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Extremist Cleric: Time for Islamic State in America

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 07:42 AM

Originally posted by SeekerofTruth101

Originally posted by prexparte
The pinpoint reason I would join a revolt or protest would IF they succeeecause of their acd in any manner. IF they come to me because of their belief in a aggressive manner yes I will fight to my death.

And I believe most americans would do the same, and being they are attempting to even bring it to america gives me the right to bring this information to others. ANd No this is not fear mongering, it is spreading awareness for lets say a yellow alert.

1. Had they succeeded in the first place? None at all.

2. Had they approach YOU or anyone else in an agressive manner? None at all

If you believe that most americans are not gonna buy the cleric's sanity or insanity, why then limit his right to express himself or his minority group's beliefs in a free nation?

Are you so frighten by mere words and thought? If so, then your own beliefs may not be as strong as you think it is, nor is your faith in fellow americans as steadfast as you presumed it to be, that you need to resort to violence to enforce your own beliefs upon others.

Those whom are weak of mind dies many deaths daily, but the strong only dies once in his lifetime.

edit on 21-2-2011 by SeekerofTruth101 because: (no reason given)

I am not frieghtened. What I was doing is bringing this information to my fellow american. We have the right to be aware of what is happening. The extremist islamic movement is factually occuring as we speak. We need to pay attention to any radical agendas which ever religion or political matter it may be. I am not narrowizing islam from any other factor, I am just bringing it to the public. Europe didnt pay attention and look what is happening over there...

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 07:55 AM
Don't think I'm the only person whose immediate reaction to this thread was, "Over my dead body".

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