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It's YOUR Turn To Be The Dictator - What Would YOU Do?

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 01:32 PM
- abolish Social Security.
- create a federal level paramilitary constabulary/gendarmerie force for internal security, military police duties. executive protection, etc.
- merge the US Coast Guard and the US Border Patrol into a single paramilitary US Border Guard with military status.
- join the British Commonwealth (as a republic obviously).
- scale back overseas bases in Europe, Japan, South Korea, etc in favor of utilizing US territories as bases (why pay for bases Japan or Gitmo when we can use Guam or Puerto Rico for free?).
- if a foreign country wants US Special Forces to train their army then they have to pay for it. No more freebies.
- establish a 10 mile DMZ between the US and Mexico, if it's violated even once by Mexican military forces then it's an automatic declaration of war.
- institute mandatory universal conscription.
- declare English as the sole national language (yes, even for Puerto Rico).

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 01:36 PM
1. Enact the Maximum Individual Wealth Act (MIWA) that sets a limit of $1 billion of gross global wealth for any American citizen or foreign national who wishes to do business with or within the US or its territories.

2. Restore the House to its proper Constitutional size proportional to population, revoking the 1911 freeze. That freeze in size was in response to the success of women's suffrage and rising minority participation: if the House grew as it should, it would have become far to expensive to buy/control.

To manage the increase in size, three new chambers would be added to comprise a four-chamber House: A Business Chamber (the current House); a Science/Engineering Chamber responsible for building standards, infrastructure development, mining, drilling, research, space development; a Social Chamber responsible for health, housing, immigration, environment; a Coordinating Chamber responsible for maintaining clear communications between the various Chambers and the public, coordination and mediation of legislation, origination of legislation that doesn't fall within the purview of the other Chambers.

To pass a bill it must first pass its originating chamber, then pass a vote of the complete House. To ensure quality legislation, each Representative would be limited to introducing no more than four bills per year.

3. Establish a National E-Voting/Taxpaying System comprised of ubiquitous v/t centers that are strictly physically isolated from any other network with open-source software, and a death penalty for attempted tampering. Each state would have its own network with each county isolated from others, connecting only to the state capitol, and the state capitol connected by a seperate network to the Federal one.

All county, state and federal budgets will be posted on these networks and each taxpayer shall have the right to allocate their money into the programs they feel necessary and valuable. When that program's budget is filled, it drops from the list of potential a funding choices. Lazy or honestly ignorant voters can allocate their taxes to the general fund which the politicians get to allocate.

4. Mandate a 28-hour work week as a full-time week, setting the minimum wage at that which is required for a citizen to fulfill his or her obligations to society as mandated or punished by law in absence of fulfillment: participating in health insurance, vehicle insurance, housing, clothing, feeding, etc so as not to require welfare if able-bodied.

5. Define any stock trade that results in holding the stock for less than two years and a day as gambling, not investing, taxing any profits derived from such trades the same as any other casino winnings, and place a transaction tax on each trade.

6. As a birthright, endow each child born with a $500 Treasury Bond, with interest reinvested until their 25th birthday, a nest egg to start life with.

7. Mandate creation of a self-supporting Lunar colony of at least 1K population within ten years.

8. Grant myself a small remote estate with an endowment to run it for my lifetime.

9. Resign.
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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 02:06 PM
There is a lot I would like to change, don't really know where to start. Generally my idea of a government is closely linked to the digital era and the exponential increasing technological progress. It is time we drastically change our ways, get together and exchange valuable information in-order to collectively create a new platform for true democratic decision-making. How? Through the internet, for its influence and reach goes far beyond the imagination. A platform where everyone's voice is heard, one that praises free speech above all things and seeks its own betterment for the people by the people. One could coin the word "E-Gov", which has no political representatives other than the people (You and me) that actively take part to shape the ever-evolving contemporary governing body.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 02:32 PM
Being a dictator if the United States is far too complicated and will most likely end up with a bullet in the head.

That being said....

1. I would re-clarify and strengthen the Bill of Rights. Especially the 10th amendment.

2. The 16th amendment will be repealed and be replaced by an amendment prohibiting direct taxation.

3 Congress will not have the ability to delegate its power to coin money. The Federal Reserve will be eliminated. I would rather have politicians in control of an interest free money supply then a bunch of private bankers racking up our debt.

4. Serving the people should be just that, a service. Strict term limits shall be placed to prevent the phenomena of professional politicians. However I would go farther. ALL non-military federal government workers shall have limits on how long they can be employed, they are public servants as well and the point is to serve.

5. Compulsory 2 year service (at minimum wage) in state national guards shall be mandatory among able bodied 18-25 year olders. This is not just for regional defense, but for education in the fields of engineering, medicine, and whatever the military would be good at teaching in order to function. State national guards will be required for regional defense, security at points of entry into the country, and maintaining state infrastructure. State national guards will not be deployed overseas unless in a time of declared war and at the approval of the local state governments. Non-citizens may enlist in national guards for a minimum of 4 years as a way to gain U.S. citizenship.

6. Corporations shall not be considered "as persons" and have no political sway. Corporations shall have no rights to create interest groups.

7. Corporate and business tax shall be eliminated among domestic business. Multi-national corporations shall be taxed based on their profits gained from employing low wage foreigners and low regulation facilities (as in taxed up the ass).

9. The military shall be restructured from an occupying force into a defensive and deterrence force. All foreign bases will be disbanded. Potential enemy countries should not fear occupation but outright destruction. All influence into the affairs of other countries shall be halted.

10. Nuclear energy will be developed. Thorium based nuclear plants will be built across the country. Environmental regulations against building renewable energy facilities will be eliminated. This will encourage a more electrical infrastructure for transportation and cut the need for fossil fuels.

11. A functional guillotine shall be placed in front of Wall Street.

11. Lastly this is getting too complicated, after I implement my reforms, even though there is a chance that they might be reversed, I will resign before I become some tyrant.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 07:57 PM
Quietly leave the country.. Have neither a need nor desire for power... Let the people decide their own path - its their life..

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 09:24 PM
I would address the need for more land to support future generations. I would immediately invade Poland and then France. Lots of fertile land there.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 10:01 PM
Well lets see,
I'll go with my current mood.

I'm dictator right?
So, I call a meeting of the entire government, just the original key players, The Leg, The Judicial, and Exec.
I have copies of the Declaration and Constitution ready for them and we read them, out loud, one at a time and no one leaves till that's done.
I ask if the understand what theyve read? Those that dont get schooled till they understand.
Should take about 2 days.

While that's going on, my military is coming home, from everywhere, everything, everyone is heading home.

The U.N. gets a 48 hour notice of eviction, theyre out, gone, go home, take your stuff with you.
Those not wanting to leave will receive military 'assistance".
The Fed is occupied, and all operations cease, all debt wiped, anyone giving lip or trouble, jailed, all Fed officials past and present ordered off American Soil.

I issue a public statement to my country and the world that I'm cleaning house, that I am not looking for trouble, that I am solving trouble and look forward to being a good neighbor and doing the best I can, for my country first and the world as well. I also let it be known that should anyone start any crap or act to provoke trouble whether person or nation I will act swiftly and surely with extreme prejudice.
I suggest they follow suit and do the same because the old way of doing it, ends today.

I begin to sieze property and assets of the international scum that hide behind my countries flag, I imagine most here, know their names, and I lock them up in well lit cells with 24 hours camera and sound monitoring available for viewing on the web by all those theyve hurt over the years.

I begin coastal patrols with my navy, and border patrol with my army and marines and I protect and defend them well.

The patriot act is burnt.
Homeland is dissolved.

The CIA is reeled in and an accountability audit and restructuring is performed, same for the FBI.

It's now the end of the first week, things are underway, it's time for a Bar-B-Que and some beers.

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