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SA Bunkers confirmed- With reports of UFO/tall figures on beach- LOTS OF PICS!

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:20 PM
This is a long post but it’s totally worth it. Plus there are tons of pics so even if you just browse through it, you’ll get the idea.
I have done a lot of research for this so if you think it’s worth it, please S&F ahead so it can get some input from other ATS members.
And just so you know, first part of the thread is about the sightings, which then led me to the investigation on the Bluff itself, where the sighting took place. Read on…

I stumbled across this forum on Durban, South Africa, discussing weird lights over the city and in the direction of the Bluff. There were even news reports regarding this However, this guy had a number of people confirm the sighting with even more weirdness to add. This then led me to investigate the area and I found military bunkers at the still used Bluff Heartland Military Base.

The Bluff at Durban Harbour entrance

It all started off with a sighting made by the Naidu family over Durban that was reported by the local papers. There is video footage as well, but I haven’t had the chance to look at it. This was in 2004 so the video has hard to find now.

Below, the initial news article. I dont know how to embed them all nice and box-like so I just copied and pasted

The News, Durban, South Africa - 7/1/2004
By Ayanda Mhlongo

"The light was so bright, at first I thought it was a police helicopter searching for criminals. But when I could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to draw the curtains and check what it was"

Roshnie Naidu, of Phoenix, could not believe her eyes when she saw a huge, pulsating, colourful light in the sky. "It looked like a massive ball of light, much brighter than the sun, with blue and purple colours filtering through. My eyes were glued to it for almost 10 minutes, it was unbelievable. I had never seen anything like it before" she said.

Naidu told the Daily News she woke up just before 4am on Sunday.

According to Naidu, when she drew the curtains she could not believe what she was seeing. "I still cannot explain to people who did not see the object what it was.
"After a couple of seconds, the object would change shape from being circular to oval"
She rushed to her daughter's bedroom to wake her up, but she refused to get up.
"When I tried to wake up my husband he told me that I was seeing things and sent me away. But I persisted and pulled him out of bed and opened our bedroom curtains"

Naidu's husband, Shrirama, said he wiped his eyes a couple of times because he could not believe what he was seeing. "I immediately told my wife to call our neighbours and alert them to what was happening"

Shrirama managed to capture video footage of the unidentified object that was in the sky. According to the Naidus, the object was in the sky for about three hours. It disappeared as the sun came up and it became lighter.

Weather forecaster Ntobeko Nkangana said no objects were picked up in the sky on Sunday morning. Nkangana said weather balloons are released only at midnight and midday. "The weather balloons remain in the sky for a maximum of two hours"

Now this is the forum that picked up on the sightings and the discussion became very interesting indeed…

UFO's over the Bluff, Durban??
Ok guys here's a weird one. I've been down the coast in Amanzimtoti (+- 10 kilometers from Durban) the last few weeks, so haven't seen these "UFO's", but my brother and sister in law saw a weird orange light near Ansteys beach 3 nights ago, flying north to south at about 2000 ft, no nav lights, no engine sounds at all........

The following is a report from our local "COPS" (Community Safety Organization) but there's nothing in the newspapers or radio...... What do you make of it??

"UFO’s and strange appearances.
There have been many more sightings of the UFO’s that were seen over the Bluff the other night and a lot of mysterious appearances.
I have had a flood of emails and calls about strange things going on.
One resident that lives near the army base watched as approx 20 of these “Lights” landed on the deserted stretch of beach near the whaling station inside the army base area.
He said another ten of them just hovered and circled above the ones that had landed as if to be guarding them.

It was dark and his binoculars are not very powerful but he claims that he could see quite a few “shadow like figures” walk up into the sand dunes.
The craft then all took off again and headed for Umhlanga rocks.
He went down to the beach at first light and he could clearly see many foot steps on the dunes. He described them as long, thin foot steps.

The Union Whaling Station

The chilling email reply...

Now for the chilling part. I received this email last night.

I was driving up Marine Drive near the army base yesterday afternoon and 4 tall, strange looking people appeared out of the bush about 100m in front of me.
I had to put on brakes as they just stood in the middle of the road.
I came to a stop about 50m from them and they just looked at me.
I couldn’t see their faces properly as they had long coats on with hoods.
At first I thought it was some kids dressed up as gangsters playing the fool but nowadays you can’t be too careful so I started reversing.
My car stalled and they started walking towards me. I got really scared thinking I was about to get mugged and started screaming
They stopped walking towards me as if they got a fright
Then one of them lifted up his hand as if to say stop screaming.
I tried to start my car again but it was dead so I picked up my cell phone to phone the police but my phone was dead as well.

They stared at me for a while longer and then walked slowly back into the bush.
Im not sure how much longer I sat there as I was terrified.
I then tried my car again and it started no problem.
Needless to say I sped away as fast I could.
Am I going mad or have other people seen these strange people?
Are they perhaps military personnel on some training thing?

(I don’t think you’re going mad as other people have claimed seeing strange people near Garvies beach as well. Read the fisherman’s story below.

Another freaky reply...


Howzit Rake

I was fishing late yesterday afternoon at Garvies beach towards the army base. I had just thrown my line into the water and was walking back up the beach to my stuff and suddenly three; quite tall people appeared on top of a high sand dune in front of me.
They just stood as if looking out to sea.
I packed up my gear and left in a hurry.
All three had long trench coats on.
Can you get someone to check out the bush?

(Im not sure what to make of all this, but I will go speak to the military personnel today to see if they know anything about it)

Rake Jeeves

This was incredibly interesting since I have heard that the Bluff actually has WW2 bunkers that are still maintained today. Apparently they got a number of contractors for the build. A number because they did not want anybody to know what they were really building, or what the final product is.

“It is a little-known fact that Winston Churchill planned to use the Bluff as a last retreat to fight out the end of WW2,and there is a bunker that is still equipped and set up as it was then for his use.” --- this comes from another corporate website which we will get too a bit later because its just too good to reveal right now.

Brief History:
The Bluff Headland is situated at the entrance of Durban harbour, one of Africa’s busiest, and has served as a military vantage point during the Anglo Boer War, WW2 and WW2. Much of the Headland area is cordoned off as an active military base including modern and sensitive military technologies. The Headland is riddled with redundant military infrastructure including gun emplacements, bunkers and other artifacts of historic interest.

So, keen to investigate, my girlfriend and I drove up there and this is what we found;

-The biggest cannon I have ever seen.
-Physical evidence of bunkers.
-Lots of electric fences.
-And shooting range, for some reason.

So here are the pictures…

Entrance security. It was actually pretty easy getting in. The gate guard held his hand up in protest but it was such a half hearted effort that I mistakenly thought it for a wave. So I waved back and drove on. Needless to say, nobody followed us.

Strange antennas

Some more

The concrete turret housing

Strangely, the place is almost deliberately delapatated.

Old bunkers with two feet tick cncrete walls

Fences, fences, fences

The biggest cannon I have ever seen

Now thats self defence

It rotates, the whole thing...

Inside the gun

Some markings...

At the entrance to the entrance of the bunkers

The bunker doors

Bunker entrances

I walked up to the electrified gate and a guy in civilian clothing came around and told us we were welcme to take a look inside. Then came running a guy in army gear and simply said that we were not allowed in, the entire area is for military personal only. He said "There is nothing going on here. We're just on Army guard duty." When asked if there was any bunkers he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dont know."

Bunker entrance

This one is the old lighthouse (the portion on the left). It was originally a steel structure, and was then ensconced in concrete to support it from the vibrations of the big guns on the military base.

In WW2, it was chopped off at the level you see here, to give the guns line of site, as there were fears that a U-Boat would hide in the shadow cast behind the structure. It is a little-known fact that Winston Churchill planned to use the Bluff as a last retreat to fight out the end of WW2,and there is a bunker that is still equipped and set up as it was then for his use.

Navy centre

Some more anchoring points

Entrance to the Firing Range

Bunker from the inside. Obviously, these are official photos so its not even close to what they really have.

After a bit of research I found that there was a bit of news on the future of the military base. It was awarded to a very shadowy and little known organisation;
ACCORD- African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes. The have proposed to use the base as a piece and conflict resolution centre.
On their website they are making it blatantly obvious that they have been in talks with a major bank and Japan for the funding of the building.

From their web page below;

The Africa Peace Centre will operate at three levels:
Creating a knowledge base on conflict resolution in Africa through rigorous ongoing research;
Equipping Africa's leaders in the skills required to facilitate peace and resolve conflict through an extensive training programme;
Intervening in specific conflicts by facilitating and hosting mediation efforts in collaboration with other major players like the UN and AU.
The Centre is being designed to provide a secure facility for the intervention activity (based on learnings from the South African, Burundi, and Congo Peace talks) however it will also be used to host the training programme and house the research facilities (including an extensive library). This combination ensures the most effective use of the facility but also that all these aspects are accessable to the intervention process.

Proposed plan for the area


www.ufoevidence.orbg... news article – forum discussion

other links

Also found on the Bluff is Millenium Tower, which assissts in controlling the shiping lane...

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:21 PM
Now South Africa is not known for its conspiracy theories, despite the stories that we have had our own Roswell Incident. The above thread is of interest to me as I live right around the corner.
The fact that the military base, which is known to be utilizing both modern and sensitive technologies, has been the area of a mass sighting is even more intriguing.
And then just to top it off we basically have an Emergency Command Centre or Control Room of some sorts.
To make matters worse they are making it into some sort of Heritage Site as a huge cover.
Since 2008, little news has been heard about the developments. When we visited the site, it seemed almost deliberately left dilapidated. Everything except for the bunker facility…

Let me know what you think..

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:29 PM
Very nice pictures and well put together thread. I think I'm missing the conspiracy here though. It appears, and seems, like an old military base with guards on duty watching the property. Not much goes on there compared to say, Area 51, the guards didn't sound like they were protecting anything top secret.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:30 PM
Threads like this keep me coming back to ATS.

Great work, underground bunkers are fascinating.

Very interesting reports of the "tall figures", wish we had more evidence in that area, keep us posted!

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by JibbyJedi

I want you to set up a word substitution in your head. Whenever you read the words ‘South African National Defence Force’, think ‘Army of the Republic of Congo’.

They don’t worry about people like me (like us) because there simply isn’t any. And, apart from the higher-ups, the don’t care what job they do. Trust me, we are n US Army, but when it comes t the delicate stuff like bunkers and keeping state secrets, they are one of the best.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by Signals

Im hoping to get to the Old Whaling station where the craft actually landed by this part of the Bluff is strangely owned by the Navy. So it will require a hike allong the beach... Awesome thing about SA is that the officials dont mind if you "accidentaly" step into their property. Usually the let you off with some directions to the place you are supposedly going to...

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:05 PM
Great post, and excellent pictures. I was especially drawn to the last bunker picture looking down a hall with what looks like green walls, light I suppose, it looks like something from a sci-fi flick. Very cool

I also like that last picture of the tower I believe you called it. I have never seen anything built quite like that, except again, in some sci-fi movie. The structure looks very futuristic, like some massive, rounded sky scrapper. Very nice again

Star & Flag!

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:12 PM
Great thread. When you said lots of photos, I thought you meant lots of photos of tall et's. Anyway is this one of the space monkees that showed up in the bunker shot.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:13 PM
great thread S&F!

could you please fix the footsteps picture?

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by loagun

It not only looks futuristic, it is;

Designed by Soundspace designs – who were awarded the contract after winning the design competition out of 52 applicants – this tower features a huge 37 metre high rotating cowl and wind vane that reflects wind direction and a 50-metre spire that indicates tidal movement.
Banks of traffic light signals visually regulate navigation in the port entrance channel and a computer driven sunscreen with horizontal and vertical blinds tracks the movement of the sun. This feature constantly changes the external appearance of the tower throughout the day and effectively becomes an indication of the time-of-day while at night lighting colours within the cowl change according to a random algorithm driven by the tide, wind direction and humidity.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:42 PM

Originally posted by groingrinder
Anyway is this one of the space monkees that showed up in the bunker shot.

lol, well spotted. They are Vervet Monkeys found all around Durban. They come into our homes, steal whatever food you leave out, mess up the garbage. That kinda thing... A brave and noble creature nontheless.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:56 PM

Originally posted by wingsfan
great thread S&F!

could you please fix the footsteps picture?

There is no picture of the footsteps. It was supposed to say "The chilling email reply..." in bold, but I placed the text in an image bar.

Im all for the drama so I fixed it. And there is also an image added of the old Union Whaling Station.

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 04:56 PM
could this be where they moved the inhabitants of district 9 to.

cool pictures, i was hoping to see the tall ones.

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 06:06 PM
Sorry, there is nothing here except remnants of WWII defences.
Any pics of the so called UFO or tall aliens?

Otherwise a nice little history thread to show what defences they had in place.
Any further corroboration that this was going to be Churchill's final bolt-hole?

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 07:49 PM
I'm gung ho for UFOs, but odds are in favor of that "three hour" UFO in July of 2004 being a real ET craft and not Venus are not good.

Venus was at that time what is universially called the "morning star." It comes up ahead of the Sun and fades after the Sun overpowers it. Actually, if you know exactly where to look, Venus may be visible in daylight. It is that bright!

Versus is called the "evening star" when it to sets after sunset, Any time a supposed UFO hangs around in the same general area of the sky, for hours, it is probably Venus. However, it is not unusual for observers to absolutely that the thing is moving around--which it doesn't do, of course. The apparent movement seems to be a trick the human mind plays when the gaze upon the planet is longer than a few seconds.

I make no claims about the balance of the thread.

posted on Feb, 24 2011 @ 12:00 PM
Hoax, that is all....
the line in your avatar says it all, lol.

But as for UFO's in south Africa, they are here, I'm one of the lucky ones to have seen them firsthand.
In Joburg in broad daylight in one of those towering thunderstorms over the Benoni area and me viewing it from the north-riding area on an otherwise blue sky and crystal clear day the storm had formed a concave shape facing me and three blue glowing balls moved from the one side to the other through
the open space between, they formed a little triangle and moved as one.
If I had to estimate the speed I'd reckon 2 kilometers per second.

Next down in Cape town at night over khayelitsha there was one of those smooth dome clouds that form over mountains, no biggie there (Except no mountain there), but as I watched it I noticed that the clouds were actually flowing over it and as they reached the edge they dropped straight down like mist over a freezing surface.
I watched it for quite a while until I saw that was happening then I thought "time to go!"

Next on boys drive near Muizenburg I saw a plane more or less 727 size flying lower (!) than I was and moving quite slowly, pass over Muizenburg more or less 300 meters from me, plus it wasn't making a noise I could hear (But I was driving)
It had the basic plane shape and normal blinking lights but as it passed me I noticed its wings extended behind the tail of the plane, as it passed over muizenburg it headed down the beach towards khayelitsha.

Guess the khayelitsha residents must be getting experimented on or something, they like that area it seems.

A possibly not so UFO incident I had though was one night I drove to the back road of kommetjie, which runs along the coast, and saw a ridiculous number of what I thought was fishing boats out on the ocean near the coast, it looked like a small town out there, and I know there aren't enough boats in the local harbors for the amount of lights I saw, but really, it could have been boats.
I got a sort of primal "Get away from there" feeling watching that though.

Also recently I saw a odd white beam shoot out of the clouds into the Eastern Rondebosch area, and it wasn't a fast beam, as things made from energy go eg: lightning, it took about a second to hit the ground.
that I saw during the day.

Take that lot how you want

Anyway I think the reason we don't see them so often lately is because they have wised up and are flying UFO's that look like planes now, would be perfectly sensible really.
And the big ones are hidden in clouds normally.
Although for some reason they let the big ones get seen from time to time, my parents saw one and my dad is Mr science and reason he doesn't buy into the whole UFO's, ghost etc...

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