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Tesla discovered free energy, plans resurface and presented here for all.

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by CaptChaos

Doesn't the fact that there's 'a ton of info out there' suggest the inverse of the claim that it's being suppressed?
Quite the opposite of suppression - we're flooded with claims of free energy achievements but none actually deliver the goods.

The corporations making a fortune from energy production would pounce on any real free (or even simply more efficient) energy production technology so they could make even more millions from largescale implementation of it with efficiencies of scale only dreamed of by backyard inventors. There's also the prestige of bringing clean energy to market which does wonders for their public image.

If it works they won't put it under wraps but, instead, exploit the heck out of it for all it's worth.

An exception, as mentioned in a previous post, would be technology that's capable of being weaponised IE could be used against you instead of for you.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by Pilgrum

The real secret of free energy device was not revealed by Tesla. He knew it exists. But he couldn't pinpoint where that energy was. So much for the idea of active suppression.

I'd rather say there is a collective amnesia in the scientific world.

Watch the following video.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:26 AM
Yeah! Weapons turned into household items, please take them away! We never needed this technological crap, and although I use it everyday, I could walk away in a heart beat...I already have before.

Just dance bee! every ting gone be ayight

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 10:52 AM
I would ask if anyone on ATS has built this device and ask if it works; however, I couldn't trust that anyone would be honest with us.....sorry, too many wild claims here on ATS makes me cynical.

Here is a great idea. Perhaps the ATS staff could follow the blueprints and build this device. Then they could report their findings back to us. What's $100 in the grand scheme of things? Surly, this is an affordable experiment, no? The cost could even be written off as a business expense.

S&F OP for sparking my interest in Tesla again.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:07 AM
As we had all suspected, the OP is MIA.

First and foremost, Tesla did invent the Radio which in essence is transmitting and via resonance tuning between the transmitter and tuner and subsequently converting Electromagnetic Energy back to useable power used in the case of a radio to drive a high impedance speaker in a headset. As one can attest to in a crystal diode radio set.

The Germanium Crystal is converting the radio frequency energy to electromotive energy.
So the free energy is not from a mechanical thermodynamic perspective but from a electromotive one. The basis being that it already exists and currently isn't being utilized and merely being converted from one form to another.

The so called Engineer poster talking Thermodynamics and it's laws. This isn't a thermodynamic system but an electrodynamic one and hence Maxwells equations apply (Faraday's , Gauss', Ampere's laws) and not Carnot equations, etc. which were created for Thermodynamic Systems, and/or steam engines back in the day.

When I took Thermo for example, Since steam engines are no longer used, we studied Diesel engines in which Thermodynamic principles readily apply but if you recall there was no mention of anything electrical as in circuits and electromagnetic or Electromotive systems.

Plain and simple.

Tesla realized that there was a tremendous amount of electrical energy stored in our ionosphere. The earth itself with it's magnetic iron core is in essence a huge capacitor in itself. Our atmosphere comprised of air is the nonconductive electrolytic which all capacitors possess. The outer atmosphere bombarded by energy merely is stored there in the form of charge which eventually manifests itself in the form of lightning .

Tesla realized that the tremendous amounts of energy contained in the upper atmosphere which protects us could be harvested so to speak the same way and principle in which radios can tune in various bandwidths of energy from a radio station.

The underlying principle is sound. It isn't free energy from the perspective of closed systems but moreso that of an open which energy already existence is simply being converted to a more useful form of energy.

Because Westinghouse couldn't put a meter on it and charge people for it. Tesla and his free energy idea were thrown out and also as to why we all pay for our electricity generated by electro mechanical means instead.
This way Westinghouse and Rockefeller became filthy rich and Tesla and his ideas are now considered controversial.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by nh_ee

When I apply the first law of thermodynamics, it was towards the moving mechanical system of the so called "perpetual" magnetic motors. I suspect that the machine that the topic creator linked and solar cells and the like all move towards electrodynamic systems. That is a different story altogether..

..No such thing as free energy!

I thought ATS was about denying ignorance not ignoring the scientific fact presented?... whatever I gave up
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:12 AM
Just goes to show what we are capable of then what we are, "permitted" to do.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by fordrew

The scientific revolution has started. You just don't know it has already started.

The video "Physics of Free Energy Device" is posted in the Youtube. Watch it carefully if you have any background of physics.

The ultimate secret of the free energy device has already been revealed.

It has now become the matter of engineering.

In the middle of the silence of the mass, the scientific revolution toward the new civilization is looming.

We are gettingt close to 2012 anyway, aren't we?

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:50 AM
there are two problems.

First. Even if we foud a way to brodcast energy effectively through the air, we would still be reliant on a machine to brodcast the energy and we would be endebted to whoever owns the machine. Just another grid to be part of.
The only true way to be energy sufficient is to take yourself off the grid.

Second. When you talk about magnetic engines, opponents of free energy always use the word prepetual motion.
Magnetic engines are not true perpetual. They do use an energy source. Magnetite.
All we realy have to do is replace petrolium with magnatized steel and then build small enough engines to go in your garage. And Voaloa. off the grid.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 11:50 AM
reply to post by badw0lf

Here is a good link for Tesla.

The headline of this topic is something like Free Energy but that is a false idea. Nothing is free. The tower and radiating device that Tesla build required a source in the form of an electrical generator in order to produce the magnetic fields which were then transmitted in pulses. It was much akin to lightening and just as dangerous.

I is my opinion that Tesla was not deriving electricity indirectly from the "ethers" as he said but from the generating capability of the earth itself especially as differentiated from the reactive chemistry of the atmosphere.

He noted that in Edison's DC system arcing energy preceded current flow in the Niagara Falls generator but we know today that a long wire (in this case miles long) will act as an inductor and in an inductive circuit there occurs a 90 degree difference between voltage and current with current retarded. Tesla thought this indicated "ethereal" activity or influence but what it really was is that for a short period of time the direct current was behaving like an alternating current circuit.

Tesla's notable work was in the area of AC alternating current and in particular the multi phase generator. If we want to see a multi or poly phase AC generator we may do so by looking at the "alternator" in our car. That generator makes three phase electricity and then rectifies it into DC for the car systems. It is far superior to the old DC car generators. That was Tesla's contribution.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by nh_ee

Couldnt we build a curcuit with germanuim diodes to steal all the radio frequencies being broadcasted for electrical energy. I would set it up by a radio tower. Yes, the Earth is like a battery. Put a ground rod into the Earth and put a sheet of anodized alumimum in the air and connect them to a capacitor and it will charge. The ground supplies the negative ions and the air positive ions. The free energy Tesla was looking for was from the vaccum. The trick would be finding a way to resonate with the eather in the vaccum to get more energy out then put in. I believe it was Morray that expanded upon Tesla's research with a self resonating curciut and Tesla's radient energy reciever.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by XtraTL

Originally posted by BLKMJK
So why did this gentlemen not demonstrate his findings? All I witnessed was a piece of paper and an enormous amount of psycho babble and rhetoric. It is quite simple really. Someone demonstrate that this "Free" energy works.

To be fair, the guy did have a rudimentary working knowledge of a Tesla coil, which is more than I expected. And he did eventually state the correct potential difference that falls across a line suspended in the atmosphere.

What he got wrong was how his reverse Tesla coil would work.

What's really odd about this thread is:

1) As a free energy receiver, suspending a wire in the sky actually works. Serious experimenters worked on this in the 1920's and managed to get pretty efficient receivers working. No laws of physics are violated. There really is an atmospheric potential difference, and it is largely for the reasons that people say it is. The earth lives inside the solar wind, which is highly charged. Not *all* the mechanisms are completely understood, but by and large it is completely well established science. This is in contradistinction to most free energy scams which aren't even feasible. The point is of course, you need an absolutely massive receiver to power your house and it is extremely dangerous in bad weather.

2) Tesla's patent looks like it is about the photoelectric effect, which is something else entirely. This is due to the incidence of ultraviolet light and other high energy radiation on metals. The effect was known to Hertz in 1887 and certainly to Tesla. Spacecraft and moon dust become highly charged due to this effect.

3) People already stick large sheets of certain metals (doped semiconductors which exibit a band gap as it happens) out in the sun to turn solar energy directly into direct current electricity. Few people call this "zero point energy" or "free energy" that is "being supressed by the governments and TPTB".

Have a guess at which of the three different technologies is efficient enough to power your home. And so have a guess which one is sold by commercial companies.

Here's another free energy idea "suppressed by the gubbmint". Set up a pile of mirrors to focus on a point. Use it to heat water and turn it to steam. Use the steam to drive a turbine which can drive a generator.

Think it doesn't work? Prove me wrong.

Well also to be fair, I know more about Tesla the band than the man
How is the onus on me? I have not claimed to have the knowledge and method of free energy. I just want someone to demonstrate their new earth shattering findings that will save mankind.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by fordrew
reply to post by nh_ee

When I apply the first law of thermodynamics, it was towards the moving mechanical system of the so called "perpetual" magnetic motors. I suspect that the machine that the topic creator linked and solar cells and the like all move towards electrodynamic systems. That is a different story altogether..

..No such thing as free energy!

I thought ATS was about denying ignorance not ignoring the scientific fact presented?... whatever I gave up
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+1! This is exactly what I mean as well. I will bow out of this thread as well until someone makes one and causes me to eat my foot.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by Aggie Man

I believe a friend of mine is looking into this one. Or a similar one at least. Ive managed to find a simple way to test zero point energy that anyone can do or afford. All you need is cement, quartz crystal, teacup lights, a piece of copper, and a piece of plastic (doesnt have to be, can be substituted). Im sure other crystals work but quartz is common and inexpensive. I would suggest whatever crystal you use, it should be piezo electric and pyro electric. I have not tested though. Take the teacup lights and put in the piece of plastic or whatever you want to use to make sure the copper tube doesnt touch the teacup. It mustnt touch. Then put alternating layers of cement and crushed quartz crystal up to the top. I capped it with another teacup and used solder and glue to seal it up. I then heated it in the oven for little bit. Just below the melting temp of the solder. I then used a car battery charger to shock it while it was cooling. 12V and 55amp shocks. Probably a dozen times. Its been almost six months and the batteries still have a charge. They seem to change from .5 V to .7V from time to time. It may be temperature becuase I made one with the copper pipe hollow and filled it with wax and made a candle out of it. The charge goes up as it is heated. There is no way this is a galvinic reaction becuause like I said the cement has been dry for almost six months now and I know the crystal is the reason why the charge increases with temperature becuase it is pyroelectric. I call it my crystal candle battery. Here is a video that may help you with construction of one.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 01:06 PM
Hi All,
There are a lot of things I must address, so this may be a long reply. I am completely flabbergasted by the response to this thread. Most threads on this topic are small, I had no idea this would take off as it did, especially since it was my first thread. I was surprised upon my return that there were so many stars and flags I don't deserve them. For those of you that thought I was put in time out this is not the case. I stated, when I said that I would post pics of my antenna, that I had a busy day and would not be able to right away. And I come back to this. I am overwhelmed.
I will begin with the original post and it's copyright infraction.
I collect what is called PLR. For those who do not know what this is, Private License Rights is information or ebooks that are given without copyright with the ability to rebrand. The reason I do this is very good information without the complicated problems associated with copyright. This ebook was inadvertently placed in this file(PLR) on my computer. I posted the information to spark ideas to better the process because the ideas in the ebook are not complete and are vague at best. As for ME attempting to make money on the post you could not be further from the truth. If this was the case I would have #1 posted a link to purchase with my own affiliate link. I did not. #2 The information posted WAS the ebook minus the history of Tesla. If I wanted you to buy it I would not have put it all right in the open, as this would just have caused a lot of refund requests due to your ability to simply print the page from the post. I will not post a link in order to distance myself from the making of money as the link is provided by the mods earlier in the this thread. My public apologies to the copyright owner. However, I do not know why the public patent documents were deleted as they are public. I did not post the ebook as a download link because I had a busy day and had not gotten around to it yet. Now I will not as it is someone else s product.

I would next like to address the posts on mental evolution verses technology. As I said, I wrote a book about it(this book is 100% mine and I gave it freely in the link I posted earlier). The problem with saying that technology is evil is that, it is technology that gave us the ability to grow spiritually. Let me explain, without technology we would not have the time nor the mental resources to meditate or "go within" to find the Higher answers. It was technology that freed us from the constant fear of being hunted in nature. It continues to allow us to take time as we are not constantly doing the things that technology does for us. It is however unfortunate that most people(not all) do not take the time to do it in order to free themselves from technology. Without technology you do not have higher thought, however it is possible to achieve higher thought and release technology. It was my intention in the original post to begin a discussion into how it can be made to work for #1 elevating the need for fossil fuels to make our planet just a little bit cleaner and safer(ie: pollution, earthquakes, etc.), and #2 to free the people from the ties of a job to pay the outrageous bills the big companies insist upon. In turn giving the people more time to contemplate and discuss a better way to attend to our physical needs until this higher knowledge can be sought and implemented and understood by society as a whole.

Next the pictures I said I would post on my antenna. I have chosen not to post them and here is why. I went outside and took multiple pictures attempting to show how I put it together, then pictures of the cable going into the ground and then pictures of the cable coming out of the ground and connecting to my deep freezer and pictures of the deep freezer working. As I looked at them attempting, to decide on the best angles, focus and the most visually descriptive, I came to the understanding that they do not PROVE that it works. Here is why, From the ground even on zoom they do not show how I did it, as the pattern is not able to be seen with the exception of the main spiral. I would need to give a lengthy description anyway making the pictures pretty much nul and void( my description is below). Second, because the cables go into the ground(no I will not dig them up just to show they are a single connection as they are a meter down and about 10.5 meters from the house), and come up just prior to entering the house then connecting to the freezer, does not prove anything, and this is why; Just because a cable "appears" to be connected and therefore the source of power, does not mean the freezer was not placed directly on top of or next to, out of view, of an electrical outlet in which the freezer is actually plugged into. As for testing voltage, this can be done by plugging it in to an outlet or lower power source and presented as proof. Sorry at this time you will either take my word for it or not. This does not change with or without pictures. Lastly, what I did only follows the plan I posted in the fact that it is a tower(PVC BTW) with copper arranged in a spiral. As I said before this thread was posted to entice discussion of how to make it work because the ebook was limited in it's description.

My description as to what I did is as follows: All that you see is a spiral done with copper wire in the Fibonacci sequence placed on a 1m by 1m board of wood(used to stop conductivity with the exception of the spiral) with drilled holes to cut down on the wind resistance at 10m tall facing the South in the Winter and North in Summer. Thats it, nothing special.
How I put it together: After coming to the understanding that the Universe in ALL its aspects is based on this sequence, I thought this was the source of true energy collecting. You see if you go down to the DNA level you see that it is this sequence repeated over and over. The gap of energy transfer is the end of the tight spiral in the center, this is where my gap is, why because this is the way DNA does it, Nerve endings do it, vortexes do it, etc. I took 24 copper wires 17m long. Started with two and wrapped them in the Fibonacci sequence along their length as waves do. I repeated this making 12 double strands. I then took two of these strands and wrapped them also in the sequence and repeated with the others making 6 strands. I then took two of these strands and wrapped them in the sequence, again repeating, making three. Taking two of these strands, I wrapped them together again in the sequence and created the main spiral on the board with the tightest part of the sequence in the center connected to the board with latex covered plastic "zipstrips". The last strand with the tightest end down creates the gap and shoots down the pole connecting to the main current wire(110 cert) (soldered to one wire) . This wire is connected to power in of the freezer. I connected a single wire to the neg of the freezer and put it in the ground 1m deep. Why does this work? I do not know, I assume it's because I followed that which nature follows, However, I had to set the cool setting to its lowest setting and it still overworks the system of the freezer slightly. So there you have it, as I said, my intention of posting this was to instigate a discussion on how to make it work properly. I withheld my process in the hopes of discussion.

To all;
I apologize for the way I posted this thread. Inadvertently it was posted in deceit. This was not my intention.
I realize the way I did this jeopardizes my integrity. With that, I can not fix without time. I also realize this could slam the door on this thread, which In my opinion, such as it is, would not be a positive way of approaching the subject, but would be understood by me. If this thread is continued, I ask the mods to forgive those who express their opinion of my actions and allow them, as they are earned by me as OP. I have learned a lot as to how I should have posted this topic, regardless of my intentions, and I will not make these mistakes again.


posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by Agarta

Post the pics anyway even if they offer no proof. It would be interesting to see what the setup looks like.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by BLKMJK

Just a video I found. I don't know how well it would actually work.

I'm pretty sure the radiant energy technology works. I watched a long video series on Youtube, where a guy had a 50ft antenna strung up. He did use some coils in the circuit, and increased the voltage. You might have to type in "tesla generator" or something to find the videos. He wasn't getting many amps but he exceeded 100 volts. I think he might have been able to get a better response had he had insulated wire running down from an antenna on top of the pole. You can also type in "free energy circuit." He uses a particular circuit, which he shows you in the video. There are many parts to it. I'll have to find those videos for you guys.

As far as the plans, I did buy those some time ago. If you understand and can visualize you might be able to build what they are talking about. I have a hard time with understanding how everything goes together. They use telsa's patents, but use their own ideas it seems along with it. Or maybe are pulling from some of tesla's other ideas. To me, those plans aren't as "step by step" as I would have liked, but perhaps someone here could build it. Tesla's patents are freely available though.


posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 02:36 PM
reply to post by leaualorin

the man was a genius. his engines could power cars, railroads, with pretty much 100% efficiency. maybe his tesla tower was a bit far fetched, but dare i say thats pretty much what we use today for radio waves/broadcasting?
if he were around in this generation we wouldnt be dependent on oil. we'd have mechanical and magnetic energy powering everything. he is a mad to be studied, marveled, and praised.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 02:40 PM

Originally posted by leaualorin
reply to post by Agarta

That can be translated in :

1.decrease immunity
2.hormonale imbalances
3.nausea and dizziness
5.Chronic Fatigue
8.liver cancer
9.colon cancer
10.kidney cancer
11.Breast cancer
12.Skin cancer
13.brain tumors
14.endocrine tumors
19.deaths at birth
21.memory loss
23.dysfunction in learning

Welcome to the real world. All of the above happen all the time. Can it be due to that? things that make you go hmmmmm.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by leaualorin
reply to post by wycky

NO! I did build a "tesla turbine" some years now and gave up with his studies after seein for myself the effects of electric magnetic fields on human body/cells! (EMF).
It's slowly destroying our body!

And yet we live longer and longer.

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