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Kabbalah, the White House and Uncle Sam

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 11:19 AM
There are many elements in american culture, society and history that are directly relevant and probably derived from the Kabbalah.

The most obvious example is the very name white house.

In Genesis, the uncle of Jacob "lavan" is noted for being a crook and deciever. "10 times" jacob says he changed his wages. This character Lavan is meant to be an archetype of the swindler and miscreant; someone who is constantly scheming and looking for ways to take advantage, no matter how convoluted. When Jacob leaves his home because of his conflict with Esau, hes told to stay at "beit lavan" - the house of lavan. Interestingly enough, Lavan means white, therefore, beit lavan is "whte house".

In the Zohar theres a passage that talks about the 1600 forces under the angel ketzef'el, which is the angel of anger. When one gets angry, these 1600 forces are said to enter one and take control of his power of judgement. The location of 'beit lavan', the white house, is at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.

The specific name for the angel of destruction in Kabbalah is Sama'el, or "sam", or UNCLE SAM (as in Jacobs uncle)...

Seems like the name white house, its address, and the popular american symbol of uncle sam are all references to demonic forces in creation.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by dontreally

Some 10 years ago, I determined that the Bible was actually allegory and since then I have been working on deciphering this allegory. Because most of my research was concentrated in the 1st Century, I did not get around to examining Kabbalah until about 3 years ago. To my surprise, the allegoric rules that I had discerned in my own investigation were openly described by Kabbalists, but since Kabbalists don’t place their admissions in the proper context, nobody seems to realize what they are really talking about.

Very early on in my study of Biblical allegory, I also was drawn to the “white” Laban and I have considered the possibility that the “White House“ held some intentional hidden meaning. However, I would prefer to find some form of confirmation, before I would argue that this is true. Right now it is only a suspicion. Confirmation of any metaphoric intent would be found in other allegoric writings.

In order to determine the intent of the “white” metaphor, I examine it wherever it appears. When I discern a pattern as to how it is employed, I can then begin to perceive its true meaning. Did you by any chance also notice that the name “Hiram”, which has been closely associated with the allegory of the Freemasons, can also be understood to mean “whiteness”. (Hiram is actually said to mean “high-born” but the name is also supposedly a variation of the name Hirum which means “whiteness”. Based on this association, the idea of “high-born“ is also metaphorically equivalent to “white“.) Furthermore, did you note that the name “Zohar” also means “whiteness”. From my numerous observations, I have determined that “white” refers to the “cover” under which the truth is hidden.

From what I have seen, virtually every symbol or metaphor that we use to describe ourselves have hidden meanings that are known by only a small elite. Even this web site which is claims to be devoted to exposing secrets has a name that suggests that it does the exact opposite. Real secrets are not “top”, they are on the “bottom” or the “below“. Top secrets would just serve as “cover” and to be “above“ them would imply that this site is protecting and promoting the false secrets that serve as cover. I am not suggesting this hidden meaning was intentional, but I do believe that many of the conspiracies discussed on this site do serve a cover for other conspiracies. For example, I have never seen anyone suggest that JFK was assassinated because he bugged the wrong office and instead everyone concentrates their attention on the Mafia or the Communists. By the way, do you know where the “Camelot” metaphor assigned to the Kennedy Administration came from? Only a week after JFK was killed, Jacqueline Kennedy supposedly invited Theodore White to interview her. I suspect that Mr. White was selected to transmit the Camelot metaphor largely because he just happened to have the correct name.

It is really amazing that more people don't see these Kabbalistic connections. I hope you keep looking.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 09:17 PM
reply to post by swordwords

When I discern a pattern as to how it is employed, I can then begin to perceive its true meaning.

The inner teachings of Torah, the Tanakh are only passed down orally. The kabbalistic texts only provide the rules of how to interpret, and even than one without a thorough knowledge of Hebrew and its grammar will not get very far with his understanding. So, no one can reasonably believe he understands the bible without having knowledge of Hebrew and a thorough understanding of salient texts, like Zohar and Etz Chaim.

Heres an example of what i mean. You must know that the Torah was passed down only with letters. One cannot understand the Torah when all thats given is the basic consonants (Hebrew letters are just sounds, not vowels), therefore, one cannot understand the code of Torah without vowels, which of course was not placed in the Torah scrolls.

Heres the possible translations of the first verse of the Torah.

The typical version if

"In the Beginning, G-d created the Heaven and the Earth"

But since vowels arent in the text, it can ALSO be read as "In the Beginning of G-ds creating the sign of heaven and the sign of earth"

another example is "thus the heavens and the earth were finished" which can be rendered (with the appropriate vowel insertions) "thus the heavens and the earth were destroyed"

One may imagine a word in english spelled without vowels like B-R-D which could be made into Bard, Bared, Bird, Braid, Brood, Broad, Board, Bread, Beard, Breed etc.

This is what its like trying to understand the Torah without its code, ie; its vowels which were deliberately kept out of the text to limit its translation and make it virtually unintelligible to the uninitiated. It has many possible translations. In addition to that, only the greatest Torah sages understand the subtlties that each Hebrew word conveys. Words, unlike in English, do not have a fixed single definition. The Root Kaf, Dalet Resh, can mean "holiness", while in other contexts means the exact opposite, "prostitution". The core idea the kabbalists explain is "to be separate".

As far as Lavan, what i bring up in this post is something already fully know by the kabbalists and Rabbis of today. Where do you think i picked it up? Lavan is an archetype of deception, and thus Jacobs first challenge after leaving home (an apt symbol for the outside world). Lavan, which means white, refers to the arrogant egotist who thinks everything he says is true, and without fault. This type of person never admits mistakes and never shows regret. A common idiom in the Torah for arrogance is the "cedars of Lebanon" Arazim Levanon". I can promise you that the name white house is an obvious reference to the Kabbalistic concept in the Hebrew Bible. It has cosmic meaning because every character and situation in the Torah refers to some aspect or condition in reality.

The bible is a source that contantly yields meaning, is always used by the elite. Look at the seal of the US dollar for another reference. Notice how there are 13 arrows, stars etc. 13 in Hebrew is Echad - one. Now, people will say that 13 was in reference to the 13 states, and i will say yes it does appear that way. But, to these elite initiated into the mystic dimensions of things, decided to establish their new nation with 13 states. It could have been more, or less, but nothing but 13 would have sufficed. 13 is 'one' and the new nation had to be at one. Ezra Stiles, among many other early american academics were very fond of Hebrew and its study and even tried to have it formalized as a basic requirement at Harvard and Yale (aswell as the college of william and mary). William Bradfords tombstone reads "YHVH Ezri" The lord is my helper" and he considered knowing Hebrew as a means to speak the language of the angels in the next life as very important.

Yale, the most prominent of american universities of course has a Hebrew motto, "urim w'tummim " Lights and completions, a reference to Aarons breastplate, the Choshen, which lights up when certain meditations are performed. It is an abstract concept, and not many people can really say exactly what it is, but nonethless, Yale took this arcane concept and made it its official motto.


Means light, or a brightness.

And as for Chiram, you could also include the word "Cherem", which is the root of Chiram, which means "proscribed" or "deluded" and also to the house where a kings concubines stay, a "herem".

Real secrets are not “top”, they are on the “bottom” or the “below“. Top secrets would just serve as “cover” and to be “above“ them would imply that this site is protecting and promoting the false secrets that serve as cover.

Im not too sure i agree with that. When one is ontop, he is above and understands. But on the other hand, we do speak of "on the down low" which means secret, so maybe youre right, but it wouldnt be easy to prove, as either context can be claimed to be correct.

I do know however that the mysteries are described as a 'descent' and not an ascent. So maybe that it the hidden nuanced intention behind the name.

I would agree that almost all names have meaning. Look at sports teams for a prime example. In the NBA and WNBA, the two basketball teams from Washington DC are the "wizards" and the "mystics", obvious references to the elite, who gather together in Washington DC.

People probably wouldnt suspect that this is the case, but it probably is. Not in every case, obviously, but in the above case its hard not to see a direct in-your-face revelation of the type of people that congregate in Washington DC.
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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 09:32 PM
The most amazing thing of all, though, is the sheer duration of this oral tradition of the Jews. It literally goes back 3,500 years, back to the time of Moses.

When one converts, and reaches a certain level in his study, hes sworn to secrecy when he learns the great secrets of the Torah.

In 3,500, they have yet to be divulged. Sure, some narratives and aspects are known, and have been published. But the sheer breadth of the Torah and its allegorical interpretation (since the 5 books of moses are literal aswell) is the most tightly kept secret.

Even those elite who aware of it make sagacious use of certain concept, like "white house", which has been the purveyor of deception and sanctimoniousness in our world. Also, the geometry of Washington DCs streets are highly abstract and astrologically aligned to certain planets and stars.. Everything is carefully planned, so why not the name of the house of power itself?

I think the obelisks in Rome (which dates, incredible enough, to the 5th Egyptian dynasty, nearly 4000 years ago to Heliopolis, where Augustus has it transported to Alexandria, and where Caligula eventually brought it to Rome. In 1570, The Church of Rome decided to take it from its place at Neros colliseum to St. Peters Basillica. Now, if this isnt weird, and suspect, i dont know what is.) London and Washington, each of which are placed strategically within its cities, and have certan meaning. If i remember correctly, the one in DC is oriented towards sirius, the dog star. I dont rely on amateur theorists to figure out this stars signifiance, because i already have it figured out. This star 'follows' the Sun, hence it being called "the dog star". People probably think the that dog, and G-d, which are both built with the same characters, is coincidence. Not at all. In Hebrew, YHVH = 26. twice YHVH (which produces the opposite concept. This is an interesting phenomena of the Hebrew language) is Kelev, dog. The Dog star stocks the sun. G-d, represents complete perfection, whereas a Dog, symbolizes the opposite. A dog, although a loveable beautiful animal has since the ancient past been regarded as the spiritual archetype of corruption. One who acts indulgently, is said to be acting like a "dog". A dog, knows no limits, and so it is apt that only a human with free will can properly train it. Dogs therefore are the opposite of what we conceptualize as G-d.

Now, Washington DC, Romes, and Egypts obsession with this star, and this concept alludes to the moral relativism of these cultures. The nile was the great god of the Egyptians. Its probably coincidence that in the word nihilism, is the word, nile. Water to the Egyptians symbolized the ability to conform to any situation. Whether good or evil, everything was thought of as perfect. Without fault. Staying the same regardless of the vessels it enters. Nile, and the Egyptian worship of it, is commensurate to todays Nihilism and moral relativism.
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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by dontreally
reply to post by swordwords

When I discern a pattern as to how it is employed, I can then begin to perceive its true meaning.

Originally posted by dontreally
The inner teachings of Torah, the Tanakh are only passed down orally. The kabbalistic texts only provide the rules of how to interpret, and even than one without a thorough knowledge of Hebrew and its grammar will not get very far with his understanding. So, no one can reasonably believe he understands the bible without having knowledge of Hebrew and a thorough understanding of salient texts, like Zohar and Etz Chaim.

Yes, not having in depth knowledge of Hebrew is a handicap, but there are other ways to work past this obstacle. First of all, I use Bible software known as QuickVerse. This software includes multiple English translations and Hebrew and Greek concordances which let me see what is behind the translations. Since the concordances use the Latin alphabet, and don’t include all forms of each word, they probably fail to transmit 100% of the author’s intended meaning, but I believe that I can still discern enough to understand a good portion of the hidden content. (I am not claiming to understand all of it, I am simply claiming that I know enough to have a good understanding as to what the Bible is really about.)

Also, although Kabbalah has it roots in Judaism, the ideas and principles it embraces were transmitted throughout the ancient world and I can draw on all kinds connections that can help me uncover hidden meanings of various metaphors. The Greeks, in particular, produced a great deal of Kabbalistic material. Virtually all Greek Philosophy consists of allegoric discussions Kabbalistic concepts. Of the Greek Kabbalistic works, I find Plato’s Cratylus as one of the most helpful lessons in allegoric interpretation. This work has been dismissed my most scholars as “satire”, but I have found that the idea of “correctness of names” actually holds true when it is understood correctly. If you can accept this principle then, you know that the works of Plato are “wide”, Paul’s writings are “small”, Tacitus’ works are “silent”, and of course Philo‘s contributions are “friendly“.

Correctness of names is often concealed by variations in spelling and I have found that phonetically similar words often carry similar metaphoric meanings. For example, the Hebrew word “shem” means “name” and this idea is metaphorically expressed in the Hebrew words “shemesh” (sun) and “shemen” (oil). This also means that missing vowels is not necessarily an obstacle to determining hidden meanings. When there are phonetically similar words that appear to have opposing meanings, I follow Aristotle’s principle of “contraries”.

You are also undoubtedly aware that Kabbalists claim to have more than a hundred names for “G-d”, but to speak his true name is blasphemy. This is basically how the entire system is constructed. Each hidden idea has multiple metaphors, so there is a multitude of possible “interpretations” and it is against the rules to connect a metaphor with its true meaning.

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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 04:28 PM

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posted on Feb, 28 2011 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by dontreally

First, I need to admit that I am in way over my head joining in this topic, especially considering the knowledgeable discussion on this post thus far.
But I can add this, I have heard from what I consider to be a 99% reliable source (and I know this means nothing, for who am I?) that money is hexed with Kabbalah. Not only that, but our IDOLS.... (like American Idols, LoL....pop stars) are using Kabbalah in their shows. (one example, the kiss between Brittany Spears and Madonna was a ritual...I've heard it was Kabbalah and I've heard Masonic....Madonna has openly admitted to practicing Kabbalah.)
I think it says...thou shalt not worship false IDOLS.
One interesting thing to keep in mind...All of these "tools" that are being used against the masses, like Kaballah, Masonic sacred geometry, and much much worse...they are derived from natural forces of the universe, natural universal mechanics. So we must be careful not to say "oh...Kabbalah....that's evil because evil men are using it..." or "sacred geometry is evil because Masons use it." This is just not true...(Plus, I'm sure not All masons are evil, nor are all Kabbalah practitioners.) The evil comes with the intention of the practitioner. (For example, a man can make a knife in order to carve wood, a good and pure intention. Another man can come and take the knife to stab the first man, an evil intention. The knife in this example is neither good nor fact the purpose if its creation was for goon intent. Thus is the same with Kabbalah. It is not an evil art, but there ARE evil practitioners.
I want to thank you for this post, It showed me more information that is really only helping me to confirm other ideas I've already had. (Very interesting about "White House") I hope to see more information added here.
Peace and One Love

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 10:39 AM
Kabbalah cuts to the chase and provides great perspectives on Jesus' contemporaries and spirituality.

Don't let the bibles confuse thee. The good news is that we are gods. In the holographic universal energy matrix,...we are all players. Organized religions reduce individuals to spectators involved in pure idol worship. They have lead the world away from the I AM in each of us

Be Jesus, realize the divinity within. Learn his lessons, don't worship the teacher. Exercise free will and your power of benevolent intent. Some guy in the sky does not determine the outcome of football games and is not responsible for Earth's decline. Begging "him" for stuff is a waste of time but invoking the power of intent works.

The "second coming" will happen when we realize this. An end will only come at the hands of selfish egos,...insanity!

posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by dontreally

First of all, what the devil is this foolish term I see you people throw around called "G-d" Do you even know how stupid this looks? Second....your white house thingy with the Kakbbalalblaballvlballa and uncle sam seems pretty cool. I'll look into it

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by KingKeever1611

Theres nothing foolish about spelling G-d this way. If you would like to know why religious Jews and certain gentiles spell it this way, you can simply ask next time, without the unnecessary insult.

Its based on the metaphysical idea of what G-d is. When we say G-d, we make reference to the almnighty, thus "G-d" is his "ticker" or "stamp". It isnt G-d himself, just a name we use to to connect with him. Its the Medium between G-d and the human mind.

In English, the numerical value of the word God, is 26. G = 7, O = 15, D = 4 = 26. This is the same gematria of the name of G-d in Hebrew, YHVH = Yod = 10, Heh = 5, Vav = 6, Heh = 5.

Because of the metaphysical aspects of the name YHVH in Hebrew, and of the Hebrew language in general, when writing the word G-d, in English, we put a - between the G and the D. Consonants are considered the body of a word, because they provide the boundaries. Pronounciation itself is the limiting of the breath along certain paths ie; labial, guttoral, dental, nasal, fricative etc. Each letter itself corresponds to a process in creation. The G and D of the word G-d refer to G-ds "body", that is, that part of G-d which is revealed to mankind. Nature, and all other natural phenomena. The Vowel on the other hand is the spirit, or soul. We know nothing about G-d other than what he reveals to us, therefore some people express reverence to this fact when they write the word G-d. It is just a sign of respect.

If you dont want to do it, fine. But i doubt G-d would want you to deprecate those who do.

posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by dontreally

Well, can't say you didn't explain it, you did a better job than I would have. But really, just spell "God" for the true God, or use "god" for fake ones. Easy as that, and without the bad grammar of "g-d"


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