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country fried steak!

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posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 10:12 AM
thats right! time for a old favorite from the south, the country fried steak. this is my version...

get a steak, any kind you like, tough cuts are good as you need to pound this THIN, so by the time its done its nice and tenderized. the size can be any size you want. trim off the fat if it has any. you wont need the fat for this (you CAN save it for making stock though!)

take that steak, wrap it in plastic wrap (so as not to make a mess!) and pound it! 1/4 inch thick is a good thickness. now you can use a meat tenderizer that has a flat side or you can use a rolling pin (a heavy wooden one) or even a heavy pan, like a small iron pan.

now once you have it pretty flat and thin we need eggs and milk! an egg or two (depending on how many of these you plan on making) and a tad of milk to thin the egg is all you need at this point. whisk the eggs and milk together. thats it!

now we need seasoned flour. i use all purpose flour. you'll need a couple cups at least of flour. then add a table spoon of salt (or more if you like) and pepper, black and white, plenty of both, dont be shy a tablespoon of each for each two cups or so (more or less depending on your tastes)! i like to add cayenne pepper in mine, and if you use it and havent before, a little goes a long way! 1/2 teapsoon to start

take the steak and dip it in the eggs. flip it over and make sure both sides are covered in egg. get a full size dinner plate and put some flour all over it. then put your steak(s) on the plate (do not overlap) and then cover with more flour. press lightly all over the steak(s) and then pick them off and shake off the excess flour.

as you do this get a pan for frying, one thats kinda deep, cast iron works well. get shortening and heat it up on medium heat until it ges nice and hot. a way to tell if its hot enough is to take a pinch of flour and toss it in, if it starts to sizzle and fry, its ready. GENTLY slide the steak in the pan, away from your body so you dont get burned! then let them cook for a few minutes. make sure to check them by lifting them a little to check their color. when they are golden brown turn them over (i use tongs) and fry them for a few more minutes. once they are done put them on a plate with paper towels.

then drain as much fat off as possible. now see that brown stuff at the bottom? that makes a gravy and fine one at that! get some milk, a couple cups of milk and pour a little in at a time. it'll sizzle and sputter but dont be shy. stir as you do this. constantly stir. let it cook and bubble, as it does so stir and it will thicken. when you think its thick enough remove from the heat and pour into a gravy boat or a bowl. taste the gravy, it may need a pinch of salt.

and there ya go! pour the gravy over the steaks and viola! an easy southern dish anyone can do. you may notice i do really give any measurements. i have never made this measuring anything out and i've never had a problem, you can make this according to you own tastes. its a good play it by ear recipe, you can you any cut of meat you want, you can even go without the egg mixture but it makes for a thinner coat of the steaks when you cook them and i like a thick "crust" on mine. now you can use oil but i dont like to use oil, it tends to have a lower smoking temp than shortening. and you can use this same recipe for chicken, with or without the bone. you can use this for pork chops. its a universal type recipe.

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