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my theory on the nwo

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posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 10:38 PM
i've been doing alot of research on the new world order for a couple years now and over the course of the past 2 years i've formed several theories on the nwo. keep in mind that these are only theories of mine and probally come nowhere near to the truth.

most nwo fanatics seem to be under the impression that the nwo is out to enslave us. maybe in a way there are out to enslave us but at the same time i also think there trying to help us. i will explain why shortly. there are several ideas of who is controlling us be it reptoids or satan himself. seeing how the literal interpretation of the bible is toatal bs i'm more partial to the reptoids theory myself. dont get me wrong though, i do believe there is a more cryptic truth to the bible though. obviously if there is some alien race out to enslave us, they would have enslaved us long long ago seeing how they obviously have superior technology.

but anyways they probally came here back when we were still living in caves which would expain why you see ufo like objects in cave paintings. they probally saw that we had some sort of potential and wanted to mold us into a super advanced race. probally as part of some sort of experement. they realised our savage nature and didn't trust us with our own free will so they created government and organised religion as a means to keep our society together.

they wanted to bring us into a new world order at a slow and gradual pace as well seeing how a rapid transition into the new world order would be hard on us psycologically not to mention alot more people would be opposed to rapid change. also if they let thier presence be known, we would imediately be apposed and start some sort of revolt out of fear. they also probally dont trust that we would make good leaders at that point so instead they are secretly playing the puppet master to our leaders and religious figures and lead us through them.

now i hear that the new world order is "satanic" becuase they are out to erradicate religion and have ties to satanism. the reason for this is because while religion is a good means to keep us in controll, they also realise that religion leads to ignorance and they feel we will stay in order without revelations and dogmas. while i have yet to figure out why they have ties to satanic cults, i also realise that good and evil is just an illusion. i have many reasons for thinking this that i will get into in a later post. but anyways most of the human race is still stuck in a imature state of mind where there is either good or evil. wheras with them, good and evil are all the same.

so there you have it. just remember that these are theories of mine and are in all likliness very far from the actual truth.

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