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Does Truth = Peace?

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posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by jed001
reply to post by theabsolutetruth

i have to disagree with you 1+1=2 or we can genralize it . if you take a set amount of something and add the exact amount to that you have doubled that amount or 1+1= 2. that statment will hold up anywhere no matter who you are or what you believe; 1+1=2


posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 12:56 PM
That's funny.

Someone came in here, had the audacity to say Jesus was Pro-Violence, listed a few out of context quotes, without even giving any links forcing me to look them up, and THEN said Stalin and Hitler are on the side of the opposing view. (Pro-liberty, pro-peace)


I looked it up, and found out the true context of those quotes. Jesus clearly was speaking about Idealogical and Moral conflicts, rather than physical. Check the context it's extremely clear.

And seriously, true logic would dictate, that anyone using Jesus as a promotion of Violence, is actually the true supporter of Stalin and Hitler. Duh.

Jesus was anti-violence, hence why he never harmed anyone.(According to the story).
Stalin and Hitler hated Jesus. Clearly.

I am amazed people this backwards and twisted actually exist. It's quite disturbing honestly.
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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by jed001

not necessarily. base numbers in math perhaps but not in all systems and not when dealing with variables and certain solutions, for example photons in the big bang theory.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 06:14 AM
There are certain problems with non-agression principle:

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by mnemeth1

it's nice to hear someone else with this most basic of truths.

i look into the pits of heck directly. i want to know the utmost of truths. all truths. you might think that learning about how messed up the world is would make me violent. or quick to hurt those at fault. and it's not unfounded.

sometimes when kids are dumbed down their whole life with disney, violence in the media, and religion they hear how cold and calculated the world really is, and they go psycho. it's a sickness of a system built on lies. and people separated from everything. to open your eyes to sunlight after being in a cave your whole life is earth-shattering. i personally won't even attempt to awaken over middle-age people or people with low iqs.

unless you witness the depths of human depravity, you can't begin to fix it. i looked in myself, and in everyone else. i studied 9-11, chemtrails, sovereign citizenship and the routing of our rights, slavery, population reduction, every war america joined being a lie, the disease of religion, the stripping of our love, the causes of poverty, the separation of us from nature, control, murder, hate, police state, bloodlines, subversion, suppression, subjugation, free energy being kept from us, space being kept from us, the destruction of our planet, the falseness of money, false flags. and probably a thousand other things i can't think of right now. i gaze hard into the very pits.

so why am i the most peaceful person i know? literally. i go around in life eliminating the confusion caused by dualism used against us. everyone i know, literally, is full of duality and confusion, and they're very quick to engage in drama or negativity. yet here i am in heaven.

you should read the art of war.

the art of war is based on deception. the art of war is the art of advantage. thus, deception is advantage.

this is divide and conquer and it's been going on for thousands of years.

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by mav0360

and maslo is without a doubt wrong because there is no violence at all in amish or buddhist communities and they value truth. if you spread illusions in those communities you will be escorted out or seen as a devil.

you are correct, good sir, that supreme education, knowledge, and wisdom lead to peace. anyone who doesn't agree has none of those. it's something you only know for a fact once you've experienced it. the only teacher is self, the only truth is found in self. keep on your path.

people against this truth are justifying everything that's wrong. it's a self serving statement to say you're wrong. and saying you're wrong is definitely a lie because they haven't done the groundwork, or else as you and i know, this wouldn't have been their post.

l o l to any naysayers

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 12:15 PM
Human beings are inherently irrational so they will all eventually initiate violence in what they perceive as an act of self-defence. Remember, if one is irrational how can they know what's self-defence and what's not? Since no human can be perfectly rational, it follows that they'll eventually initiate violence. Your assumption is that we can be rational, and at all times. I consider that foolish.

If we were all examined under a microscope, we'd all eventually be found to be wrongdoers.

But we discriminate one wrongdoer from another. There's no perfectly good or evil person. We have to judge one bad person versus another. So the idea is that we support the lesser evil.

Is it a measurement of bad or good? There is good and bad. Is the glass half empty or half full?

If your intent is to find the one true rational being or the one true holy figure then...

... you're a fool. It's fools gold.

This is why when we place judgment on another we should never do so self-righteously. We're lucky that some higher intelligence hasn't come along to judge us. We'd probably be found guilty.

We're probably so guilty that we look stupid. Why else would we commit so many wrongs?
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posted on May, 14 2011 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by mnemeth1

Truth isn't really equal to peace. On the context of nations; a society can only end up experiencing short term peace in between wars or long-term peace after a sum of a certain number of experiences that prompt the majority to reject conflict and other bellicose actions

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