't
think any harm is going to come to me but.. . they're doing their job, whatever that
is, and I just don't like the things that they do. This guy here's not being mean,
like, some can be mean. He's not being mean. He's just being there and what
happens is, he touches me everywhere. Touches me everywhere and in different
ways. He just touches me and my feeling is that my responses are being
monitored to different touches in different places.... It's just, you know,
monitoring ... for sexual zones, sexual stimuli. You know, some people are
sexually stimulated when touched here, some sexually stimulated when touched ...
of course, there's the obvious, you know, that we all have in common. But other
people have different areas that raise more of an excitement than, maybe,
someone else....

Well, how do you know he's doing that?

... There's no dialogue. This is a just "knowing" one—one of those things I'm
sorry I can't tell you how I know. I just know.

Are you reacting when he's doing this? Are you saying to yourself, "Yes, this is
nice," or, "No, that's not," or whatever?

I'm ... in a layer of denial. That nothing you do is going to be pleasurable to me.
And that's where I am, but the other layer is registering, regardless, on whatever
mechanism they're using to register it.... It's a violation. I don't like it.12

Similarly, "Paula" was visited by hybrids in her bedroom. They hooked up an "electrical"
device to her genitals and she had intercourse with a hybrid. At the climactic moment, the
hybrid abruptly removed himself. Her orgasm was so unnaturally intense, it was almost
painful. While this was happening, one of the hybrids stared at what appeared to be a
"readout" on the machine and told her that it measured "electrical impulses." The device
was removed and Paula felt excruciating physical pain followed by nausea. It created a
lesion on her clitoris that caused her to seek the help of a gynecologist, who was
mystified about how she had received such a wound.13

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:20 AM
Well if humans are engineered for sex then I need to contact their customer service department because my wife is defective and I would like to return her. And I demand a full refund, none of this store cedit crap.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:22 AM
reply to post by IamAbeliever

Hahaha, that's mean. You better hope your wife doesn't read your ATS posts to keep check on your level of sanity.

EDIT: BTW, I'm pretty sure now we aren't actually being engineered for sex, but it's highly apparent sex plays a huge role in abductions.

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 11:48 AM

Affectionate Hybrid Activity

Some abductees have relationships with independent hybrids that include love, affection,
and kindness. Their considerate quality often results in deep bonds with the abductee.


Emily recalls having a romantic and loving relationship with her personal-project hybrid,
who talked with her about their life together, the babies they were producing, and
sometimes about the abduction program. A close examination of Emily's case reveals that
the conversation was usually one-way—on the hybrid's terms. When she asked questions,
sometimes he answered and sometimes not. He was the one in charge. He gave the orders
and she took them. He rarely asked questions about her family life or work, or about
human society and culture.

The main reason for his contact with Emily was reproduction. They had intercourse on
most occasions, usually a minimum of two times per event. He would make small talk
and say he loved her; he told her he would be back and she would be sad when he left.
But to assume that he was insincere would be a mistake. Because he is a late-stage
hybrid, there is every reason to believe that he had strong emotional involvement in the
relationship, which lasted for years. There are also indications that independent hybrids
are not monogamous and have several "projects" simultaneously.

Most of Emily's IHA encounters took place in areas especially chosen by the hybrids. For
example, one evening when Emily and her friend Kelly Peterson drove out of a parking
structure, they noticed a van tailgating them. After driving a few blocks, Kelly became so
annoyed that she jumped out of her car at a red light to reprimand the tailgating driver.
When she came back to the car, she was calm. She told Emily that everything was all
right and that they were now going to follow another car that had pulled in front of them.

The three automobiles then went to an abandoned airfield that had a VOR (VHP
Omnidirectional Range) building. Emily and Kelly got out of the car and familiar
personal-project hybrids arrived at the scene. They talked for a short time with two
hybrids and then Kelly and Emily went with them into a building for sexual activity.
When intercourse began with Kelly and her personal-project hybrid, Emily's hybrid took
her into the basement of the VOR building where they talked and had intercourse. The
hybrids walked with the women back to their car. Kelly and Emily said goodbye and
drove away. They remembered nothing about their experience, but they were two hours
late arriving at their homes.

Emily related this event under hypnosis. She said nothing about her memories to her
friend Kelly, who also had experienced a life-time of unusual events.Then, two and one
half months after my session with Emily, Kelly decided to look into her unusual
experiences. At our first session, I asked her about the tailgating van. She was surprised
because she had come to the session with a list of odd things that had happened to her,
and this incident was not high on the list. She vaguely remembered being tailgated and
wondering why she had gotten home two hours later than planned, but she remembered
nothing else. In her hypnotic session, however, she confirmed all the details of the
event—from being given instructions by the van's driver to her sexual liaison with a
hybrid (she was unaware of Emily's sexual contact in the other building). Kelly also
recalled that she had experienced a relationship with her personal-project hybrid over the
course of her life.

The two women's accounts diverged only when the hybrids separated them for sexual
activity. They also differed on what type of vehicle the personal-project hybrids had
arrived in: Emily thought it was a helicopter, and Kelly thought it was an airplane,
although it was too dark outside to see the details.

After hypnosis, Emily and Kelly discussed the event and physically retraced their
journey. They found the location where the abduction activity had occurred—it was a
NASA installation no longer in use. The road into the facility was closed and they could
not investigate more closely.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 12:28 PM
link I'm onto this part about abusive abduction cases, and some of these hybrid aliens are just flat out perverts and psychopaths (well they are part human after all). For instance, if this case has any truth to it, I wouldn't doubt my initial hypothesis after all:


Five hybrids of different stages accosted Laura in her room one night. They did not like
the fact that she was using electronic instruments to detect their presence—at least that
was the excuse they used. She remembered that they had acted this way in the past, even
before she was aware of her abductions.

She was lying next to her husband when the independent hybrid activity began.

There's like five of them coming in from the foot of my bedroom.... And they're
coming in fast. They're not gray ones. There's one that looks, it looks like it's
more gray. But it's still a hybrid that's white. The one looks really close to being
human.... He's got long hair almost like [my husband] Ed's.... I think they came in
a clump. I was like on my side. The foot of the bed is down there—I was looking
down. I must've turned my head and been looking down, because there's ... I don't
think there's five of them. They came in a cluster, but the one is coming up ahead.
He doesn't look happy. He looks mean.... God, he's on top of me.

Ed is lying right next to you? Mm-hmm. There's nothing I can do. Well, was this
guy wearing anything originally?

... He's got nothing on him.... I'm looking over toward my bedroom door, 'cause
three of them are going in, they're going into the kids' room. My kids are going to
see this #.

How do you know?

'Cause they're standing near the door.

The kids are standing in the doorway looking at you?


While he's on top of you?

Yeah.... I'm being told this is going to happen to my kids. If I keep this up, it's
going to happen to my kids.

If you keep ... keep this up? Keep what up? The [detector] and fighting back.

Well, he's on top of you. Is this a full-fledged business, in other words, is this just
a demonstration, or does he just—?

I don't know, it's everything. I'm wishing I was dead. I see ... he gets off of me and
there's another one coming over. I can see that first one going over to [my
daughter] Janey. Oh, God.

The first one who just got up from you?


What's he doing with Janey?

He's telling me he's going to make her do things if I don't stop.

Oh, damn!

Does Janey react to this or... just stand there and absorb it? She's just real
confused.... And what's [the other one] up to?

I can't tell you. I can't. Oh, #! Oh, God. I'm down alongside my bed on my
knees. I'm doing oral sex on this son of a bitch!... Now, this is what they're gonna
make Janey do if I don't stop this. And probably the other ones. I feel such shame.

... Now the other three kids are watching this also?


Does this proceed all the way as well, or is it just a demonstration?

No, no, it proceeds. God!

Does this guy say anything, or is it just the main guy who's talking, the first guy?

He's not saying anything, but I can sense his anger. He can be so mean.

What happens when he's finished?

I'm standing up. They're shuffling all the kids back into their room. The first one
is right in my face. He's really angry. I'm not going to do anything. I don't want to
do anything to make them angry again.

How does he express his anger to you?

It's inside my head—I just know. He said they're going to hurt my kids.7

INFO: "independent hybrid activity" is when a hybrid acts outside the confines of the UFO environment and without the direct supervision of Greys.

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 12:43 PM


Beverly's experiences were similar. On one occasion, three hybrids, whom she had
encountered before, came into her room, took her out of bed, and began a night of sexual
intimidation and terror.

First they made Beverly remember a conversation with a trusted confidante during her
adolescence. The confidante had told her not to give her body away unless she was sure,
because except for her heart, it was her most precious possession. Then the hybrids told
Beverly that they could take her body whenever they wanted and that she was always
vulnerable and never safe. One hybrid raped her, and she was forced to perform fellatio
upon another. They pinched her, twisted her skin, and hurt her without leaving marks.
They pushed an unlit candle into her vagina. They then told her she had caused her
children to be abducted.8

In a different abduction event, the hybrids put images in Beverly's mind of themselves as
her close friends. They then raped her and forced her to perform fellatio with two other
hybrids. They hit her, bit her, pinched her, and pulled her hair.9 On another occasion
hybrids made her envision her six-year-old daughter walking into a room ringed with
naked hybrids who had erections; she was led to believe that her daughter would be raped
by all of them.

During yet another event, the hybrids sat Beverly in a chair, stood around her, and filled
her mind with horrendous images. She saw a graveyard with the bodies of people she
loves, including her children, who had been hacked to death and were covered with
blood. She saw a car almost hitting her child, who was saved at the last moment by an
invisible hybrid. Beverly understood that unless she was more cooperative (there was no
evidence that she had ever been uncooperative), the hybrid would not save her son. She
saw a crucifixion scene with loved ones, including her children, hanging on crosses. Then
the hybrids put images of religious figures in her mind and assaulted her.

They do things like, you know, pinch your skin and turn it, just enough that drives the
# out of you but it doesn't bruise. And pull your arms back and neck back or legs, you
know, just one on one side and one on the other side and pull your legs apart until you
think your muscles are going to tear. Things like that, that hurt and are cruel. And pulling
hair and yanking your head back, you know? Things that hurt and nobody can see it.10

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 01:33 AM
Its not impossible to consider. If we were indeed engineered for any reqason, sex makes as much sense as mining gold etc...

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 07:19 AM
Interesting theory S&F .. Had heard of a few such incidents over the years.. On the bright side - better horny aliens than hostile aliens.. Apologies couldnt resist the last part..

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by Expat888

On the bright side - better horny aliens than hostile aliens..

I just want to make it clear though, I no longer suspect the aliens are breeding us for sexual reasons. But i do think abductions are closely related to reproduction (which obviously involved sex in some cases).

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by WhizPhiz

It could be that they poisoned their homeworld / themselves and cant reproduce or its difficult for them to reproduce... Thus the collecting genetic material and interest in reproduction.. Attempting to save themselves from extinction...

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