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An interesting view regarding Sex and God

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 12:43 PM
I thought these articles had a very interesting take on the rather taboo subject of sex and God

Sex and the afterlife

For millennia, we have been *instilled* with the 'religious' idea of what sex is about. If we recall, as far as the Catholic church is concerned (where ALL Westernised religion originated from), sex exists for one reason only - which is, to bear children and that sex, for any other reason was an out and out 'sin'. I say to you now that, had it not been for the church and it's interference with our sex lives then, I promise you, the three P's - 'Pornography' - 'Paedophilia' - and 'Prostitution' wouldn't exist. What the church (any church incidentally) do by threatening us all with eternal damnation through our supposed 'illicit' sexual activity is akin to placing your thumb over the top of a fiercely spouting tap and expecting to control the spray! It was ridiculous then and it still is.

Sex and the afterlife part 2

As if Catholicism - and related 'closed-minded' religions, didn't do enough damage on their own, through and because of them, so-called 'new age' religions have sprouted or that many old ones have been reinvented. (I say 'reinvented' because present day 'ideas' and misinterpretations of what 'old religions' actually were have been adapted to fall in with common, everyday, 'ideas' and 'beliefs' of what sex means today and not then. For example, the sole heart of the Wiccan 'way' (not 'religion') for Britain in it's day was solely based on sex AND Nature and not just Nature alone. Sex was *holy* back then and not the 'filthy thing' it is today, as it remains, even in so-called 'new' religions. To the Wiccans of that day, both sex and Nature were one and the same thing and that it was not unusual at all to find couples - together - making love under a tree as you rode past on a sunny afternoon. I mean it! It was considered to be *nothing* then for sex was an act of *celebration* and NOT an *aberration* that it is with us today. With our 'public indecency laws' and 'morals' (invented by someone ELSE and not you or I - often so criminal in themselves - this is an inconceivable thought today isn't it?! ). And so, instead of becoming a new hope for mankind in that, along with our returning to our original path before we were overcome with Rome's might; instead of being *different* and not so guilt-ridden themselves, they too have followed suit to compound this same shame and guilt that we already have! So, we have got to ask ourselves, 'what's the point in that!?' Why pretend that we don't 'believe' in this or that established 'religion' and yet, practice the same ideology under a different name? Pointless.

If you found any of that interesting than you should read the links to the whole story. What do you guys think?

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by strawberry91

Very interesting indeed. Although the same principals can apply if the war on drugs never existed at all. Seems to me like the more restrictions we have, the more likely we are to break the rules and go further from that. I have to admit though, some people would still like to keep that porn but the rest can go, lol. $&F for interesting topic.

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 01:55 PM
I dont know about the three P's not existing. I think they might exist more so, but be defined and seen as completley different concepts. There would be a big billboard in times square of a naked woman but we would think much differently of it than it being pornography even though it would be pornography still.

Before christianity pedophilism was huge. Classical greek society was all about pedophilism as teaching was done by an older man taking on a young boy to bring him up as strong and educated. These relationships were where love was put. Men did not love their wifes as love was not meant for women it was for between men. Men took on young boys and they had all kinds of sex, it was huge in their culture and wasnt seen as wrong. These young boys would grow up and then take on a boy themselves and a man typically would raise two boys in his career all while having a wife. Homosexuality was mainstream back then, if you look into Homer's Iliad or Hesiod's Theogeny or Void's Metamorphoses you will read all about the gay relationships that zeus (setting an example for men btw), heracles and other names youd recognize. There was not a straight man in classical greece. That is why it sucked so hard for the director of Alexander to go for accuracy and include the relationship he had as the media of today was like whoa collin ferall you broke back mountaineer.
Prostitution was also huge as women were more so seen as for lust and children.

I use this greek example to show that these things still exist outside the existance of christianity but they are defined entirely different.

Anyways good post though, some good material to digest
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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 07:30 PM
Could Satan and his clan have played around with this DNA people making thing, maybe this is where those giants came from? Just a crazy thought.

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