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The Hutchinson Effect (Video)

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:55 AM
As a member of ATS I have always been foremost interested in the unexplainable areas of science. The Hutchinson Effect has demanded my interest. Seeing as I am also a spiritual person that believes in ancient mystic civilizations that used simplicity as we use science, I believe that every human can harness the potential of their own mind and body to acheive such effects - to some extent.

Please enjoy the video!

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:15 AM
Look like a sham
upside down filming
modern day Baghdad battery
single angles that may have hidden strigs/wires behind....
looks like 70's film

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:40 AM
cement batterys work, all the proof I needed to realise people like 2nd poster are full of no prior research.

that said hutch did technically re-discover the idea from tt.brown and others.

the easiest and probably most inccurate but sensible explaination for the 'hutchingson effect' I can think of is electrostatics. however, if it was JUST electrostatics we would be done and the data would be here for all to read. he says himself, the trick is also the RADIO FREQUENCY.

thats all I have to say, do your research, or failing that build the damned thing yourself.

ed: I mean no disrespect but what the f does modern bagdad battery mean in relation to this topic??
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:57 AM
There's an interesting theory that the Hutchison Effect was produced by--for lack of a better term--occultic alchemy.

I read an article somewhere about a group that visited him and found his experiments mostly unable to reproduced, but felt that something weird and real was definitely going on.

I've been meaning to look into it and try to find that article, but haven't got around to doing it. Crazy stuff if true.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 08:14 PM
Okay, I found the article I referenced. It's actually a small part of a Fortean Times interview with Col. John B. Alexander of whom I'm sure more ATS'ers are familiar.

JS: One of the less well-known phenomena you looked into, in those days, was the so-called Hutchison Effect [see FT92:25], in which a Canad­ian inventor, John Hutchison, claimed to be able to create some kind of previously undescribed force that could levit­ate objects, among other things.

JA: George Hathaway, a Canadian electrical engineer, came down to Washington with a friend of Hutchison’s named Alex Pezarro, and showed us an 8-millimetre film they had made of Hutchison’s phenomena. And on this tape there wasn’t just one thing going on that on its own might have been explained easily – there were a host of things going on.

For instance, there was a rat-tail file, held between two wooden boards, that lit up like an incandescent light and actually burned, although according to Hathaway and Pezarro it didn’t burn the wooden boards. And they said that as soon as the power went off, the file was cold. There also were things that apparently levitated.

There were pieces of case-hardened steel that went soft as lead at one end. And Hathaway and Pezarro said that they were witnesses to many events. We said, okay, can you replicate it? 

And we paid them to work with Hutchison to do that, and at a certain point we sent a couple of guys up there from Los Alamos [National Laboratory] and some others from INSCOM.

I arrived a day early, and they said, wow, we just had levitation, and we just turned the system off, haven’t touched a thing. So the idea was that the next day we’d turn it back on when the scientists came. Well, the scientists came and they turned it back on and absolutely nothing happened. Except that the power supply caught fire. They took a day to get a new one in, and turned it on and we watched – and again, nothing happened.

JS: You never knew what to make of it?

JA: I think events happened, but I can’t explain them. My key question to Hutchison was: “Are you part of the system?” Because I suspected that these were poltergeist-type phenomena. 

One of the usual factors in poltergeist phenomena is emotionally disturbed people.

And when I knew him, Hutchison was on methadone. 

By the way, all this had started because he liked to sit in the dark and watch sparks. So he had set up Van de Graaf generators and Tesla coils and Jacob’s Ladders and stuff like that. He said that the effects he initially came up with were accidental. 

And when I asked him whether he was part of the system, he said, “Yes.” So I really wondered if what we had was a guy doing poltergeist phenomena in a lab. At the time at INSCOM I already had been looking into psychokinesis.

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