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I think I just experienced one of the most American moments like... ever

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 06:37 PM
So lately I've been really getting into tuning into all of the crazy events that are going on around us this year.

It's a crazy year so far, the buzz around us is nuts. There's so much going on and changing on a local, national, and global scene it's kinda hard to not get drawn into the recent events and feel some passion, anger, yet most of all plain love for some of it.

I love the way the Egyptian people came for what they wanted, and got it peacefully. I feel love for the people of Bahrain and what they've endured. I love the teachers, fire men, police in Wisconsin that are sticking their necks out in chase of an American dream. It's about just providing what's right for yourself and those around you. About distribution of resources and joy to all of those who have the privilege of living in this country.

I was reading through the stuff, and signed their rally for the people of Wisconsin. I was talking to a few friends about the possibility of attending an event in their honor like many are this nation on Saturday, when I decided to take a break. I'd been so drawn into staying on top of events today, and doing some inner exploration that I hadn't taken too much time to step outside.

So I decided to do so. Grabbed the dog, and just walked into the backyard to sit and cloud watch. Found some interesting shapes, was looking around to find some similar clouds when something large in the sky struck my eye.

I inspected it closer, and saw that it was definitely a bird with a large wing span. After a few more moments it started doing a bit of a spin and I could clearly see that it was, low and behold, a large and beautiful bald eagle that just happened to come into my POV within moments of me stepping outside. It flew a bit lower and closer, circled twice and in awe I grabbed my phone to shoot my friend a text about it -- see if he could step out and witness it as well.

By the time I looked back up it was gone, and I couldn't find it anywhere in sight. Kind of depressing as I would have loved to watch it longer... but it was still definitely quite the sight to see after what was such a patriotic day for me!!!

Speaking of patriotism, what is the American dream to you?
Van Jones "American Dream Movement"

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 06:48 PM
im assuming that you are a young (ish) person?

could you share more about yourself?

before you go any farther with your thread, i think it might be good for folks to know where youre coming from.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 07:03 PM
Was mainly just sharing an experience and feelings I had and posting some of the great resources I found today, wasn't going for too much of a debate or anything. But I'll bite and divulge a bit more about why I'm feeling this way.

Anywho, you are correct in your assumption that I am a younger person being 19 years old. But quite level headed and intelligent. I live out of the city in Utah, and always have. I'm a technology geek and I'm getting an education in computer science.

I will be the future of this country, in the sense that I will always provide for my fellow American and work towards a better, brighter tomorrow. I believe a man is only worth what he can provide for his fellow man, which I think shows the true colors of a lot of people in diverse careers and ideals. And being extremely good with computers as I am, I have a feeling my skills will be *kinda* useful in a futuristic world.

I feel the Wisconsin thing really hits hard at home because I've almost always been on the bottom of the totem pole regardless of my abilities. What can you do, not much you can do without years or tons of cash of which I don't have too much of either. I've never been in the dumps, though. I've lived by myself since 17 years old, worked minimum wage and worked making decent money for my age. I've never been in a union, or had to encounter them so I can't necessarily say I'm for or against, but doing my research I'd have to say the way the Wisconsin situation is being handled, I definitely have to side with the unions for now. I've got roommates that would kill me for saying that!

But I'm all for realizing who is the infrastructure of this country, and without them you wouldn't have the 'private sector' and all of that. And giving them their rightful dues, never take away from your main support... Education is, and always will be THE number one factor in progression... you cannot possibly get better without learning more.

I'm a full blooded atheist, but also highly spiritual. Which is why this eagle thing really strikes to heart with me -- Synchronicity at its finest.

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