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Magic Spells?

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posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 08:51 PM
Chi = Chinese Ki = Japanesse

Same thing like saying "energy" or "energa".

And magick in a sense is what every single person on the earth has been doing for every second of his or her life. 99.99% in the western world do it unconsciously, in other cultures there are probably higher percentages of people who do it consciously. Everytime you think (with every thought you have), you're practising magick. But when it's done unconsciously, which means your conscious mind isn't doing the thinking but your subconscious is. You don't notice what you're doing and what you're creating.

A And most people are in a negative state of mind (with states such as being bored, uncertainty, fear, anger, frustration, sadness, doubt etc...) when they do. So they're doing magick in a sense, that brings more less than desirable events and experiences to themselves than desirable ones.

B Then there are those who have the habit of being in positive states of mind most of the time (contentment, happiness, joy, love, extacy, gratitude). They bring more desirable events and experiences into their life, because of their unconscious habit of thinking about things that make them feel good. Unfortunately most of the current societies do not encourage a positive state of mind like the last example (by way of my defination of positive/negative state of minds), but from the first. They teach you and indoctrinate you from the time you are born to adopt A as the to use, because according to this society it's more productive and realistic. Most if not all New agers would swear that they use B but I think that that is further from the truth. Only true masters of their reality use B. To adopt be is probably one of the most hardest things a person can do in his life, because all of society, media etc... around that person is screaming A. People who aim to have B are treated with scorn and ridicule.

The way to adopt B is to change your core beliefs, the programming of your subconscious to allow you to have the habit of having your attention primarily on things you like and feel good with. Methods to do it is hypnosis, NLP, subliminals, among others. The hardest one is forcing yourself every minute to think on things that make you feel good. IMO not everyone cando that, because it requires a discipline and sheer will to a very very very very very very extreme level.

But anyway, enough about the subconscious mind and subconscious habits. Now to doing magick with the conscious mind. All magick with all religions, rituals etc... will work if it follows the following formula.

Structural link to Target (T) + Structural link to Desired Result (R) + Energy (E)= Magick


(tip: do a google on "structural links")

That's it!!! That describes every form of magick ever used!!!

More can be found here:

As for using the conscious mind, visualization is the simplest form of using magick. Let's say you want a new gas plasma tv. With good visualization you can use magick to bring that tv to you with a minimal amount of phyisical effort (note: you will always have to use physical effort, the tv will not pop out of nowhere just like that :p, it will come to you in different mundane way, earning extra money; winning money; a gift etc...). You visualize yourself (T) as already having that tv (R), and while you're at it, you really feel yourself yourself having it and feeling high emotional intensity like excitement of having the tv (E). If you keep it up, you'll eventually get the gas plasma tv (M), unless you void your magick by contradicting it (which you do for example by being "realistic" and doubting whether you'll have the tv, and feeling bad or impatient for it not being there yet). Also, the longer you visualize, the faster the tv comes into your reality.

One way to shorten the time for the magick to happen is by raising the amount of energy (E). You can do this in different ways using candles, incense, offering living creatures such as plants or animals, solar energy, chanting, dancing, meditation, deep breathing, communion etc...)

But the absolute simplest and easiest way to do it IMHO is by using an orgone (chi) generator and a radionic/psionic device. The best of them generate huge amounts of energy; these best ones are made by Karl Welz, Ernie Vega, Jonothan Goldman, Don Croft and others...

With these devces you can dramatically increase the power and speed of your magick.

With (orgone) chi generators, (E) is increased immensely. The level depends on whether the generator is active or passive. I have a passive one. The active ones are powered by electricity, or soundwaves (speakers).

With Radionics devices you keep T and R active longer. If you use a radionic device (that is not powered by an orgone generator) and keep it one for like 8 hours, it's as if you yourself are visualizing non stop for 8 straight hours long!!

Now imagine what you can do with an radionics device powered by an active chi generator...
Everything is possible IMHO. Although these machines shorten up your magick time in the same way a car or an airplane shortens your travel time, they should be viewed only as tools and not as being above or superiour to your own mind power. Without your (psychic) input, these machines are useless. A car cannot go anywhere if you don't start it, shift the gears and press the gas pedal.

I'm not going to post the links where I got the most of this information (about chi generators) yet though.

[edit on 22-8-2004 by TheBandit795]

posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 10:05 PM
Bandit what you said in A, when a person is showing negative attitudes or lifestyles there body begins to give of bad vibes and like you said begin to do magic with out trying
just had to add that in.

posted on Jul, 18 2004 @ 10:26 PM

Originally posted by demonhunter
Bandit what you said in A, when a person is showing negative attitudes or lifestyles there body begins to give of bad vibes and like you said begin to do magic with out trying
just had to add that in.

That's just the simple truth that "what you put out, is what you get" If your constantly moaning a pissing about how bad things are, never happy about anything, always "Well, that's just my luck"...then that is what you are going to get, becasue you a pulling that to yourslef and putting that out around yourself. The old adage, "Life is what you make it, applies to here.

posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 05:03 PM
I wish I knew someone who could demonstrate something like magic or ESP, i've yet to see something like that take place.

posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 05:48 PM
I think that in magick, belief has to come before the miracle. Belief is everything. Don't wait for the fantastic event to take place, it'll never happen if you do that. Build a belief system and then take it from there.

posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 05:59 PM
I believe that a renaissance of sorts is occurring and magic is at it's epicenter I would describe it as a dormant gene being awakened by two factors the first and by far the greatest is the result of our planetary systems transition into a heightened energy state, life even matter itself is undergoing a transition to a new vibratory plane. The second factor is one of mental processes as all these physical changes occur the mind adapts at the subconcious level and opens new pathways of awareness, some will utilize and incorporate this new sense other will go insane or shut down mentally.
A new Age is coming and magic will abound.

posted on Jul, 19 2004 @ 06:15 PM
i do belive that along time ago there was "magicks" and such. I dont know why, but i just have a gut feeling that there were people like Mages and the like back then. There were alot of things back then that are diffrent now, and i guess we'll never find the answer unless we can go back in time or something...

posted on Jul, 21 2004 @ 10:29 AM
I forgot one thing about my post about A's and B's: I forgot to say that I am an A and I hate it!!!

But I ordered a video with a method called the 3d-mind to see if it will help me become a B.

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