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Anonymous speaks: the inside story of the HBGary hack

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 07:29 PM

It has been an embarrassing week for security firm HBGary and its HBGary Federal offshoot. HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr thought he had unmasked the hacker hordes of Anonymous and was preparing to name and shame those responsible for co-ordinating the group's actions, including the denial-of-service attacks that hit MasterCard, Visa, and other perceived enemies of WikiLeaks late last year.

When Barr told one of those he believed to be an Anonymous ringleader about his forthcoming exposé, the Anonymous response was swift and humiliating. HBGary's servers were broken into, its e-mails pillaged and published to the world, its data destroyed, and its website defaced. As an added bonus, a second site owned and operated by Greg Hoglund, owner of HBGary, was taken offline and the user registration database published.

Over the last week, I've talked to some of those who participated in the HBGary hack to learn in detail how they penetrated HBGary's defenses and gave the company such a stunning black eye—and what the HBGary example means for the rest of us mere mortals who use the Internet.

I thought I would share this with all of you as it was a cool read. It goes onto explain how they did this and why they did it. I looked around on here for this article and didn't find anything so I had to post it.

I fully support Anon and hope they have a great time doing this to more people trying to take them or Wikileaks down. We should be a society that stand for freedom, as we all pretend to be, but rather than freedom most if not all the governments only stand for secrecy.

I do not care what the government tells us, that things are a threat to national security, because the US spends more money on their military than everyone else combined. Things should be discussed, and there should be no secrets. The tax payers pay for these people's jobs and what they are doing, they have a right to know what they hell is going on.

I have yet to understand why people have shut up and let their government do what they please, hopefully soon this will change and they will all be held accountable to their people, the way it should be.

And I think Anon and Wikileaks is trying to make this a reality. So full support for them both.

Any thoughts?


Oh and here is a little more proof.

Anonymous hack reveals HBGary plan to destroy Wikileaks.
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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 08:44 PM
If these hackers are so untouchable, why then do they not do some hacking that will change things?
Garu McKinnon will be in kail a long long time if the US gets him.
The public needs the truth now.
It could be these hackers are for the people, but they seem to be lost in their little world of hack and counterhack.
We knew the goverment is trying to bring down wikileaks already!
get in there an find some smoking guns people.
We need to know whats really going on in goverment and the UFO research areas.
If these hackers were worth a pinch of con dung they would have had that backup data for gary mcKinnon spread all over by now,
As it stands we know virtually nothing we didnt surmise already,
They must know they are the subjects of a massive manhunt of the web,
Why cant they get us some serious info instead of this stuff.
Its kids playing silly buggers thats all.


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