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And more FOX "News" bias

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posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by MrXYZ
So my point still stands, only the dumb and gullible would still watch FOX as their source of information...and their "fair and balanced" slogan is beyond ridiculous.

Here you're just sounding stupid yourself. Fox News dominates cable news for a reason, they are closer to "fair and balanced" than any other cable news outlet. I'll give you there is always room for improvement but the other "news" channels are often nothing more than the propaganda arm of the far left contingent of the Democrat Party. Or are you one of those who confuses their news coverage with their commentators? The commentators do mainly lean right but generally the news coverage does not.

Oh, and as far as "dumb" and gullible, college educated and member of Mensa suggests I'm probably not dumb. Family and friends would also laugh at any suggestion I'm gullible.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by wasco2

Here you're just sounding stupid yourself. Fox News dominates cable news for a reason, they are closer to "fair and balanced" than any other cable news outlet.

You have to be kidding

No other network fakes news as blatantly as Fox. Show me one incident where MSNBC or CNN photoshopped pictures of people they didn't like while still pretending they're the original photos. Or show me one incident where they exchanged the audio ON PURPOSE like Fox has done. If you have a clue about the media business, you should know that this wasn't an accident like they claim. Old footage gets archived in a way that doesn't allow for the accidental mixup like that...

But keep on watching Faux "news"

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posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by MrXYZ


CNN apologizes to Irish Times over fake nude photos of Tiger Woods' wife

CNN has apologized to The Irish Times for alleging that the newspaper carried fake nude photographs of Elin Nordgren, Tiger Woods' wife. The U.S. news network apologised for printing a story on its website that incorrectly accused The Irish Times of printing faked naked photographs of Tiger Woods’s wife Elin Nordegren.
... 7.html

Media Briefs...

Piers Morgan Defends 2004 Photos that Got him Fired from Daily Mirror
The Media Blog commented on CNN anchor Piers Morgan's tweets Jan . 24 about the fake photos indicating "Abuse of Iraqi prisoners by UK troops."

As the Media Blog detailed, the Mirror published the photos which were later found fake. Then the Mirror published an apology and Morgan was fired from his post as editor.

posted on Feb, 22 2011 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by ElectricUniverse

Not sure why you ask me the same question you've asked me in the other thread already...but to answer your question:


1) When CNN reported that thousands of US citizens die every year they were TELLING THE TRUTH. A study of the Harvard Medical School confirms this. You might not like public healthcare, but fact is, thousands of people die every year because of a lack of healthcare.


As noted by Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, everybody recognized that the ad from NARAL against Judge John Roberts was misleading and false.

I bolded the important part. I hope you see the difference between a misleading ad and blatantly lying during a NEWS segment like FOX did. Of course ads are biased, product ads are biased, and political ads are about as biased as ads can get. Remember the healthcare "death camp" ads?


Oh, a clip from 1989, 22 years old!! You know what else we did back then? Test STDs on Honduran citizens...but we moved past that and it's a bit laughable to bring this up as your first proof that CNN is manipulating data today like FOX does


CNN mistook a TRAINING EXERCISE for a real attack. I hope you see how that can happen if you have live reporters watching a military exercise. And of course, how would that news benefit anyone's political agenda??? Every manipulation by FOX serves their political agenda, I fail to see the agenda behind posting this news...


CNN apologizes to Irish Times over fake nude photos of Tiger Woods' wife

OMG, how could they!!! Again, what's the motive, how would that serve anyone's agenda? FOX manipulated stuff in a way that was VERY targeted against people they don't like. It was also not just a source misreporting something, it took a DELIBERATE effort to photoshop pictures, or use archived footage!


Yes, Piers Morgan twittering about his previous jobs clearly means CNN lies...makes total sense

7) 9/chamber-of-commerce-to-seek-investigation-of-hoax/

That was a staged fake press event by an undisclosed does that mean CNN lied???

8) an-dead-no-cnn-death-hoax-spreads-twitter-2738483.html

Some are stating that CNN tweeted on Freeman's death and then immediately retracted it. There doesn't appear to be any mention of Freeman's death on CNN's official Twitter feed.

Of course, this being the internet the entire thing could be a hoax that CNN had nothing to do with.

According to Live News Wire, a CNN official said that they never tweeted on the death of Morgan Freeman.

There are other indications that CNN did not tweet or retract a statement on the death of Morgan Freeman. For one, the syntax doesn't appear to be right. A quick search of CNN Tweets shows that the news organization does not use the term "Breaking News" in any of its tweets.

Continue reading at Is Morgan Freeman Dead? No. CNN Death Hoax Spreads on Twitter | NowPublic News Coverage

At least finish reading the article before posting complete hogwash, it makes you look silly. You obviously fell for a hoax, one you really want to believe to be true, but still a hoax

So far I'm not impressed, nothing you posted comes even close to the things FOX did recently...apart from the fake news report in 1989, 22 years ago. I really hope you find something more recent, because so far it seems confirmed that FOX "News" is FAR worse than the least if the above represents the worst cases

PS: Don't bother posting your birther hogwash, it'll just make you look silly

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