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I found another explanation what could be happening here...

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posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by SystemResistor

Very nicely said. Hopefully one day it'll come true for all of us.

posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 11:56 PM
Hey nice post, good to see someone actually making a positive post about 2012 instead of the "Omg Nibiru is gonna kill us all!!". It was an interesting read, the idea that we are actually headed for something amazing and wonderful sounds a lot more attractive than "2012 doomsday". I'll read the ebook once i get some free time.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:03 AM
I know this thread is old but I've only just discovered it and I think I have something valuable to add. I first heard the story presented in this book 30 years ago when I was living in Hong Kong (long before the book was published). It's a fabulous explanation of life and evolution, beginning and ending with our wonderful Earth. It says there is rational reason for faith in the Earth and in Nature, that we are part of something greater, part of a biological system of development. We can't see it because we're in it - can't see the forest for the trees.

In 1953 Crick and Watson unravelled the double helix structure of DNA, before then we did not know the molecular world existed. We thought that Nature with all of its interconnected and inter-dependant biological systems, existed only at a planetary level - what we could see all around us. A hundred years ago we thought the cell was just a few chemicals in jelly. But from the mid-50s until now we've uncovered an incredible world of complexity, and yet at its heart, DNA, the code of life, is really just a simple zipper. To replicate the cell is simply a matter of unzipping the strand of DNA and zipping in new information. A zipper - so simple and so brilliant.

What this explanation proposes is that our solar system works in the same way - incredible complexity from a very simple construct. In this case it is not a zipper but a game of jacks.

First is understanding the notion that the cosmos makes sense. We presently look at the universe the way we used to look at the cell - there's nothing there. I mean there are lots of rocks out in space, fabulous rocks forming beautiful patterns, but that's all. The only life we see is here on Earth, at least the only life we can invite over for dinner. And because we don't see anything - we say there is nothing there. But as we uncover more of the universe we see an incredible grid system of galaxy clusters - hence the proposition of dark matter and dark energy.

What this explanation proposes is that the complexity we see at a planetary level and at a molecular level also exists at a cosmic level. And what I hope to do is to pull back the curtain and show you the workings of the machine - in exactly the same way as Crick and Watson showed us the structure of DNA.

This explanation is meant to accompany the book, Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven. The book is beautifully written - lyrical, spiritual and holy. I highly recommend you read it. But I cannot write like that. My contribution is the physics - how the system works.

So let's get started.

The process of how a solar system forms is well described in the book. A sun explodes (Supernova) and material is hurled into space creating a Nebula. A powerful vortex forms at the centre of the nebula pulling back some of the material to form a new smaller sun. Planets form by rolling ejecta in packed hard ice. The planets circle the sun and the nebula is transformed into a solar system.
At the centre of each planet a core forms through the process of differentiation. Differentiation means that if I have a bucket of mixed materials - rocks, pebbles and sand - and I shake the bucket, the heavier materials (rocks) will sink to the bottom of the bucket and the lighter materials (sand) will rise to the top. So a core forms at the centre of each planet made up of iron and other heavy metals.

So far everything I have said is known - science already believes this is how a solar system and the planets within it form. But what I'm going to say next is not known. Or rather it is known - it was first discovered in 1998. But it seems so unusual that it is not believed. What is it?

The core at the centre of each planet rotates in the opposite direction to the mantle creating heat and energy through friction. So there is a dynamo beneath our feet, an iron ball the size of the moon spinning in the opposite direction to the planet, like an engine, a motor creating vast amounts of heat and energy. We know the core of the Earth is the same temperature as the surface of the sun - but science does not know what is generating the vast amount of heat. It was once thought the heat was left over from when the planet first formed, but that does not explain the consistent temperature nor does it explain why the core seems to be getting hotter! Now the heat is explained as being the result of radioactive decay but once again, that does not explain the constancy and consistency of heat around the planet - at depths of four feet the ground has a consistent temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A mechanism is required that can explain the consistency of heat and energy - a opposing rotating core does just that. Once again it was discovered by researchers at Oxford University,, but it was thought to be an anomaly in the data.

I will continue in another post (I'm out of word space).
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 05:56 AM
I am very willing to provide more explanation and evidence if anyone cares to hear. In these 2 posts I am just trying to present an overview.

The energy rises from the opposing rotation of the core below and is magnetically attracted to the sun. The energy rises through us, through all biology on Earth and points us toward the sun. This is the energy that makes our hearts beat and seeds grow. The ghost in the machine - the life force of the planet.

We have recorded internal energy sources on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto - as well as the Earth. But in each case we do not know what causes this internal energy source. Recently we have recorded a sharp increase in energy activity on all the planets (increase in the number and severity of storms, polar ice caps vaporising and increased brightness of the planets). Each of the planets is experiencing global warming just like us on Earth. Why? Because the core of each planet is continuing to grow through the process of differentiation (heavier elements fall toward the centre and lighter materials rise). Very soon the cores of each planet (including ours) will become too large and heavy for the planet to contain and it will be ejected to become a moon. This is a natural and re-occurring phenomenon in Nature - as first explained it is the life cycle of the solar system.

So the core is ejected the planet collapses in on itself, burying and reshaping surface features. This is why we have to dig down to find our ancestral past. The planet is now lighter in mass and it is gravitationally pulled one orbit closer to the sun. Once again a core forms in the centre of each planet and rotates in the opposite direction to the mantle creating heat and energy through friction. Life begins again. As the planets move closer to the sun more heat and energy is provided and life becomes more evolved. This explains the dramatic jumps of improvement in our fossil record - the most commonly known one is the jump from dinosaur to mammal - but there has been 6 dramatic evolutionary jumps in our fossil record.

The process, named in the book as the Sacred Path of Migration, consists of two halves:
1. The planets eject (birth) their cores and shift one orbit closer to the sun; and
2. The planets in the first two orbits presently occupied by Venus and Mercury enter into the sun to provide fuel for the sun.
(Mercury is really a moon and Venus a planet - and I am willing to explain the process, if asked, but the book provides a wonderful explanation.)

At the beginning of these posts I stated that the solar system was like a game of jacks. What I mean is that at the beginning (supernova) everything is tossed out and one by one the planets are pulled back into the sun. When all the planets have returned to the sun, the sun explodes again as a supernova and the process begins again. In this way the solar system creates and consumes itself in an infinite pattern of renewal. The ancient symbol of the snake consuming its own tail is meant to represent this process.

By the time we reach Venus we are evolutionarily complete. Our Mother Earth has developed (evolved) us from our raw material to our completed forms. Our next evolutionary leap will be like the leap we made from primitive man to modern man - or perhaps greater. For we will become our perfected forms - no longer tied to our Mother, we will be ready to leave our planetary womb and participate in the wider life of the solar system, the universe. We are nearing that point now and all we need to do is to sit tight, have faith and stay with the Earth.

The book says that as we near our final shift, we will faced with predators who will try to entice us away from our completion with the trap of time travel. They want us for our blood and organs and because the world will seem unstable and their technology so tempting, many of us will leave. To leave means that we will abort ourselves just when our Earth, our Mother finally is ready to deliver us as completed beings. Please read the book for a proper description.

I know it sounds crazy but I have no problem with it - if it's true the we have been forewarned - stay with the Earth, in the Time frame ordained by God, the only Time frame structure we know and have ever known. Like a caterpillar has no idea of the butterfly it is meant to become, so too we do not know of the 'angels' we are meant to become.

Everything we have is provided by the Earth, we are here because of Her/Him. The Earth as the female aspect provides for our every material need - food, shelter and medicine. The Core is the male aspect for it is our life force, the energy that animates the biology of the Earth. The male and female aspects act together to create life on Earth.

I've written a lot of words - and it is the first time I have explained in this depth what I learned so many years ago . I hope what I've said makes sense and I am very willing to explain anything further.

So what do you think?

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 02:55 PM

Oh and if you were one of the people that thought Darwin was correct, sorry if I ruined your bubble.

You don't "ruin" bubbles, you "burst" them. How would you ruin a bubble? What would a ruined bubble look like? The reason that it IS a bubble, simply means that it's transparent, it's weak, it's easy to burst and that it's an illusion - you are simply breaking someone's illusions, which are like soap bubbles - they look pretty, but they are basically empty and vulnerable things that don't last long.

Hence the saying "sorry to burst your bubble". Bubbles are not meant to exist for long, that's why you can't really "ruin" them. There are no 'good' bubbles and 'bad' bubbles - just bubbles, that will be burst by reality. It's a metaphor for illusion being shattered, so truth can replace it.

As for the main point - Darwin was wrong. He made assumptions, that are not backed up by evidence. He saw microevolution in the Galapagos Islands, and only ASSUMED that given enough time, macroevolution would also be possible. It's logical, but it isn't supported by facts - macroevolution doesn't happen. Fins can evolve into more efficient fins, lungs can evolve into larger and better lungs, but lungs don't turn into gills, fins don't turn into paws or hands, and so on.

Evolution is all about improving already existing model, not about transmogrifying it into another one. Ape cannot turn into a human being any more than a human being can turn into a fax machine. Lower humans did once 'mix' with the big animals, long ago in the history (women love their alpha males, and a huge gorilla is way more alpha than a tiny, hairless nerdling human - and it's the women who choose the mates, so..), which is why and how the 'primate' animals were born. But animals are animals - that's why apes will never speak (apart from primitive sign language).

More about the animal souls and differences between them and human souls in another thread (I think it specifically asks about animal souls, should be easy to find, I reckon').

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by sylvie

Just because it is published means nothing. Lots of hoaxes are published.

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