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Is A One World Government and Totalitarian Control Unavoidable?

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:12 PM
I have a question for people and want to see what anyone can come up with..

Let's pretend that the US government was working on some secret technology and one of the scientists working in the government had an amazing philosophy about science, and he made some key discovery that opened things up in ways never seen before.

Because of this the government found a way of generating energy from nothing. This technology was so powerful and so simple that anyone on Earth could go to a hardware store and make a device that tapped into this tpower and could make a bomb out of it that would be more powerful than any nuke ever made.

Not only that but this technology would allow anyone to make a true antigravty vehicle or an gravity weapon that allowed you to control gravity and use gravity itself as weapon which could destroy a building as easily as a nuke.. or kill other people as well.

Now, I know this is hard to fathom, but let's just pretend this was really possible. If this technology became public or was developed publicly and everyone knew about it then literally any person on earth could have this kind of power.

So, my question for anyone interested in thinking about this is.. what do you think our government would do if they made this kind of discovery?

Just really try to envision this scenario and lay-out what the government would do in this scenario...

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by 8311-XHT

i would say they had stole YEARS of MY research ,, and i'm suing!!

and i would hope flying cars and no energy Water pumps, would populate and grow the wide open spaces.

and if humans cant use the phone without making "prank"calls.. then we all should just not put up with nonsense!

check ourselves, before we wreck ourselves...


posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:28 PM

Originally posted by 8311-XHT

So, my question for anyone interested in thinking about this is.. what do you think our government would do if they made this kind of discovery?

Do a bit of research regarding the discoveries made by Nikola Tesla. You'll see what both government and corporations do when discoveries are made that would allow people to free themselves from the chains imposed by both.

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:50 PM
You do not need to pretend here. We already have a one world government with the UN. Totalitarian control is a possibility with some of the trends going on, this is more likely while so much suppression and centralised power is going on. An increase in personal freedom is more likely with this technology as all our needs are more easily meet. Here is one thread that looks towards a more positive framework . There are many different issues and problems in this world on the individual, local, state, national, global and galactic levels. They all require their own systems of governance, the trick is in finding the right balance for it all to work at its most potential.

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 08:23 PM
Here is how I think things went down.

In WWII the Gemrans were getting pounded by Allied bombers.. they had no runways to get their aircraft in the air. Because of this they were seeking unorthodox methods of flight. Vertical take off and landing craft. They were also incredibly lucky to have a scientist working for them who was way ahead of his time -- Viktor Schauberger. They also had to contend with the Allied radar.

All of these things converged by developing antigravity flying saucers. No landing strip necessary, the perfect airfoil for a saucer was also perfectly resistant to radar detection.

When our soldiers saw these craft they assumed they were alien because they were so weird and excotic. When our government discovered this tech it gave us the perfect idea to use to obscure this tech and keep it secret.. even from people within our own military and government.

To develop this tech to a high level, from what I gather, it took a Manhattan type project which was used to develop the bomb. Now.. I think this is the key to why this tech has remained secret.. when you have these kinds of super projects what you are doing is really kind of speeding up civilization. By focusing your efforts so much you are developing tech far ahead of the current public tech.

I think this is how our government and military view this.. they see it as tech ahead of it's time. They also realized all the implications of this tech.. I am thinking transportation is really just the beginning of this techs capabilities. I suspect you could use this tech as a weapon as well and bring down a skyscraper just as easily as you could lift a huge craft.

From what I have read I also believe this tech is tied to power production.. such as zero point energy. And I think it is very easy to tap into if you have that brain power invested as our government did. I suspect if this tech was released on the internet, any of us could go to a hardware store and make a device that would give anyone the power of a nuke.

So the way I see it, our government had a choice, etiher release the tech and make the world into a police state where everything and everyone is controlled and monitored.. and this still wouldn't protect us or the world from other crazed or incompetent nations.. or you have to manipulate society to protect it.

Just think about the implications this would have on education. Should our government support and encourage education knowing that it will just speed up the development of this tech? According to their agenda the last thing you want to do is speed up the advancement of society. So you have to slow it down. You have to control the education system and technology development to try to maintain our lifestyle until socitety can possibly handle it. Is it possible that somehow our goverment has made it a national agenda to feed this agenda? A society based on play? Movies, Celebrity, sports? The richest nation on the planet that is the least concerned with science education? Doesn't that also fit our countries agenda? Develop the rest of the world technologically, out of the third world, while slowing our own progress?

I also think all this alien stuff is tied in with this.. John Lear's dad was one of the biggest proponents of antigravity in the 50s.. now his son is buddies with Bob lazar and all they talk about is aliens. Bob Lazar also projects himself as some freedom fighter bringing us alien disclosure, hydrogen cars and dangerous chemicals -- the perfect cover for someone suppressing super technologies as I see it.

I am also convinced that our goverment is using major events to control and manipulate the country and the world.. Say you know that these super technolgies will be released eventually, it's just a matter of time. You also know of the danger of things like mind control -- MKUltra. So knowing that these dangers could destroy civilization you have to use them in such a way to beat the threat to the punch. You use these dangers in a controlled fashion as a kind of warning to society. This is what I think was the purpose of 9-11. I suspect the Twin Towers were built specifically for this purpose. They used these super technolgies to bring them down in a controlled fashion... losing as little life as possible in order to move society in the direction they need or want in order to avert far far more horrendous disasters that are out of their control. The twin towers were brought down and one tower will replace them. I believe this symbolizes a unified new world order.. is it for evil or good? I don't know..

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 01:49 AM
We will forever have the numbers game in our favour whereas we are like 7 Billion v like less then 100,000. Do the math, we can crush them so easily it is not funny that is where there is not ever and will not ever be an announcement decreeing such as fact and technical law.

This is our nation, our planet, our very way of life we fight for. Fight by spreading the message because when enough know the truth then they are firmly leveraged permanently tipping the balance in our favour.

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