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Hail to the Emporor: Wasted tax dollars on a public servent.

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 09:57 PM
Okay, so I'm not a big TV watcher and in fact, I can't stand to vegetate in front of the tube, as I often call it the indoctrination machine. However, due to a recent accident, I'm kind of forced in front of it, as I can't partake in the activities that I normally enjoy doing, for the time being.

So, I'm sitting here watching a History Channel program about what it's like to be the President, titled "It's Good to be the President". The show seems to be all about the perks and extravagance of those people sneaky and snaky enough to get elected to the highest public office in the world.

As I'm watching, I can't help but to get sick to my stomach as I'm watching the money being thrown at these modern day kings. Now mind you, this isn't their money, instead it's your money. It's your money financing this life of extravagance for a public servant who is supposed to be serving you, though it's more than obvious that we serve him.

Why does the President need to have the tax-payer fund a life of privilege, often on an absurd level? Right now, there are families struggling to feed their children and not because they don't want to work or even that they aren't working, but instead because they are paying through the nose on taxes and the President himself is helping ensure that the peasant class is having a tougher time finding employment and the pay for their work is being diminished by the minute. I can bet that there aren't any cut backs on the absurd expenditures at the white house to make the President "comfortable".

Right now, there are plenty of young military widows living off of a very meager salary due to the deaths of their hero husbands, who just happen to die at a low enough rank where the compensation for giving their life isn't enough to even put food on the table, much less have a table in the first place. What's even worse, is that their deaths weren't in defense of our national security or community but instead for the defense of certain investments of the elite, to include the President himself.

I just cant, for the life of me, justify cutting benefits for veterans or cutting school programs, while the President has hired the best chefs in the world to be on standby just in case he's in the mood for some delicacy. I also can't seem to justify why we are on the hook to make sure that the president has all of the comforts in the world, while his subjects are losing sleep worrying about how they are going to feed their children, after they pony up the tax dollars that build basket-ball courts for the President or over-priced doily's for the place settings at the white house table. Politicians are always lying about wanting to cut costs, yet the President is catered to like a movie star with an unlimited budget, thanks to the tax-payer.

So can anyone explain to me why it is so important that the President of the United States sleep in a bed with fine Egyptian linen, at tax-payer expense? Why is it important that the President's feet must grace a rug that costs more than most peoples' homes, all at the expense of the tax payer of course? Can someone please explain to me why our tax-dollars pay for anything more than a salary and administrative costs, concerning the President?

Is the President not a public servant? Is our country not in financial shambles, at least in part due to the actions and policies of the President himself?

If the President wants fine egyptian linen or monogrammed socks that cost almost as much as a luxury car, then why can't he pay for it with his own money? I don't think it's any secret that the president makes a ton of money in part due to the policies that he is setting and at the expense of the population that he taxes to live a life of absurd extravagance in the first place, a population that he is supposed to be serving and looking out for their interests,

The point here, is that the government, to include the President, is supposed to be serving us. Now don't get me wrong, I'm under no illusion that this is the case, however do people really not care that they are working their fingers to the bone, only to pay for absurd extravagant for a public servant who is only making life tougher for the same population that is put on the hook for these extravagant in the first place?

Mr. President, if you want fine linen, monogrammed socks, basketball courts, luxury cars, persian rugs and weird (and unique to that president only) renovations to the white house, then you should buy these things with your own money, even if it is the money that you are taking off the backs of hard working men and women through the policies you are setting to benefit your own interests, as opposed to the interests of the contrary.

We shouldn't allow the president to undertake huge renovations in the white house for their own personal comfort at the tax-payer expense, nor should we allow them to live like kings, on our dime, as too many American families are losing the shirts off their backs. There is nothing wrong with the president paying his own way, excluding operational costs, especially at a time when so many Americans are struggling to pay the taxes they are being fleeced for to begin with.

Before you cut military pay, veteran benefits education programs or infrastructure spending, why don't we cut the gold plated dinnerware at the whitehouse or the top-notch chef or even the renovations to the white-house that are unique to each president. Contrary to popular belief, the aristocracy isn't any better than any other class of people and their life of luxury shouldn't be at the expense of your labor.

We don't "owe" the President anything. In fact, it's to the contrary, as the President owes us his service. That's what we pay him for. If he isn't satisfied with the salary, then I'm sure some other puppet would be.

It just disgusts me to see all that tax-money being thrown at the President on any little whim that may make his life a little more comfortable, as if he is a king, while this is at the expense of hard-working American families and military heroes who are paying through the nose in taxes, trying to keep their head above water due to the policies being set that aren't in their best interest to begin with.

It's just like the government or President taking a credit card out in your name, then using it to buy himself absurd luxuries that you could only dream of, with some things so absurd that you couldn't even dream it up, yet you are on the hook for the expense... and this is in spite of the fact that policies are being set to make it harder and harder for you to afford these extravagant we are forced to purchase for this public servant that we call the President.

All in all, he is a public servant, not a king and he isn't entitled to your tax-dollars anymore than the bum on the corner of 42nd St. and 1st Ave. The President, like you, should not be able to fleece the public for their hard-earned money just because they have some perversion for elegance and extravagance. Don't bill me for your life of luxury, especially when your policies certainly don't have my or my community's best interests at heart.

The President isn't a king and he wasn't appointed over anyone by god or some divine right. He is hired to do a job and he is offered a salary for that job. If that isn't good enough, then don't seek out the job. However, we all know that most of their money comes from their business dealings that they get to advance due to their position as President, so under no circumstances should we, the tax-payer, be on the hook for these wild and crazy whims to "comfort" the President. Our nation is in debt beyond repair and our deficit is past the point of no return, yet the President is still happily spending hard-earned tax-payer money like a drunken sailor - on himself. Again, how disgusting. We don't have a monarchy, nor do we have a king. Instead, we have a public servant that heads a government which is supposed to be of, by and for the people.



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