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Boots chemist Sir Jack Drummond's death still a mystery

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 09:41 AM
Here's a new one for me, this man was a celebrated scientist who was key in the nutritional area. Drummond helped improve health in the UK despite the rationing during the second world war, and was knighted for his efforts in helping the allies as an advisor on nutrition.

Drummond went on to work for Boots Pure Drug Company as Director of Research, but that isn't the mystery, in Aug of 1952 while on a vacation in France, Drummond, his wife and daughter were murdered while camped aside a road in Provence France. A 75yr old farmer was convicted of the crime but some still wonder why the real perpetrators were never found.

In 1952, Boots' top chemist, Sir Jack Drummond, his wife, Lady Ann, and daughter, Elizabeth, were murdered in the south of France.
A 75-year-old French man, who used a walking stick, was convicted of the brutal murders.
It was France's crime of the 20th Century and to this day the conspiracy theories are abundant.

I wonder if any of our friends on the other side of the pond are more familiar with this case, and some of the possible conspiracies surrounding the murder of Drummond's family.


related links..

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 11:25 AM
Some interesting details can be found in this article from Aug 1952, to include that the weapon was an American Carbine, and the discovery of an abandoned French foreign legion uniform (which they couldn't say was connected to the crime). It was also first thought of as a robbery since money and suitcases were missing.

archived news article

Another article soon after the killings that mentions money being found at the scene along with more details of the events of the day..

archive link

More here, to include that the police had ruled out robbery..

Robbery not a motive

Here's one with more details on the events of the day..

info filled article


I love the news archives.. here's a report where the police said an old farmer admitted to the killings.

Farmer's Admission


Here's where the farmer claims that his confession was coerced by the police..

Farmer claims confession coerced by police

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