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9-8-2010 Several Dream Fragments

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 08:00 PM
Dream Fragment 1:

In the first dream I was on vacation with my parents and brothers, and we were at a hotel.

At some point I went walking in a nice neighborhood next to a river that had a walkway along the side of the river; it was a very nice sunny day with flowers and maybe a nice breeze.

On the left side of the walkway were a few houses and on the right side was the river, and at some point I saw an older woman outside one of the houses.

She came over and greeted me and she showed me around the neighborhood, she was very nice, and she told me that most of the people living in the neighborhood were from/are military families.

I told her that I was possibly interested in living in this city and needed to find a job and a place to stay, so I asked her if she had any recommendations; and she walked me across the street from the river to a military party house.

Inside the military party house there were empty bottles, trash, and other party debris.

She told me that sometimes the soldiers would come there to party and/or soldiers could stay there when ever they wanted to, it was like a club house, but no one was there at the time; and it seemed like the soldiers probably only used it on weekends.

She led me to the attic, which had a few roaches in it (insects are very rare in my dreams), and she seemed to be looking around to see if there was enough space up there for someone to turn it into a bed room.

She told me that she would talk to someone and see if they would let me stay at the party house, I thanked her and then we started to walk and talk back toward the river.

She told me that she would also be looking around for any job openings and then I thanked her again, and I said goodbye, and I started to walk back to the hotel.

Then I woke up.

Dream Fragment 2:

In the second dream I was driving in my birth town near the downtown part of the city by a church, and I saw Taylor Swift riding a pink motorcycle in the left lane next to me.

Behind her I saw two other girls riding on motorcycles and they appeared to be looking jealously at Ms. Swift and I heard them say something negative about her as they past by me, then suddenly an eighteen wheeler/wheel truck ran a red light and almost hit Ms. Swift and then another truck ran the red light and hit the tip of her motorcycle; causing her to fall off and the motorcycle fell on her.

I quickly turned my automobile to block the traffic in both lanes on my side of the road, I got out of my automobile, I ran over to get the motorcycle off of her, I carried her to the side of the road, and then I went to bring her motorcycle out of the road as well.

She did not seem to be hurt very badly, just a hurt leg
, but then I woke up.

Dream Fragment 3:

My third dream had another celebrity, but this time it was Lindsey Lohan.

We were in an apartment room and it appeared that I was there trying to help her with some of her problems, but we also seemed to be dating.

*This scene has been censored
* *cough* She seems to want to have a baby, which I did not think was a good idea at the time & I told her so, and so she left the apartment to walk around the inside of the apartment building somewhere.

I notice that outside the apartment building there was a crowd of news reporters/etc hoping to see Ms. Lohan.

I then started walking around the inside of the apartment building looking for Ms. Lohan to talk to her, and to also tell her to try to avoid the news reporters outside.

The inside of the apartment building was dimly lit and spacious, but the building had a rough old look to it but it was sturdy.

I saw a stairway that led outside to some private area at the top of the apartment building, which was the direction I thought Ms. Lohan had went, so I started to walk up the stairs; but I woke up.

Dream Fragment 4:

I think the fourth dream went lucid during the beginning of the dream at some point.

I was inside a medium sized diner near a private corner of the diner, next to the private corner was a small private bar-like area where you could order food & drinks from a person standing behind the bar-like area, which was connected to the kitchen.

Sitting at the private bar-like area were about three people, one of which was PC, and I was standing behind them trying to see what was on the menu; I thought about saying something to PC but I was nervous and so I did not bother her, and then she left.

I then went to sit at the bar-like area and I think the dream went lucid but I am not sure how I realized that I was dreaming, I then decided to make PC re-appear so I could at least talk with her this time, and so she re-appeared just by me thinking it.

We started to talk and at some point *(This scene has been partially censored) sense of feeling is realistic, even small details like skin smoothness, stomach softness, shoulder bone sharpness, etc; and no it was not a sex scene people.

I then was able to change her appearance to that of several different women just by thinking it, but her appearance kept changing rapidly since I could not decide on an exact appearance, and then she disappeared since that part of the dream had become unstable.

After that happened, I stopped trying to control the dream and either the dream went non-lucid or I just let the dream continue naturally, I am not sure which.

At the bar-like area was a woman with blond hair who started to talk to me, during this time I noticed that the woman behind the bar-like area seemed to be one of my undercover dream security guards or something/waitress.

Not only was she serving the food & drinks in this private bar-like area of the diner, but she seemed to be keeping an eye on things, it was like she was making sure that no one came to bother me in my private area of the diner without my permission or something. (That was not said in the dream, but that is what I felt and thought in the dream, from my observations.)

The public area of the diner had a few people sitting at tables, eating, drinking, and talking quietly; while a few other possible undercover dream security guards/workers were helping them and they also seemed to be keeping an eye on things in the public area.

That made me feel safer, even though they did not seem to have weapons or armor, it still felt good to think that they would probably help protect me if necessary.

Since the dream was possibly still lucid, the diner now felt like it was my own private place, and I felt relaxed & pretty secure.

The woman with blond hair and I went to the private corner area next to the private bar-like area and there was a short mini-wall for privacy, a few couches & chairs, a bed, a TV, a music system, a private table, etc.

The woman behind the bar-like area did not follow us and she gave us some privacy, but she seemed to be making sure that no one came to disturb us.

There was a small make out scene between the woman with blond hair and I; and no, there was no sex scene people.

At some point the woman with blond hair left, and then I called the woman behind the bar-like area to the private corner area, because I wanted to order some food.

She then went to prepare my order, and has I was sitting & relaxing in the private corner area; I noticed a person that appeared to be the woman with blond hair and she was walked toward the private corner area toward me.

The woman behind the bar-like area either let her pass because she thought that she was the same woman from earlier, and so did I, or she was busy preparing my food and did not notice her approach; but I am not sure.

The woman with blond hair started trying to lead/move me behind the mini-wall for privacy and she seems to be trying to seduce me and was moving me over to the bed, but I found this suspicious, it was like she was trying to get me to where my undercover dream security could not see me.

I decided to be slightly cautious but not cautious enough to stay where my undercover dream security could see me, that was stupid of me, but she was trying to seduce me; so I think yall can understand.

There was a short make out scene and then another woman with blond hair that looked the exact same came over and saw us making out by/on the bed, and then she got angry.

I was confused and then the woman with blond hair that had just arrived said that she was the real one, and then the alleged real woman with blond hair suddenly turned into a snake-like creature with a snake-like version of her human face & blond hair and wrapped around us & separated us, and then she bit a chunk of flesh from the alleged imposter's neck and she quickly drained/drank? her blood; then she turned back to her normal appearance, as the alleged imposter laid there dead.

I was shocked and confused, and everything happened so fast; I asked the woman with blonde hair why did she kill the other woman with blond hair; and she said that she did it because the other woman was a Facedancer/Shapeshifter and was going to try to kill me.

Which is odd, since she is the one that turned into a snake-like creature.

I was not sure if I could trust her exactly, but since she had allegedly been trying to protect me & since she did not attack me; I was leaning toward possibly trusting her but I was still in shock.

My undercover dream security could not see any of this due to the mini-privacy wall, so they did not even know that all of this had happened yet.

I asked the woman with blond hair how did she know that the other woman was a Facedancer, but I woke up. *Note to self, if you are ever fortunate enough to have dream security again, always stay where they can see you

Dream Fragment 5:

In the fifth and final dream I was on vacation with my parents and we were at a restaurant or something, and we had finished eating & my dad was paying for it.

As my dad started to walk off, the man behind the counter told my dad that he owed fifty cent, but my dad started complaining about it; eventually we talk my dad into just paying the fifty cents.

Then one of my cousins came up to us and we briefly talked to him and then we left to drive on the highway.

At some point two Chinese style police cars past by us going fast, and one of the police cars pulls over the other police car; we stop our van on a small road near this.

A police officer wearing a black colored Chinese style police uniform gets out of his car, he walks over to the other police car, and in that car is a police officer wearing a white colored Chinese style police uniform; but then the officer in black shoots and kills the officer in white.

Then a few other Chinese style police cars drove up and a few more officers wearing black Chinese style uniforms got out of their cars, but then they saw our van, and so we drove away; and they got into their cars so they could chase us.

We drove into a city and stopped at a mall-like building and we ran inside the mall-like building to hide among the crowds of people, and we also split up to make ourselves harder to find.

At some point we heard police sirens getting closer, so we decided to leave the mall to find somewhere else to hide, but my brothers and I could not find my parents.

Outside I found an abandoned motel and maybe another abandoned building that looked like an okay hiding place.

I told my brothers to find our parents while I searched for a hiding place, and I told them to meet me at the abandoned apartment building once they found our parents.

Suddenly I noticed a spaceship or several spaceships appear in the sky, and other people outside saw it/them too, and some people started to panic.

I then felt that I needed to find a hiding place underground and so I found a small area that appeared to be somewhat underground, and there was a man there trying to find an opening to get underground too.

The man was panicking and talking out loud to himself, and so I started trying to find an opening as well; I found one but it led to what appeared to be a small underground oven and/or crypt-like place with ashes, so there was not enough space down there.

Then the man ran to his car and drove off in a panic, and then I ran into an alley.

In the alley were some small apartments buildings with people in a courtyard area, and some people on a balcony area of the apartments; there was a man that looked like Hugo Chávez mixed with Chowder from the cartoon Chowder.

This man and a few of his friends were making a video with a few women on the balcony, it seemed to be for a YouTube-like video or something.

I decided to go talk to them, probably to ask them if they knew any good hiding places, but then I remembered this dream scene happening before; I had a brief flash back and I knew everything they would say and do before they did it.

So as I talked with them I predicted every word and action they made, and I knew that one of the women would try flirting with me just to make fun of me or something like that, so I decided to try something different this time to avoid that.

At first I just ignored her as she pretended to flirt with me, and I knew she would pretend to try to kiss me knowing that I would probably resist; but this time I decided to kiss her instead.

Which surprised her, since she was expecting me to resist her fake kiss attempt, but then I woke up kissing my pillow in the real world. (Now that was funny!)

The end,
-John Jr


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