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The 2011 United States of America =

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 11:01 PM
And you've participated in making all of that a reality. We all did. So who's to blame for your part?

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 11:32 PM

Originally posted by Visitor2012
And you've participated in making all of that a reality. We all did. So who's to blame for your part?

No I did not

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 11:39 PM

Originally posted by JustinIowa
Do tell me, what country on earth is perfect?

What country has no corruption?

What country is completely "free"

Ill give you a hint... Canada isnt one, as a matter of fact.. Ill give you the answer.. NONE

But I don't see anyone else on here, bashing a specific country as their sole purpose on this message board.

If youre looking for a job, I hear Al Qeada is hiring.

But not a lot of countries has killed so many people like the German during WWII and the USA between 1965 and 2011.

Thinking about it, I wonder what country in the world have killed more people, between the German during WWII and the USA since the Vietnam war until today.

Once again I think USA win (gold medal)
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:46 AM
Ho Hum... yet another "Let's bash the US" thread. How original there, young one. Nice to see that original thought is still alive and well in the land of the frozen north.... let's see here.....

I live in a bordertown. No, not a border town to the south..but a border town with your country, Canada. The number of people on a given day that I see in mall parking lots and roadways in the US with Canadian plates on their cars is astounding. I witness them coming out with bags and bags of US purchased goods stuffing everything they can in the trunks of their cars. So on one hand I should say... thank you to your countrymen for boosting our local economy but at the same time it makes me wonder just what is happening with your own economy? What is it that has your countrymen crossing the border in droves? What is that I hear? Why.... your Canadian dollar is worth more in the US than it is in CA?? Hmmm..... seems there is a crack in the facad of the Utopia that is Canda, if we were to believe you.

But lets address some of your concerns about the US:

1. Police State:
There is that little mess last year called the G20 summitt in Toronto. That was a shining example on how to treat your own citizens when the world leaders are all invited to the 'ball' there Cinderella. Want a link to some of that bad press?? Here you go.....
Freedom just a buzz word since G20

And this:

Not that I am against protesting.. not in the least. However, the article and the video does have a tendency to make one believe that Canadian's police state is either well on it's way to arrival or is already there. Just sayin'... and so the crack in the Utopian facad deepens.

2. Interment Camps:
Not saying here that I believe in them one way or the other and certainly if they do exsist the US would of course have the most locations, however, Canada seems to have a couple as well.....

List of FEMA locations including Canada
Jewish & Japanese Interment Camps in Canada - WWII

The second link in specific shows that Canada (as well as the US) had interment camps setup for the Japanese, but did you know that Canada also used them for Jewish refugees escaping WWII Eurpope? And may I also point out that, like in the US, the businesses, property etc. were confiscated from the Canadian Japanese citizens to PAY FOR THEIR OWN INTERMENT.

Notice also at the end of the article where it states that in cases of "National Emergency" these camps could be setup again. Hmm... sounds very American to me.

3. Earthquakes because of Fracking/HAARP:
The articles referencing fracking in Canada are endless.... here is but a couple:
Hydro-fracking has a lucrative dirty secret
Hydro-fracking: Are we Ready?

4. Invading foreign countries in the name of democracy:
Ok, so part of this statement is true. We have, in the eyes of the world, become somewhat of a bully. However, may I also point out that Canada has been right behind us in such little out of the way and unknown places (note sarcasm) such as : Iraq and Afghanistan..... oh lookie here... and so where else would we find Canadian troops??

Canadian Forces website

Listen, I do not recall the Canadians being put under extreme pressure to join us in our little exploits overseas. Like everyone else, your Government had the opportunity to "Just Say No"....

5. Internet Kill Switch:
Hardly the most pressing of issues I dare say but lets not forget that the Canadian Government is not without its own black eye on the subject of internet escapades:

Canadas Metered Internet

I could go on, adressing each and every one of your concerns, but I believe you are starting to get my drift here. If not, let me make it a little more clear for you..... the US is not perfect... and guess what... neither is Canada. My request is however, once you have solved your own country's problems.. the very issues you point the finger at us over... please feel free to let the citzens of the US know so that we can perhaps hire you to do the same for us.

In the mean time I am going to continue to enjoy the company of friends that happen to reside in the frozen land to the north and embrace our differences and commisterate over our similarities and vice versa. I would suggest you do the same.

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by St-Patrick

Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake a conspiracy/a Harp activity = Hardly likely !!
Financial Meltdown in 2011 or 2012 ? Well according to Rubin [ a quite intelligent politically a spiritually aware guy] who claims to have a divine revelation this is " Whats coming this year "
Judging by the USA Debt amongst others and the ethos of the Utopian Money Printing Press we are likely heading for a collapsing House of Cards accross the Globe.
Maybe just Maybe the street Protests will go Global & concurrently with this collapse and out of the ashes of the Dictators & Exploiters; We on Earth can very slowly create a Sustainable Economical & Political way of living based on the mutual participation & contribution of all who desire to be free from the oppression of one kind or another that exists in all so called nation states in the West that pretend Democracy as a so called freedom thats not fooling people anymore. Austerity Programs = Athens = Protests = Dublin = London = New York = every City Protests.Oh Yes Happy St Patricks Day, its not long now --- coming soon YEAH

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