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Valerie Ransone a 1970's contactee

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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 08:01 PM
One of my current research projects are contactee accounts.

I have been researching a 1970's contactee, Valerie Ransone. Ransone was involved as a business partner of former US astronaut Gordon Cooper, as described in Copper's book "Leap of Faith."

I have documented what I currently know at:

Since then, I have learnt that it may have been Ransone who talked to the FBI about the possible cause of the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, in 1986.

See link

Check out the papers dealing with a "rational, intelligent and articulate" clairvoyant who spoke of receiving information from the "Source" whose intentions were "to assure the United States that its space program is a safe undertaking." It certainly sounds like Ransone.

Have any readers here come across any more information on Valerie Ransone?

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 09:12 PM
I'm gonna just 'bump' this for now because I know you're an excellent researcher and I don't wanna see this get buried.

Besides the fact that maybe some of the excellent researchers here at ATS can help us find out more about the elusive but highly-intriguing Valerie Ransone.

btw: Saw you in the Westall UFO documentary. A very well-done doc imo. I'll be back after I checky the linky.

edit: Can't get the link to work...
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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 09:40 PM
I'm gonna bump this too. Its been a long time since I've heard that name. It seems to me Valerie had some very questionable associations. But I'll read your stuff and refresh my memory on her.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 09:44 PM
Just going to do a slight nudge and leave a star and a flag as well. I love these older stories about contactee's and sightings more so than the current ones. I do not mean any ill will when I saw this next part though but I feel I must ask. How well do we take this information from clairvoyants'? Either way the coin falls on that question I am still intrigued.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 11:29 PM
After reading the FBI document, I'm not seeing much to go on that it was Valerie Ransone, although a lead is a lead is a lead especially when the trail has gone cold.

It certainly can't be ruled out as the name 'Ransone' would certainly fit very nicely in the redacted spaces where the name should be. After, that is, the first mention of the subjects full name in the report. And, of course, the fact that Ransone had shown an earlier interest in Space Shuttle issues.

It appears, if I'm not mistaken, that the FBI report is from the Tampa office. And that might be a new search term to attach with her name. There is also the possibility that she might be mistakenly identified in records as "RansoMe" or "RansoM" as they are more common than "RansoNe," and an easy mistake to make.

I can't recall any references to Ransone using the term "Source" as her 'source' of other-worldly information. Has that come up anywhere, Keith?

Channelers often use the term "Source" in this context, but I'm not as familiar with its use by contactees. Of course, imo, the distinction between channelers and contactees is probably non-existant.

Here's the properly working link listed above in the OP.
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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by keithb

Other members of the party included MacArthur’s friend, the lovely
Valerie Ransone, former CBS correspondent and Washington power broker,
who was putting together the Far Eastern links in a new alternative
radio service, The Information Network, of which she is president,
principal shareholder, chief correspondent and board chairman. It also
included the Dutch photographer, Hugh Van Es, who speaks American
English with the tones of a Five-O villain."


Cooper Claims He Saved Shuttle Via Alien’s Message
This passage from the book describes how Cooper saved the shuttle program from
disaster due to a design flaw, by relaying a telepathic warning from space aliens. I asked
around the shuttle engineering directorate, and nobody remembered any such flaw or any
such design modifications. Cooper’s book does not provide the alleged drawing. And if
the aliens were sending design flaw warnings, why didn’t they mention the O-rings?


Were the "higher powers" mentioned by Astronaut Gordon Cooper spies, feeding him information in a counter-intelligence scheme, made up lies, fantasy coming from his source, Valerie Ransone, or ET sources?


Four months after her first warning about the space shuttle, Ms. Ransone provided information that was quite specific. Cooper writes, “In terms worthy of any graduate engineering class, ‘serious technical faults’ were outlined in detail, specifying what could happen during reentry to the system that provided cooling to the cabin and sensitive electronics. The source of the problem seemed to be the electromagnetic effects during space flight on the iron rods used in the cooling system.” She also provided Cooper with an intricate, detailed drawing that neither of them understood. It seemed that if the ventilation system was not at the proper temperature during reentry, there would be a release of toxic gas that would make the crew pass out, causing a catastrophic accident.

Source - Bottom of Page

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 11:41 PM
Hi all

Thanks to all who have posted on this thread. In answer to the query on whether or not Valerie Ransone used the term "Source," for her material, my response is that I have not come across any reference to her doing so. However, I have yet to read the material on her in Cooper's book "Leap of Faith." I am waiting at the moment for a photocopy of the chapters in which she is mentioned.

I am currently trying to locate Wes Thomas, the futurist mentioned in Vallee's diaries, who introduced Ransone to Puharich. An email to what I believe is his current email has not been responded to so far.

I sent an email to the curator of the Hawaii 5-0 actor's website, who was mentioned in 1976 as a friend of Ransone (the actor passed away last year). The curator knows of no other reference to Ransone in the actor's material.

I sent an email to Christopher (Kit) Green, who replied that he did recall Ransone, and would be happy to share his memories of her, with me, if she provided her consent.

All for now.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by keithb

Wowser! Good stuff, keithb.

Dr. Green remembers her and will discuss if she consents...does that mean he can-- or maintains -- contact with her?

I started late today, but did a little deep web & database research and found some possibles on Ransone. I'll have to vet it, but as soon as I do I'll share. Had to do a quick & sloppy French to English translation on one but it shows some promise because the name and subject matter is right on.

The others are correct name/age-range and suggest a journalism background. It would be nice if Dr. Green could get her blessing, because while I'm curious about this and long for some illumination, I don't wanna just get all up in someone's business that has possibly moved on in life. Especially since she probably can't shed much light on the bigger issues of what we all really wanna know.

The brilliant & suave Dr. Green however...that's a guy I would love to talk to. Whether he really holds any great revelations or not, it's obvious he's great company as he apparently & thoroughly charms every one he meets.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 04:02 PM
I would be very interested in any developments of this research, mainly to determine if any copies of the space shuttle design flaw drawings can be obtained. As I have reported, my own efforts to locate any confirmation of such a design flaw being repaired -- for any reason -- drew a complete blank. None of the engineers in charge of the early shuttle hardware had any recollection of any issue that even remotely resembled this claim.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 06:23 PM

Originally posted by JimOberg
I would be very interested in any developments of this research, mainly to determine if any copies of the space shuttle design flaw drawings can be obtained. As I have reported, my own efforts to locate any confirmation of such a design flaw being repaired -- for any reason -- drew a complete blank. None of the engineers in charge of the early shuttle hardware had any recollection of any issue that even remotely resembled this claim.

Thanks for weighing in here. Cooper does come across as possibly gullible (and maybe even enamored) when it comes to Ms. Ransone. But was he a liar?

The astronauts were heroes to me in my youth and I still basically have that mindset, but I now know that people have all kinds of faults regardless of their accomplishments.

I've always felt that Gordon Cooper was more truthful--certainly seemed to have less guile anyway--than Edgar Mitchell though they both seemed to have a stake in furthering their 'alternate' beliefs.

What's your take?

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 09:49 PM

Reply to the GUT.

I went back and re-read Kit Green's email to me re Ransone. It couldn't be that easy could it? He says he has not had contact with her for 40 years.

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 04:07 PM
I can't remember if this mention of Valerie Ransone has come up before. Of course it's slightly possible that it's not "our" Valerie because Bruce Maccabee spells her last name "Ranson," which is one of the alternate search terms I used in trying to track down info on her. All details, however, surely point to it being the very same Valerie Ransone.

This following excerpt is from an article originally published in The International UFO Reporter in the winter 1997-1998 edition by Bruce Maccabee with the title "My Mission from the Ashtar Command" according to the info at the link.

Many years earlier I had gone to a public lecture by a lady,
Valerie Ranson, who in the late 1970's was traveling through the USA
trying to raise money for a project to usher in the new age of space
brothers, etc. She was a trance channel and did channeling during the
lecture. She talked about the ancient powers and Atlantis and
destruction of the earth and saving souls, etc.

I was one of the lucky
persons to get to ask a question to whomever it was she was channeling
at the time (I forget the name). I asked whether or not life in the
universe had been "seeded" by "panspermia." She didn’t recognize the
word so I gave a brief explanation. (Panspermia: the scientific theory
that the progenitors of life are carried by comets and meteors and that
when these land on habitable planets life begins.)

She mumbled and
spluttered a bit and then made some comment to the effect that I
shouldn't ask such incomprehensible questions and then went on to the
next question. I, of course, didn't think it was incomprehensible and
beside I figured the source of her information should "know everything."
As far as I was concerned she flunked the "channel test."

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 01:23 AM

Reply to The GUT.

Nice find.

I have been using a variety of search engines to see if I could locate a "Valerie Ransone." I found five in the USA. One in Jonesboro, Arkansas -said to be aged 26 years. One "Valerie J Ransone" whose address is cited as Mt Shasta, CA said to be age 61. One in Kenilworth, Ill. said to be aged 56. One "Valerie J Ransone" in Koloa, Hawaii.

However the most likely is a "Valerie J Ransone" with a Houston, TX address. Said to be 61. The reason I think this might be "the" one is:

1. According to Jacques Vallee's diaries, Ransone was aged 28 in 1978.
2. The search engine I found this person on says she is related to a W H Ransone. A search for W H Ransone reveals he was involved in medical inventions. In Cooper's book, one of the things that the company set up by Cooper and Ransone was involved with, besides Tesla like items, was "advanced medical devices."
3. According to Vallee's diaries, Dr Chrsitopher (Kit) Green went to meet with Ransone and a group of contactees. The city he went to was Houston, TX.

I am now wondering whether or not to approach this V J Ransone in Houston to see if she is "the" one, and if so if she will talk about the past? The records I located give me an address, but no phone number or email.

What do readers of this thread think, we should do? Even if this person is the correct one, she may not be interested in dredging up the past.

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by keithb
I am now wondering whether or not to approach this V J Ransone in Houston to see if she is "the" one, and if so if she will talk about the past? The records I located give me an address, but no phone number or email.

What do readers of this thread think, we should do? Even if this person is the correct one, she may not be interested in dredging up the past.

Hiya Keith! Thanks. Great work you got going there.

I think a polite, well-crafted letter would be appropriate--not that I think you would write an un-polite one of course.

Also, check out this link:

N° 60 - Historique de la théorie synergétique.
Infos brefs.
Nuit du GERU 2001.
Les chiffres et les lettres.
Le cas Valérie Ransone.
Un cas d’hélicoptère noir en République Tchèque.
L’O.N.U ( L’Organisation Non Ufologique ).
Nos deuils.
Le forum des lecteurs.

Fairly awful Google French to English Translation, but do note the "Black Helicopter":

No. 60 - History of the synergetic theory.
News brief.
GERU night of 2001.
The numbers and letters.
If Valerie Ransone.
If a black helicopter in the Czech Republic.
L'O. N.U (Not Ufology Organization).
Our grief.
Express yourself.
The readers' forum.

Don't know whats up with that "Not Ufology Organization" translation though??

In addition: I have some other info, but I A.) need to locate where I put it on my drive and B.) need to probably get it to you privately so as not to make this persons contact particulars so public. I think it might be the same one you found, but references their college and degree. If not the same as yours, then another very good lead in same age range.

Oh, I have one more that's interesting and may or may not provide a married name with it, but it's kind of confusing for a couple of different reasons as relates to "our" girl. The journalism thing is right on, but...see what you can make of it--about a third of the way down the page:
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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 07:41 AM
I hope somebody can approach her respectfully to ask her take on the accuracy of Cooper's version of the shuttle flaw story, as told in his book -- and ask her if she kept a copy of the drawing of the hardware problem that she received.

As for Cooper's accuracy, he seems to have been a story teller who strove to please his audiences, and his imagination far outstripped any real memories. In checkable cases, comparing his stories to those of other people [and documented events], or just to physical limits [his story of taking space photos showing car license plates with a hand-held camera out the wndow of gemini-5 and personally SEEING those photos], does not leave his reputation at NASA-generated hero-worship levels. He also naively became the front for several aviation industry scams in the 1980s and used the public's trust in him to get millions of dollars for the con artists, all the money was lost -- and his too, he invested trustingly and wound up broke.

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 08:06 AM
Finally a really interesting topic. S & F
. I've never heard of this contactee before, but every supposed contactee should be taken into consideration even if their story is a little "off".

Kind Regards,

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by JimOberg

Thank you, Mr. Oberg. Your insight into this issue is very much appreciated and brings us a context that we would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

I would hazard to say that you could step away from your technical expertise and write a very interesting book on personalities and a behind-the-scenes account of our space program that would undoubtedly generate a lot of interest. Hint hint.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 09:04 PM
Hi to all reading the thread,

A little bit more research found the following about Ransone.

"The October 7 issue of National Inquirer reports that a California-based group, the Interplanetary Network, claims that more than 1,500 people around the world have been contacted by extraterrestrial beings. Valerie Jean Ransone of the Network termed the contacts "part of a precise program of communication" on the part of the aliens."

Source: MUFON Journal December 1980 page 20. The Lucius Farish column "In Other Words."

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 09:38 PM
Well, with that, it looks like you have indeed located her, Keith. I don't recall a confirmation of a middle name before?

Looks like you might have some very interesting news for us soon. Bravura.

I'm gonna skip over to UFOS - Scientific Research and refresh on all you have on Ms. Ransone there.

posted on May, 10 2012 @ 09:16 PM
Hi all

For the latest on the search for Valerie Jean Ransone please take a look at the comments to the post:

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