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To All of You Who Doubt The Billy Meier (HOAX): Watch this.

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posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 10:39 PM
Hello argentus,

I'm also not a debunker. I'm a realist as well as a logician (in the good sense). One of the things WRT the meier/figu agenda that bothers me is this:

"2. Semjasa, the celestial son and guardian angel of god, the great ruler
of the voyagers who travelled here through vast expanses of the
universe, took a terrestrial woman and begot Adam, the father of the
white human population."

It's from the first chapter, verse 2 of the talmud jmmanuel; so the so-called spiritual message of figu appears to be only a cover for an aryan supremist agenda. I am of the opinion that this is way more serious in nature than a couple of questionable photos.

posted on Dec, 4 2012 @ 01:12 AM
Hello all,

1) I need to know where someone could purchase a gold suit of that particular brand in Switzerland in 1988?

2) I also need to know has anyone in the group step forward and claimed to have hoaxed the photo and assisted Billy Meier in the "hoax"?

3) The verse from the Talmud Jmmanuel I also have a problem with. I do not know how this could be valid knowing that the Ptah or someone has told Billy that Humans derive from the Lyran system. I looked through the Talmud Jmmanuel and found it to be authored by Semjase herself because of certain hints concerning the relationship between Israel and Middle Eastern nations. It seems someone was travelling back and forth and then decided to author such a book. I believe, as a theory, that Semjase authored the Book herself which is actually I think is a mock at some "religious" authorities.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 09:55 PM
Billy Meir has proven to be a hoaxer from the beginning. From his story about the alien lifeforms visiting in his childhood to his rather unsettling photos.

Check these out to see his trickery

And evidence of his bad attempts at this (observe the effects of inserting objects into photos and the size)

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 02:36 PM
The truth of all truths is that people who do not possess any legitimate evidence or conclusion but use their own theories to convince themselves that they have it all sussed out. The fact is, you are so far off the truth that you find any possible excuse you can to find fault in things your "beliefs" can't comprehend. The first thing an ignorant mind does, is dismiss without rational reason. The second thing it does, is relinquish all logic to fight with the ignorance that disguises itself as arrogance. Small minded fools do not provide any valuable information, and use the least amount of material they have in their possession because they neither got it themselves thus foolishly judge it.

The one thing that has always played it's part amongst conspiracy folk, is that the "hoax" card seem to circulate with the same photos and film. Yet little do they know, that there are over 1500 photos & 25 or so films taken, yet these hopeless debunkers concentrate on the only ones they can use to deem a hoax. I have continuously put it to these re-creating film makers who remake Meier's videos and films on 2 counts. the first is, that they could only do so with new millennia tech, 30 to 40 years AFTER these photos and film were taken. secondly, they CANNOT replicate the film of the beamships hanging stationary at a side angle. The only ones that were ever replicated were the ones where rope was used with trees....yet the ones with no trees anywhere near. as the beamships in their 2s and 3's, hovered and remained at their own unique angles. Something that a re-construction of rope pulley's & small models is impossible to do, because once to is caused, fro is the after effect. These videos were ignored. How ironic.
Next. the photos of the ships were never recreated to anywhere the same quality. Nor were any of the anomalies ever reconstructed that were to do with electromagnetic discharges from the ships. nor were the neon type lights that were photographed at Billy's property.
There are a plethora of photographs that the debunkers ignored and that is for good reason...because they will hunt down and pick the only photos that meet their skill levels. and even with 2010 tech software and tools, they still could not fully replicate any of the films or photos....& out of 1500 photos, less that a dozen were used to call hoax on.

That, is a hopeless act of cowardice if ever i see one.

In 60+ Years, Billy has never stopped or shied away from attack, ridicule or any of the attempts at his life. He has worked tirelessly all his life to bring the teachings to mankind, the only profit he makes is to help pay for the cost of the books, publishing and other materials. He does not advertise, proselytize or advocate anything on anyone and if you bother reading a word you would know this.

The fact that all logic escapes you, proves you shout the loudest because you have the most to hide. If you ever read the publishing's, you will read that the named photos were fakes made by those i cannot name. If He made 1500 photos why on Earth would he go circulating 3 or 4 obvious fakes that are easily found from other sources? did you find other sources that ever relayed the same models etc from the beamships in Meiers real photographs?
How about the girls on the TV show? Did the real ones not get released to prove that the Women on that show and the photo of them were taken in very corrupt circumstances? If any of you had bothered getting away from your imbecilic bone idle selves you would see past the fact that the very people you all conspire against are the same ones trying to suppress the truth of all truths. and because you all hide behind your mesely few photos, you deem it adequate to bind yourselves to a stupidity clause to never venture towards the teachings. 70 books, big books of Creational and spiritual teachings, over 1000 contact reports that are being translated as we speak, and other pub;ications and up to now, 80 or so corroborations that Billy published decades before they were discovered, in all fields of Earth expertise.

Now, would any sane man of sound mind even deliberate one man, even if he did or did not have help, could conjure up that much information from the suppressed knowledge of Earth mankind and think, that what he writs is just a "fluke"?? anyone who does, is blatantly in fear of what he is and the message he brings.

People here lie, they falsify what is truly written and they doctor their words to twist the truth to further their own agenda of conspiracy, yet the more you do so, the greater the burden lies on you to prove yourself, because on those with mediocrity as their weapon, succumb to the very thing they accuse others of....Lying!!

Now. I call all of you who deem Billy Meier, the teachings and everything as false and hoax. to bring real proof of a hoax rather than your repetitive nonsense and ramblings about the same photos that have gone through the wash millions of times and are now old hat.

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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 03:09 PM
The thing that escapes those who try to debunk Billy Meier, is that they remain ignorant of the teachings. They deem it a religion, yet without reading a word. They deem it to be a cult, yet have not read 1 word. They deem Billy to be a hoaxer out for money and fame, yet does not do anything remotely as such. You all talk of things that amount such poverty in knowledge that it is the reason why you speak on these websites and have little if anything of true value to say other than to spit poison and hatred against a Man and his words for peace, in a manner that teaches the true way of all life and does not do anything that any religion does, yet because you are all so blinded by your psychopathic traits, you want to put the dagger in further because it gives you some kind of importance and self notoriety to protest things without having a single shred of evidence to any of it. Your stupidity and wild accusations are your fuel, because only people with a mind full of delusion and lies, want to spread themselves to give the impression they are something they are not. You are merely know it all's that know nothing, charlatans and snakes who slither around corrupting the minds of those around you and yourself, when you know, as you strip away the B.S, that you literally have nothing within you that actually has any truth at all...its all belief based delusions, from the mouths of other delusional people who think their opinions that are backed by absolutely nothing substantially true or genuine have any sort of worth.

The teachings are more than those debunkers here can remotely even begin to comprehend, and it is that reason why they remain stuck in their own concrete blocks of development, and gives certifiable reason as to why they have to live by sheer mediocrity and false values because they enjoy their bone idleness. they learn nothing and do nothing to learn. everything they gather up and preach is another persons drivel and they try to convince others that is their own conclusions. fact is...they are but a strand from the mop that gets dipped in dirty water and drags other dirt around and mixes with more dirt. Never realizing all they're doing is spreading the same dirt further and further without a drop of pure clean water.

When people call those who entrust themselves in these teachings, insane, or religious nuts or any other inappropriate names, they do so under the blindness of their own ignorance and egoism. It is a form of degeneracy that engulfs their consciousness with sheer poverty. It gets you nowhere. you walk the desert and find no corner of it that gives you meaning or freedom. Therefore every direction you turn you find more dullness and no life at all.

It would benefit you, to take a piece of dignity from life and use it, because everything you people say about all this is based on your foolishness and fear of the truth.

If you live by your ignorance and your frail mental state, then keep it locked in the tiny world you operate within, because without even reading a word of the teachings, puts you out of any rightful opinion of it, of Meier or of the people who found the teachings on their own through years of learning!! But the more you do, makes those who have studied the teachings and the laws and recommendations of Creation, recognize that you are exactly how the teachings describe you in the finest of explanations.

Without any selling or marketing, people who spend a lifetime learning and striving for truth, found the teachings by themselves...Meier NEVER seeks out people....unlike religion, who seek out the adolescent minds of children by imposing fear and subservience into them before they have their freedom to grow into adulthood, instead they destroy their freedom of consciousness by entrapping them into the evil world of religion where development is dead in the water.

You people try to denounce Meier and the your ignorance of them and you unknown knowledge of them...and what is not known and incomprehensible, is feared in the minds of the ignorant and foolish!! and fear always breeds irrationality, illogical and irresponsible acts of degeneracy. They are the common traits of those who seek lies and live by them, rather than finding the logic and reason toward truth and learning by them in all of life's immeasurable experiences.

People who consciously want truth and peace, will find it, and as much as you people try to cover the truth up with the sands that suppressed them for so long already, the more you will attract the attention of those who see that there is far more to this whole thing than just a few photos and a few films of spacecraft.

If you are too ignorant & depraved to learn the teachings, so be it, but do not spoil it for those who are rightfully free to decipher their choices by their own freedom of will, all you will do is intrigue people more as to why you want to oppress Meier and the teachings with so much hate yet so little reason!

posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by youthsavior

I spend hours reading throough the Billy Meier stuff and watching videos where he talks about experiences and shows ufos flying around his property. I came to a conclusion in my mind that Billys faked all this for attention. I wont be watching the linked Video.
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posted on Dec, 30 2012 @ 05:42 PM
reply to post by adamneilwillis

WOW! Can you be anymore brainwashed by the meier cult?

Let me ask you this. If meier is as wise as you say he is. As honest
as you say he is, not wanting attention etc Then why did he fake
photos and footage? If he is all you say he is, then why do that?

Dont bother saying they are not fake, because clearly they are!

As for his teachings. He just recycled teaching that have been around
for hundreds of years, and just put an ET spin on it.

Is he making money? Of course he is. You think he gets nothing from
the dvd, posters, books etc they sell on sites like "they fly"

Do i think thats the main reason? No! He loves the attention. He loves
the jesus like status his followers give him.

Simple as that

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

The photos that you mention as being "proven" to be fakes. what exactly has been proven BY YOU? All you have done is take other peoples word for it without any established conclusion other than your opinion. You ask, why did he fake those photos?. well let me ask you, why would he take 1500 of them, & fake half a dozen for you morons to shout hoax at? You fail & fail miserably at ever using the other 1450 photos in the vault of Billy Meier, & for that reason your mediocrity surpasses any credibility to deem to claim to have. You logic is nil, your reasoning, is nil. You spit this rhetorical nonsense about meier wanting to be this jesus image for attention....yet that statement comes from someone who sees Meier with their own blind ignorance & wrongful assumption because you have not even begun to even touch base on the WHOLE thing. you have tip toed around with a few pictures that aren't even his, and you then use them to denounce literally everything that has been created in the past 60 years that surpasses any conceivable truth & wisdom this Earth has ever known.

and then your frail poor excuse for a hoax claim tries to bring the whole thing down? with what? your equally poor excuse at trying to say "why did he hoax photos"? You have zero credible evidence that he faked any photos let alone any credible evidence that the false photos known to all to have already been proven to never of originated from Meier, and just because people say so, you say so.

THAT, is the definition of "brainwashing"!!!!! Don't get it twisted my friend

Have you gone to Meier and ask him?? no of course not,. because as long as you are hidden behind your computer screen howling hoax without a shred of evidence but mere beliefs drawn forth by your immeasurable stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and ego...not to mention paranoia, you think that denouncing others who have a great deal more invested time and effort in the ENTIRE Billy Meier thing are inferior to your empty basket of accusations and rather weak claims of a hoax.

I have asked people about every one of the photos and film and they refuse to answer me, so i will ask you the same questions.

The photos and film were taken in the late 70's early 80's. Yet you fools seem to believe this was the beginning of the whole thing. It wasn't. Meier was 37 and upward before Semjase granted him the opportunity to take that footage. 30 years of Meiers work had already been produced before those photos and film were taken, they have been documented and placed specifically in date and time of each publication. You say they they could of been doctored to appear to be 40 years old. If that is the case, then people of that time who knew of Meiers work would of known 40 years later that work was doctored and would of turned away from him because of acts of fraud. They haven't, they are still with him. Every word of his work, has remained from the date and time they were documented, which is easily proven.

But you people are not interested in that. You only care about what is visible to the eye in picture form but not in word form. You cannot be bothered to read a word of anything of his in the fear your relentless defamation would be turned on its head once you realize exactly why Meier has worked tirelessly for 60+ years for mankinds benefit.

All you know it alls want to do is destroy because of your stupidity, fear & ignorance, when all it takes for ultimate clarification, is planting your eyes on the words of the spiritual teachings & seeing that everything you erratically & blindly assume & judge was wrong.

The profit that Billy receives, like i said, pays for all the materials, the books, the publishing costs and shipping costs. which in today's world is not cheap. You idiotically again assume he sells everything for maximum profit, yet you have neither met the Man, or ever spoken to anyone who has ever visited him, who will tell you quite easily that he is a very humble Man who does not live by material greed. and if you had ever read a single word of his, you would know why.

But as long you continue to exercise your overwhelming ignorance and defamation without a single decent iota of credible reason, then it will always be the ones who destroy everything for everyone, because whether you like it or not my friend, you are the minority and increasingly so, because people want truth, they want peace and they want wisdom. and this, is everything you lack and what every devious callous destroyer of truth and moral values does to every possibility that this Man is actually true and genuine...but you don't want that because you run your life to think you know it all. but in truth, you shout the loudest because you know nothing!!

You only call hoax because you cant handle that this is massively important. Yet is beyond the comprehension of you frail minded fools!

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

How many videos were made by Meier that you have seen?

Then ask yourself something. If Meier has created 70 books of spiritual teachings, documented over 1000 contact reports detailing some of the most overwhelming detailed information unknown to anyone on this planet until 30 years later when Earth scientists in all fields discover them to corroborate Meiers information, aswell as the many other publications from him that detail the largest amount of information that has ever been produced by 1 Human being and done so all in the space of 1 lifetime which still goes on with great health and sound mind, how can anyone with no knowledge of a single word of his work or have ever laid eyes on all the photos and all the films possibly give a verdict of hoax or fraud??.

Like i said to the other guy. Before a single film or photo was taken, Meier had already spend over 30 years working and writing the teachings aswell as documenting other material. Have you read that? People who call all this hoax foolishly assume Meier begun all this with photos? that is confirmation of their ignorance!!
So what possible attention would he want to draw to himself if he has documented things so damaging to every religion on Earth, aswell as institutes of government, secret agencies, secret services, information of actual murders of people, presidents, popes etc, giving information to the facts around the fake moon landing and everything about the hidden truths of the Earth and its history aswell as huge amounts of information corroborating prophecies that are now being recognized as genuine and true and are being taken note of with a lot of insight?? Yet these idiots calling hoax, know nothing of this. not one detail of it because they haven't read anything so wouldn't know what was corroborated from decades before.

and you think that is bringing wanted attention to himself with what exactly?? for notoriety? 30 years after those photos Meier is still working, he is still producing his work tirelessly. There is not 1 person in any past or present UFOLogy scene that has produced the kind of work Meier has, yet not one UFO institution wants to touch him. Ask yourself, why these companies who seek out the most detailed extra-terrestrial and universal information would ignore the only Human being who has more than every person on this planet who has ever put their hand up for their 5 minutes of fame with stories of abduction etc, yet MUFON and the others go to them without question. Why seek out the mediocre & ignore the biggest mass of material ever before??

now you realize who corrupts.

It is literally incomparable. Yet all the hoax crowd every concentrate the 1 or 2 videos made by people who are not Meier or Michael Horn. but those who stole from Meier and created false truths about things that brought them the fame THEY wanted. Meier has always stayed well out of any public attention. why do you think that is? Anyone who plans to create a hoax for attention, does anything hey can to bring themselves that attention. they will get their name into the pubic eye as soon as possible. has Meier done that?? no. The Man is a recluse, so what exactly is he spending all this wealth of profit on.

Everything these two bit wondering liars do to defame the whole thing is based on the fact that they would rather destroy and burn, rather than actually read a page and THEN determine truth or false.

Instead, they look at photos..ONLY photos and few films aswell as other youtube videos made by other idiots who consistently twist and falsify things just to further their own agendas to call Meier a hoax and a fraudster.

there are 1500 photos and 25+ film. Yet these foolish idiots only ever use the one they can barter their hoax card with. all the other goes unheard of and seen.

Ask yourself, if you were in court fighting for your freedom and the court were waving around images of things that were part of a large number of critical images that would prove your innocence, Would you be mightily concerned that they were intentionally relying on 6 of them that would do you no justice and that the other undeniable photos would inevitably never go before the rational sight of the jury and would sway their decisions at judging you to be guilty.....wouldn't you know that everything is being done to destroy your truth and your innocence and determine you are guilty?

Well this is exactly what occurs with Billy Meier. His entire 60 years of work goes unseen & ignored & the judge, jury & executioner use a few photos to condemn him to guilt, by some that aren't even owned or taken by Meier aswell as those that could only be questioned 30 years after they were taken.

Everything smells of blind fearful dismissal & nothing is ever done to allow everything to be seen and read before full conclusive judgement is passed!!

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by adamneilwillis

Get Billy to bring an Alien to ATS and make a thread so we can ask the Alien questions. Some photos of the Alien and their spaceship wil help add credibility.

posted on Dec, 31 2012 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by adamneilwillis

LOL! This post made my day!

You are talking rubbish saying none of the photos have been
proven hoaxes. Okay, lets start with the rather stupid looking
wedding cake photos. I am on my mobile typing this, so i can't
add photos at the moment.

The wedding cake photo. Here we have a craft that has the same
look as a trash can lid. The same lines around the base. It is exactly
the same. You think this is just a coincidence? And how about the photo
he took with the building in the backround. The wedding cake photo
is obviouly close to the camera. And why is it that you never see the full
ufo in the close up photos? Just like the ufo about the truck, which is
obviously close to the camera also. Why? Because the ufo is attached to

What about the ufo footage that shows a ufo by a tree. Why does the ufo
never move? Because it is stuck to a small tree (false perspective) And don't
you think its odd that these trees are no lobger there? When meier was
questioned about tbis, he said his space friends got rid of the tree's lol

Same with the ufo footage moving around a tree with a farm house
in the backround. The owners have said there was never a tree there!
More evidence that meier used miniture tree's

Oh, how about the ufo footage that shows the ufo vanish and appear agai
You can clearly see the cut in the footage, its laughable.

Please post meier photos you believe have been "ignored"

You can call me what you want, i dont care. I have been into
the ufo subject for over 20 years. Thete are some great cases
out there that defy explanation. Then there are cases like this,
that make the subject look like a joke.

You call me brainwashed! You cant even see the obvious fakes
in the meier case. Who is brainwashed?

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

You see what i mean. you regurgitate the same drivel over and over and over. All you care about are the same few photos.

yet, the poignant word of all is "obviously"!! OBVIOUSLY it was fake. OBVIOUSLY it was hanging from something.

speaking from a perception that has no secure substantiated evidence, your only assertion is to say "obviously" like you have the proof of all proofs wrapped up.

YOU DON'T...otherwise you would have more than just "obviously"

"Here we have a craft that has the same look as a trash can lid."

The same trash can lid that looked "similar". and only comparable to a "trash can lid" 30 years later?? coincidence or straw grabbing??

The wedding cake photo is obviouly close to the camera. And why is it that you never see the full ufo in the close up photos?

Looks to me as if you have seen only the few photographs of that beamship on google pictures, because more of the photos exist in full profile, and if you bothered to look past what your conspiracy associates pass on to you, you would already know this. Another thing you fail to even contemplate, is the span of background reflection picked up by the high quality metal of the ship. a model would only pick up a small amount of the background, whereas the beamship picks up a large reflection of background. Also, the ship in various photos changes shape. Bin lids do not change shape. they would have to be of the exact same material with the exact same marks but with alterations to their length and shape and thickness. Where are those bin lids from the debunkers?? all they ever show is one basic shaped bin lid that isn't even close to the perfectly engineered rim of that ship in ALL photos!! there are no unsymmetrical markings, grooves, cuts or manufacturing on those ships. the metal of the models made by those debunking meier is nowhere near the quality of metal of those ships, the sections of the ship are all perfectly engineered and placed aswell, yet the models are put together unsymmetrical, out of proportion and are obvious models.

One more thing you have ignorantly overlooked. these were taken in the late 70's early 80's. none of you ever take into consideration that these were shot with a 30 year old camera. with old film negatives. they were not the technology you use today. if you go and inspect your parents or grandparents 70's and early 80's photos, you will see a very significant difference in the quality. there also were no night sensors in cameras back then. no image stabilizers, no super zoom or multishots. These cameras were point, roll on, and snap. they took what they saw. then they were taken to shops and printed on machines using 70's technology NOT todays technology.
You all treat these photos and film like they were taken but a few years ago. these photos are over 30 years old. this is the insane reckless absurdity of you people.

Yet you speak of these photos with pure conviction based only on what can be achieved in your thinking of the present time. your model makers on youtube, could only re-produce models of the ships, in the present time.
you could only re-produce some of the films, in todays time.

high quality inbuilt flash cameras, self recording high quality video cameras, editing software, electronic powertools etc were not at Meiers disposal in the 70's. so do you think, that a 1 armed man on a farm could create over 1500 different photos, 25 films and produce images that could not be re-created without some kind of photoshop software and special neon light that could literally light up an entire carpark and driveway??

are you that naive??

People with 2 arms and a shed load of tools have not even brought close to 1500 photos of around a dozen different ships, which may i remind you all have different alterations in their appearance in flight, colour, design, size and unexplained anomalies. aswll as shots taken over open land without trees anywhere near showing the ships disappearing and reappearing from behind snowy mountains many miles away, aswell as 3 ships in the same shot moving, flying at angles all on their own, while 1 moves left the other moves another and the 3rd moves another, never moving in synchronization. you have film of ships in open space flying & then tilting at high degree angles, holding its position and then doing the same on the other-side of its flight continuously....yet with no trees in all directions needed to carry rope pulleys.

there are people that try and recreate the beamship sounds, but even today they CAN NOT be recreated.

The huge amount of written material goes UNSEEN

The corroborations that verify Meiers genuineness goes UNSEEN

The message, the most important part goes UNHEARD

None of you can give proof or evidence to a single one of your assertions to any human being on any inch of this planet.

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

What about the ufo footage that shows a ufo by a tree.

tell me something. Why, if Meier was designing one huge hoax, would he jeopardize it by releasing the ufo stationary in a tree, then know full well that no one ever knew of it and then writing that the Plejaran erased the tree?? With the wealth of work he has produced in 60 years which you clearly have ZERO recollection of because you've never read a single word, why in all logic would Meier do such a thing? you think that a Man that in 1958 wrote to all governments of the world prophesying everything from then until now, aswell as over 80 current corroborations, verifiable proof that Meier documented things 30/40/50 Years before their discovery......and you think the man would make the dumbest of mistakes like that??

think about it!! just for once just think about it. the man knew of the faked moon landings a decade before they occurred....DOCUMENTED....he knew of all the coming wars and who would start them and why, he knew of the climatic catastrophes hitting in the new millennium aswell as a plethora of other prophetically accurate information..... and you think in the late 70's he would create a blatant foolish lie as photographing a model spacecraft stuck in a model tree??

what kind of moron would think a man like that would go and make foolish model footage to fool people to gain attention. DID HE NOT ALREADY GIVE THE GREATEST PROPHETIC WARNINGS THAT NO OTHER HAS GIVEN BEFORE OTHER THAN THE OTHER PROPHETS TEACHINGS THAT HE HAS BROUGHT FORTH???

Your logic is shocking. it is desperate and holds zero credibility. you have held no regard for the entire thing and situate yourself around holding dear onto these few photos, and even then all you rely on is your adamant assertions of being "obviously" fake without giving a single shred of evidence to that assumption.

You ignore the facts and focus on the fantasy beliefs that you repeat like a hamster in a wheel. you have nothing but assumption and think this gives you credit. it is nothing more than ignorance playing out the disguise of arrogance and egoism. you have nothing, you only see what you want to see, you do not inspect what the photographs show you, nor do you have the slightest ability to exercise logic to establish a shred of common sense when looking at all the photos aswell as all the work. you have intentionally chosen to ignore the majority and settle for the minority, and think that it gives you the truth.
you ask me to post the photos that have been ignored. how utterly ignorant. the fact you don't know where they reside just proves further that you are just another one of the google youtube dwellers who judge your claims on another persons pathetic assertions!!

there is material available that didn't come from these thieves and the deserters who took Meier for a ride and conned him, and they include randolph winters, george green, lee elders and many others...including the thief Alex collier who has had 3 court cases won against him for stealing Meiers work. others like adamski, also stealing meiers work.

yet they cannot even match the accuracy and quantity, nor the documented archived work of Meier that puts the shivers up you deviant defamatory nuisances!!

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

i shall give you the latest corroboration by Meier, something no one could even think of just inventing from nothing for the sake of "attention" or "fame"

NASA Study Shows that Space Travel is Harmful to the Brain
December 31, 2012

Contact Report 150, 1981

Billy: …But say again, you told me at that time, during my great journey, about a serious illness that should be revealed in connection with space flight. You then said something about the fact that the people of the Earth would, very soon through their space flight experiments, find out that they could not pursue this primitive kind of space flight that is pursued by them without taking severe damage. If I remember correctly, you then told me that through this primitive earthly kind of space flight, the danger of an incurable illness exists for the would-be astronauts and that all those who had flown in space capsules over the Earth’s ozone layer were already infected. You then explained that something will happen with the brains of these people.


274. That is correct because at that time, we explained to you the dangers of space flight because the conquering of interstellar space isn’t so simple, like the Earth people imagine.

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris


What, he made this up aswell did he??? 30 years before any kind of published article is released by NASA??

Shall i give you the other 80 some corroborations that just keep on stacking up??

of course you don't want to see this do you. all you want to excite yourself and your stupidity with are the few photos at the top of the hoaxers list and even then you don't have a single shred of evidence to prove your claims.

Billy Meier has spent 60+ years providing masses of verifiable material as proof of his genuineness....and you are the ones trying to call him a hoax?? how is it that you all try try and try but do not succeed because you cannot and will not get past those photos!!

30 to 40 year old photos and film can be debunked to some extent by anyone in today's era with todays technological advances, but what they cannot do is debunk the written work...the PRIME REASON WHY YOU ALL STEER CLEAR OF IT!!!

This has nothing to do with being brainwashed, this has everything to do with absolute ignorance trying to denounce people who they think are more ignorant than they are!!! yet resort the very methods of a very ignorant person because they exercise their ignorance with a serious lack of knowledge because of the fear they might just find the truth in Meier after all!!!

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posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by adamneilwillis

Come on! The photos are obvious fakes. You say the wedding
cake photo is genuine because of the reflections? Rubbish! And This
has been proven many times. As for the traah can lid, it is a perfect
copy, you cant deny that!

And it has been proved that none of the trees ever existed. Why? Because
they were models.

Please, pist just photo that you believe has not been debunked or not replicated.
Just one?

Meier is a hoaxer. He is a cult leader. And yes, his
followers are completly brainwashed.

So, one step at a time. Post some photos, or at least a link to these
"amazing" photos

posted on Jan, 2 2013 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

Once again, ignore everything else and focus on the "obvious" fake remark. You literally have nothing else but your lonely remark of obvious fake to say, because you cannot provide a single shred of evidence to them being fake. you call the reflection difference rubbish?? how ironic. anything that deals with reality and evidence doesn't seem to register with you people because you don't have any.

You literally have nowhere to go but to just assert a hoax because of your complete lack of insight and refusal in an actual established investigation into 100% of all the material...but, as per usual you avoid such a thing at all costs because your stupidity only resides in your addiction to front what your persona can argue with because to go through the entire lot would take years, and it is guaranteed that because it is so utterly complex and advanced, it would take approx 20 years to fully learn everything and grasp it by a small percent......this is why so many who read too much, begin to repel it because their undeveloped conscious intellect cannot handle it and because it is all based on un-hindered truth, it tears a hole in the material reality people are programmed into and begins to actually think and notice things never before realized, seen, experienced or sensed before. yet you remain like the negative side of a magnet....repelling. and you do so with what?? a handful of 30 year old photos some of which aren't even Meiers, which he has openly explained and given over the true photos but still you morons poach the man with the photos put out as the alleged hoax photos. You are literally the advocates of your own lies and own deception and you don't even care, the one who avoids the whole truth settles for the lie, and then tries to make accusations of lies with lies. Doesn't that sum you fools up quite nicely!!
You do not possess an ounce of decency or integrity to ever call anyone a hoaxer who possess the greatest quantity of material than anyone before, giving all mankind the most intelligent wisdom out of any human being on Earth. because all you do it with is a small handful of photos and your own self privileged ignorance parading it like some trophy of excellence!! please, if mediocrity were a prize you fools would be collecting up every week.
Like i said, go to any sound Human being and try to convince them that Meier is a fraud and a hoaxer based on your small selection of photos, trying to tell them they are obvious fakes without EVER having the proof to back up those claims. Then those well informed of the entire thing, can give people the wealth of information that you don't even know exists.

You call it a religion, a cult or whatever else. the fact do not even have in your possession the facts to even begin to judge it as such, it is based on your sick twisted psychopathic delusions and poor judgement in paranoia, fear and unintelligence. Your fear overwhelms your rationality and that is why you cling on to the photos for dear life because it is the only thing you can front. Yet, the difference in the photos and those from the mode makers etc, is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Your frail attempts at trying to convince yourself and others that they are hard to tell apart, is somewhat desperate and quite pathetic. If your eye cannot tell the difference between the engineering excellence clearly visible in those photos compared to the two bit models by joe bloggs & Co, then it is you who is supremely stupid and very daft!!

Like is aid before. you see what you want to see. you believe what you allow your small mind to process and believe. Yet the whole truth is at every human beings fingertips, available for all to read to know for sure of its truth...yet you failures remove yourself from it because you are petrified of the implications it'll have on not only your responsibilities in life, but your reputation and your daft bloody beliefs that are so out of touch with reality that you wouldn't know truth if it it slapped you round the face.

Your argument is based on personal opinion, that is your given right, but everything is based on zero proof or evidence therefore opinion is void...and this is why you try to fight your corner with a assertions that you cannot prove, you fear to venture anywhere near the written work, you dismiss the facts and the verifiable corroborated truth...and you dismiss all real life validity to Meier's genuineness.....

yet no doubt you will still try desperately to hold on with the skin of your teeth, and still fail at bringing anything substantial other than everything you see is "obviously" fake. if everything was obvious without ant truth of evidence, then life would be very dull wouldn't.....but that explains the difference between you lot and us. you dismiss our long term learning & settle for the easy crap!

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posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by adamneilwillis

You are insulting, ignorant, and arragont. You cant debate with people like you, you just cant. Like i said, i have been into the ufo subject for over 20 years. I am betting you know little about the subject, but cling on to rubbish like the meier case.

Did you read what i said? One step at a time, and as you believe the meier photos and footage are real, lets debate them first. So please, post some photos that you think are genuine?

Oh, do you believe that the Pleiadians made the tree's vanish, out of time, so they say. You really believe that. And do you believe that the people who had the farm house, had their minds erased to the fact that a tree existed on their farm lol

Its clear that meier hoaxed his photos, and every time he gets caught out, he makes stupid explanations, and the sad thing is, his followers buy it every time.

So, lets start with the photos!

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

Now that we have an understanding, we can indeed, begin to look without speculation. if you don't like the assertions of yourself that are unsubstantiated, then don't call me names or any one else invested in the entire Meier thing under inferior motive aswell as denouncing something that is way over your head in terms of evidence toward the genuineness of Meier!! are we clear on that??

good. that does not remove the fact that your categorized stereotyping is still accurate like every other who chooses to dismiss rather than truly seek & acknowledge with logic and the presentable facts.

So. i will begin by giving you well known names of the past decade who have made it their ambition to call Meier a hoaxer and a liar.

Those names are

Kal Korff
Derek Bartholomaus
James Randi
Tom Quinn.

first of all, Kal Korff spent an amazing amount of time doing everything in his power to prove Meier to be a hoax. year after year he brought his accusations and theories to the table, and each time he failed miserably proving time and time again, both on his website and youtube, that he was not the full ticket. in the end he resorted to copying Meiers work and saying things that were not even in the books, publishing's & documents, he would resort to altering it to include his own fabricated nonsense, and then released it under Meiers name. he did this numerous times, until he was sued for defamation and fraud. more than once!! not for monetary gain, but prohibition of using Meiers copyrighted material.
Year after year the guy relentlessly tried to defame Meier, with an amazing amount of lies and false stories and claims. The guy tried to convince people he was a high ranking general, was also some high up executive and many other versions of himself even dressing up as them for youtube. all found to be utter nonsense and invented lies. In the end after his wick was finally burnt out, having literally destroyed his mental state to insanity and psychopathy, he put on his website "death threats" toward Meier and Michael horn...which he was arrested for & his sight was removed!! He has not been heard of for a long time!!

the others, have also spent a lot of time trying to debunk Meier, issuing documented papers and film, aswell as speaking on youtube etc, denouncing meiers photos and film as hoaxes.


Derek Bartholomaus after years of close analytical study with profession examiners & professionals of various fields, proved to him the legitimacy of the structures in the photos, & now he ENDORSES Meier & is promoting the Billy Meier as real. Just as Jim Deardoff did....because these people not only inspected all the photographic and film material, they studied the written work also.

The others, literally fell to pieces & crumbled, at the overwhelming facts, corroborations & undeniable documented publishing's by Meier that proved he was correct on every occasion, and their so called research to debunk Meier, was all a load of gibberish and not even substantiated with providable proof.

With literally every single jumping hoax caller, they cannot even begin to take on the mountainous proof of Meiers work....and this is why they sit on the same handful of photos that not even they can prove as false. the obvious fakes that have already been proven to be fakes, are the ones that were never the property of Meier and never shot by Meier ever!!

Now real scientists such as Bartholomaus, have all branded Meiers prophetic information, such as the 1987 contact report regarding the Russian troop movements to Arkhangelsk as "amazing and astonishing"....these are the people who haven't just use blind assumption to assume that this is all "obviously" fake and a hoax, but are long term investigators who once thought of it all as utter nonsense, now endorse Meiers genuineness after finding no foul play, prophetic information to be incredibly accurate that all scientists, astronomers etc are taking note of these publishing's, as they did with the discovery of Apophis, which Meier published decades before!!

You call things by blind judgement, then tell the ones invested in it, brainwashed, cult believers etc.....and then try and denounce the facts like they are not even there??

if i were you, i would look at your motives and re-evaluate, because to never search for the full truth, leaves you lacking anything at all.

research all of it or as much as the scientists etc are and then make your judgement. bare in mind that some of the so called brightest academics, have failed massively.

the only thing, that any of us say to any of you is. if you can prove ANY of it is false and a hoax, then we'll drop the whole thing

posted on Jan, 3 2013 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by Jay-morris

one more thing, religious people can believe in a god, jesus, allah etc all their lives, without seeing a single thing, without even knowing if any of their beliefs etc had a grain of truth to them aswell as absolutely no explanations from anyone on any inch of this Earth.

so your 20 years of a ufo researcher means nothing when you are set by mediocrity and yet to even delve into the biggest most qualified case that has ever existed aswell as written work that surpasses even the brightest scholar of any time since the prophets and before!! this not only includes extra terrestrial details, but every genre of Earthly science and nature aswell as planetary, solar, galactic and universal aswell as the wealth of spiritual teachings. it is interesting to me what it is that you are so afraid of, that you would brush off the facts, like the earlier corroboration i gave you. it just went over your head because you simply cannot begin to explain it...or is it that you simply, wont!!

You think 20 years of looking at government made ships and false "close enounter" type images and cgi ships, haarp images, aswell as other tiny ufo's in the sky as being anywhere close to the amount of information Meier and the Plejaran have brought forth??

it just eats your whole mental process of rationality to even begin to contemplate the validity of the whole entire thing, aswell as its sheer monstrous quantity!!

if it is too big for you my friend, then simply resort to the MUFON stories of silly tales of abduction and lights in the dark....and have a coke and a smile!!

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