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WMD Conspiracy Explained

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posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 01:39 AM
Has anyone heard of the conspiracy theory that the Kurst Submarine Incident was actually orchestrated so that a mini-nuclear torpedo could be taken from it and given to terrorist. Iraq and Russia agree to 40 billion trade deal just after. All men on the Kurst allowed to die so there would be no leaks. Research please. Saddam son's and Russian hardliners plot. I have heard this but have found no links.

I have researched the above scenario and come up with interesting information. The whole incident wreaks of conspiracy.
1. The testing of a new mini nuclear torpedo with a new propulsion system.
2. The 12 hour delay after the explosion due to radio silence.
3. The confusion between the Russians and the US about what actually happened. Both blaming each other.
4. The war to oust the Baath Regime.
5. The death of Saddam's two sons. Handed to the US.
6. 40 billion dollar trade deal between Iraq and Russia after the Kurst Incident

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