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Law passed to stop energy assistance, small business loans, etc.

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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 05:08 PM
reply to post by sixswornsermon

^ This.

My roommate just said that if everyone in the USA were to not work for one day, and that's every single person, everything would come to a dead halt and maybe then the govt would perk up and listen.

Wish it was that easy.
but I totally see what you're saying.

God I hope Ron Paul gets into the Presidency this time around
I know it's slim but sheesh.

Though I wonder looking back, how bad Mccain would have screwed the country too if he won instead of Obama. They're just puppets too. The main evil is the HoR and Senate, et al, to be honest. President is just a name used so we have someone to point at. I mean, who knows the names of every HoR and Senate out there to blame, right?
sad country. Sad sad country.
I hate the cold but I'm almost (note I said almost) am ready to join a ton of folks I know and start looking into Canada. Never hear squat about them in the news. EVER. Etiher they're good at hiding their crap or they're really pretty better off than we are.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 05:22 PM
well its not law yet, if you read the, the first sentence which it seem they turn it into a paragraph.

Less than two months after signing tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans into law, President Barack Obama proposed a spending plan to Congress that cuts funding to programs that assist the working poor, help the needy heat their homes, and expand access to graduate-level education, undermining the kind of community-based organizations that helped Obama launch his political career in Chicago.

it clearly says" proposed ", it still has to pass. now will it,well the atmosphere in washington is not all that great for obama right now, and it will probably will meet some resistance. there will be all kinds of wrangling and things cut and added in.
we need to wait and see whats gonna come out, but as far as use po folks go, it's always been that we get the short, smelly end of the stick.

and as far as help for those who can't do for themselves, the govt will always have a way to help, it may be tough to get it, which i think it should be, this might help bring the family structure back together. people helping their mothers, fathers, instead of sticking them in a old folks home, brothers and sisters, and what ever kind of sibling looking out for one another instead of letting them suffer what ever happens to them. i think every body here knows what i'm saying. but they will never cut all social funding.
now don't get me wrong i have no problem helping people who cant help them self, and don't have any family, but people should take care of their own.
and as far as those who live off the govt funds because they don't want to work or would rather spend their money on the next trendy little gadget, so they can be cool. or those who chose to do things that put them in the situation that they are in, and and refuse to do any thing to get out of it. this is the best thing that could happen.

don't get me wrong, i''m all for helping those who really need it

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 05:29 PM
The tea-tards seem hell bent on turning America into a 3rd world nation. This is really what they want, a nation of corporate rule? The thug governor of Wisconsin is having police go after Democrats.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by green-tree
The tea-tards seem hell bent on turning America into a 3rd world nation. This is really what they want, a nation of corporate rule? The thug governor of Wisconsin is having police go after Democrats
So you believe these demonrats should be allowed to run away and not do their jobs with no repercussions? Let them vote and go on record with their votes. Then they can make their case to the public and let them decide in the next election cycle.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 06:17 PM
I just know something has to give.
And my family? As I said, parents make 120k a year (mom does but she's 64 and almost ready to retire. dad cant' work cuz of being old and disabled and past retirement .. he's 73, almost 74 and can barely walk, can't stand up straight, falls a lot and cant get up, etc) but once you move out, you're on your own. They will NOT help you at all no matter what. I got lucky having roommates since moving out at 19 in 92. I'd be able to stay places from 6 months here to 2 years there to 4 years here to 3 months there but ti's gotten me and my son by. Barely get by but we do. It's hard. Been unemployed since november 2nd and no car so I have 4 jobs in my town of 1700 that i can apply to and almost everyone in town needs those jobs
I get by on the 4k i get every 4 months from my school stippend. pay rent for the 4 mths ahead of time and there we go. it's tough but we're surviving. I'm so used to being broke that this really doesn't bother me. To me, 12 dollars an hour is RICH. I'm trying for a factory job that starts out 11.25/hr. That's amazing money to me, when Im used to take home of about 250 every two weeks. I usually have a year total of about 10k dollars or so but my rent for my 2bdrm apt is only 300/mth so that's not bad.

but yeah. Something has to give. sigh.

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