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Looking for insight and good ideas that will help bring a new balance.

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 12:57 PM
Hello all,

I have been reading threads here for a long time and have created a profile so that I can become part of the conversation. I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone who has taken the time to become a part of this forum, as it is a blessing to myself and so many others to find a place with common concerns and individual input.

One thing that I have noticed a lot here is that, as in in life, we spend a lot of time talking about surface problems and issues. I would like to start a conversation about some of the things that got us here in the first place and some things that might help deliver us into a more naturally balanced world.

I would like to discuss some simple cures and answers so that we can look to the future with at least a little bit of faith that our efforts will not be in vain. I would also like to explore some ideas about how we got ourselves here in the first place. As they say "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." It is not my intention to discuss blame, although the idea that positive intentions often create negative results is an interesting subject to myself.

I would like to think that when I imagine how it will be for our children I can have a little faith that what I imagine will come to place so that my actions may have good effect.

I believe that the answers to the biggest problems will come simply if one doesn't get caught up struggling with the immediate circumstances. One has to just look at the initial causes that brought imbalance and try to rectify them.

With this idea in mind, I would like to begin by discussing the issues that our country is facing right now with all of these spending cutbacks. Everyone that I know is extremely aware that we as a country are running out of money to support our current way of life. It comes to mind to myself, over and over that no one is addressing, talking about or comparing ideas about how the balance became overturned as directly related to how we are trying to bring the balance back.

In other words...

How did overspending in schools, unions, public employees, women's rights, immigrants, the environment, health care, voting rights, food safety, pensions, prenatal care, science, public broadcasting and many other things of this nature come to create the current financial crisis that we find ourselves in today.

These are some of the things that I see people fighting about today and I am at a loss as to why we are even discussing them. If anyone out there has any thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Thank you,

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