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Mother Earth and Her Children

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 05:09 PM
This will be my last topic as I get to easily persuaded by other's views and can't present my own without bias like a few previous topics. After this, I feel it's my time to leave this forum and get back in touch with Mother.

The conspiracies today revolve around how we'll be used as slaves come 2012, reptilians are going to eat us, etc. It's all a big sham from the littlest one to the biggest one. Lots have 'idolized' the reptilians from our reptilian (animalistic) side of our brain into figures that we can blame problems on. Just like how some continue to do with satan (the ego). Our animalistic instinct is strong still, filled with lust and greed, suffering and pain. Technology may distort the usual scavenging for food like lions, but it's still there. TPTB knew how to woo everyone from the office worker to the conspiracy theorist, building up cities that represent masonic symbols knowing others would see them for it is and not see anything at all as well. The coming options are nearly here.

There's going to be some promising amazing things on other planets. They'll woo us with magic, beuty and the like. But actual teachers and helpers want us to learn OURSELVES and would not give that to us so freely. I just ask that all who see this take a second look at beings wanting to 'help' us. We don't need help. We just need to see that at this point in time, we have the option to no longer be animals, but spiritual beings. THAT is the truth I told and will take to the grave. Sad to say, but ones who are wooed will find sour endings when the 'tops' take away the woo and show themselves for who they are, slightly advanced animals that haven't changed a bit.

Nature is the key. There's a reason why Earth's heartbeat is played on the space station. It's to keep them sane.

The cages under the Denver airport are there to scare people 'in the know' to heading off the planet to not be 'enslaved' The underground bunkers will collapse into themselves. The whole planet's going to go into an upheaval.

I believe George Kavassilas had it right *in a way* but he saw the reptilians 'physically' when in fact they represent the animalistic side of our brain! All conspiracies from Orion reptilians moving the planet to benevolents coming to save us is to distract everyone. Even the very conspiracy theorists. Actual benevolents would not hand you everything and anything on a plate, they'd get you, yourself to work for it.

That is the sole reason why lots of Aboriginals seem to be so caught up into drinking and drugs. Because the 'elite' dumbed them down and just pretty much defiled the whole culture. But their time is coming soon again to help the world.

This will be laughed and scoffed at but it's needed to get out there. Every little conspiracy has been formed to just try and divert everyone's attention from the real in any way possible, even by fear, hate, lust and love. I can't say if this is all planned from the get-go or not but this is going down. NASA released an article about solar storms getting worse and soon to be the norm. I have not a clue how these ships will appear, either by our own doing with the secret technology being 'revealed' to the public at the last second or if some other race seemingly benevolent is going to spring into action, but it's all a joke.

Planet Earth is your mother! From humans to starchilren, it is all our mother at this very moment and so many want to get off here and run to safety! Why? Would you abandon your wife through pregnancy because of promises of greater good and light? The earth is going through massive change and every one of you is most important to helping her along. We are children of the Earth, not of Mars or wherever they decide to head with their ships.

The only closest thing I can provide to proof is the actual book of this that was made for this sole benefit. 'Earth Mother -- Our Womb of Life and the Coming New Heaven' It's not mine but I linked it just to give a better idea, although it won't help much. The 'elites' aren't going to stay here. They''ve delved to far into their animal side, devolving pretty much into mindless fiends of lust and power.

We are now spiritual beings. We have been for awhile. It's the two paths, ying and yang, duality. Spiritual or animal. Everything is nearly perverted today because of the animalistic instincts. From christianity to music to the religions of the world amongst everything else. It's because we humans did just that. There's no big bad. In the 30's everything was blamed on the devil (ego). Now everything is blamed on reptilians (animal side of the brain). If you look at the events of the world in just that way, it'd make sense. We see what the 'elite' are doing, they see another way they're doing it, but the whole picture is both sides still as animals, savage, ruthless, lusting. There's no good or bad in this world, there just is. You don't blame animals for what they are do you? They just are, like we humans are. But the growing pains of us being spiritual beings is immense and it's coming to fruitation. This here is the final path to choose from. Spiritual being or continue on being an animal, fighting with fellow man, trying to be above fellow man to be top dog, lusting.

Last of what I have to add. Some of it might be mumbo jumbo but what was typed is what was needed to type. G'day and hopefully see plenty of you on the other side, transformed with our mother.

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 05:29 PM
You couldn't drag me off this earth.......I'm staying, body or spirit, I'll be here.......Good Post......


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