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Film Chronicles The Stand Gerald Ford Took For black U-M Teammate

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:06 AM
Why do so many people on the left conveniently believe all Republicans are nothing more than rich old and angry white racists?

Why do the so called civil minded folks on the left have an overwhelmingly negative view of Republicans when it comes to race relations while Historically, Democrats Have Been More Racist?

In reality, nothing can be further from the real truth because Repubs have done and continue to do more to improve race relations than the folks that keep the race card tucked under their sleeve.

A true leader leads by example and on this President's Day, the real truth about a white Republican must be told.
Today we must honor and remember Gerald R. Ford.

Film chronicles the stand Gerald Ford took for black U-M teammate

...controversy surrounding a 1934 game between Michigan and Georgia Tech in Ann Arbor. The Wolverines' decision to sit their lone African-American player, Ward, appeasing the Jim Crow laws of their southern guests, created a stir on the U-M campus. And in the middle of it all was one of Ward's teammates, an All-America lineman from Grand Rapids named Gerald Ford, who was Ward's roommate.

Ford threatened to quit the team in response to Ward's benching. And though he eventually was convinced to play amid campus and community protests, Ford, our nation's 38th president, would later credit that incident — and his lifelong friendship with Ward — with shaping his views on race relations and his political stance on issues like voting rights and affirmative action.

DetNews Article With Video

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