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Max Keiser: Silver and AGW

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 04:01 PM
As a regular reader of Max Keiser's blog , I often enjoy his rants because they seem to address tyrannical systems and people. Further, as a general skeptic of MSM, I like to watch news casts from many alternative sites, including RT & Al Jazeera (not to mention a slew of online blogs, YT channels, etc.). Undeniably, I think ATS is also a valuable news source because you have all these members around the world bringing to light a vast array of topics you wouldn't normally find anywhere else.

That said, I find Max Keiser increasingly pushing the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) agenda along with his buy silver, crash JP Morgan. Of these two topics, the later is definitely more palpable, as people can understand how buying silver, even if it is just one coin, can help bring down a fraudulent system and the major culprit behind it (regardless if that is your gig or not). However, the AGW agenda is one I still cannot wrap my mind around. I think everyone can attest to the fact that the climate is changing, but contests as to it causes. I don't really want to initiate another debate about that, as I think it is best said by ATS member, The Sword, in this post:

Originally posted by The Sword
If you look around, you will find plenty of threads on this subject.

There really isn't any point of going into debate on this issue because it just degenerates into the same us-vs-them, name-calling crap.

My stance: Climate change IS real and you can keep trying to dance around it all you want. It's not going to change the fact that it's happening.

As far as I am aware though, the end result of the AGW agenda is an increase in taxes, ultimately footed by the general population. I think it is important to mention, that there are other things governments can do to affect a positive change, without issuing carbon taxes.

So, the purpose of this post is to run this by the ATS crowd for their thoughts. On one hand, you have a guy who seemingly is trying to help people out through encouraging them to trade their FIAT currency for precious metals - seems logical. On the other hand, he is encouraging people to accept a questionable theory, one that currently has an ending of removing more income from an already over-taxed population.

It makes me think that his whole presentation is suspicious, both his silver and AGW motives. Maybe he is playing the role to get people's trust on one hand, and then use that to affect acceptance of another. Maybe he realizes that in the end, precious metals will be confiscated to push through a Global Currency, but not after they pushed through carbon credits.

So, without trying to stir the GW debate, if you are aware of Max Keiser and follow his show, what thoughts might you have.


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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by alyoshablue
I agree with much of what you are saying ...I enjoy Max and Stacy's reports on finances and the other tid bits of news they put into the show .The AGW thing is something else though .It could be they have invested into something I am not aware of ...I guess its like a old LP record that has that one bad tune you just have bare threw ....peace

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 04:49 PM
Maybe you should email Max Keiser and ask him directly. Not likely to get a response but you never know.

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by SnakeShot

Actually, I have. However, I assume that those folks get so much email, that it easily gets deleted or filtered out.

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 09:14 PM
Keiser is a pawn of the NWO (either wittingly or unwittingly). He is a financial terrorist. He is an ex-pat living in France (which he apparently loves more than the US along with the likes of Gweneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp) so I question his patriotism as an American. I down really know much about his position on Global Warming but his call to take down JP Morgan via exploding the silver market is like yelling "Fire!" in a theatre. First, I believe that JPM spun off its commodity trading division and Second, even if they were to get killed in a big run up it would just lead to another expensive taxpayer bailout (hello?). Third, it would be like throwing gasoline on the smoldering embers of inflation as the silver market would take the gold with it and inversely the dollar would go down making all goods and services more expensive (especially from hyperinflation if the metals explode ten fold or more....silver, btw has already appreciated approx 10x since the 1990s low and gold over 5x). Besides stimulating the price to ridiculous levels means that the ave person cannot continue to accumulate it at reasonable prices. I guess Keiser is long enough and wants to destroy the financial system so he can get rich and bring in the new economic world order as a result.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by alyoshablue

Ok...*deep breath*...I'll try to explain, but it's going to take a few paragraphs so please bear with me.

I can tell you exactly why Max Keiser is preaching for AGW and against FIAT currency at the same time: Because both issues run completely hand-in-hand as tools for bringing down the corrupt system and its "Powers That Be".

It's really not that hard to see actually, but to see it you absolutely have to get over all the "global warming is nothing but a hoax to enslave us through carbon taxes" BS first.

Just look at it this way:

You agree that the economic system we live in today, based on worthless FIAT currency, is a total scam yes?

Well - what fuels that economy then, i.e. what gives it actual value?

The answer is all of us.

We go to work every day to make the machine run and generate output. Most of us produce just enough revenue for ourselves to pay the rent/eat/save enough for a modest vacation once a year...but where does the rest of it go? It ALL gets funneled up the conveyor belt to those who control the game. I.E. the 1% of the world's population that own 40% of it's wealth. These are your elitists/PTB/NWO/whatever you want to call them. But these people also have absolutely no power without us because we quite literally ARE the wealth.

So far this is not exactly breaking news right? But if the whole scheme is tantamount to nothing more than voluntary slavery really - why do so many people participate in it?

You can argue that it's because they have no choice, but really it's worse than that. Because most people are so brainwashed that they actually worship and defend this system as some sort of idealistic model for freedom and liberty and "the American dream" and yaddi yadda.

But in reality it's all horse****. The people are motivated to chase this fake freedom through mindless consumerism and overconsumption. It's all a ruse to make TPTB more money. We are indoctrinated from birth to believe that the harder we work the more freedoms we get to enjoy. But it's all a big front because TPTB simply understand the harder we work, the more wealth we generate and throw into the pot that they already control, therefore the more they get to leech off and exploit the fruits of our labor.

This is the grand conspiracy. You don't need to go any further. There is no big plot to enslave you or take away your freedoms because you are ALREADY enslaved. Your "freedoms" in fact are ironically enough the best tool TPTB use to keep you happily inside your cage. They learned back in the 1700's that you can't simply exploit people by overtaxing them. It's too explicit. Eventually people get pissed off and they revolt. So lull them instead with a false sense of freedom that really functions as the carrot on the end of the stick to get them to work that much harder for you.

Again, none of this is exactly earth shattering information - but now look at where global warming really fits into this picture:

Just forget all the rhetoric about taxes and Al Gore for a minute and think critically about what the problem actually entails.

Look at EVERYTHING around you. ALL OF IT has a carbon footprint - the computer in front of you, the paint on your walls, the clothes you're wearing (hopefully
), the food in your stomach, everything takes some form of energy to extract, produce and consume. These are the very processes that make TPTB rich - and they understand that the more you and I engage in these "economic activities", the more wealth they get to accumulate in the end.

But these are also the very same processes that man-made global warming agenda stands against.

AGW implies that we need to seriously cut down on all this overconsumption and unbridled greed because it is literally destroying our planet. But unlike other environmental causes, that are comparably tame and usually have no sense of urgency, AGW requires that we make these lifestyle changes NOW, because if we don't we are absolutely screwed. Some people will tell you this is all just fear-mongering and alarmism - people like me will tell you it is simply the means to finally wake everyone up.

And contrary to what some corporate shills will tell you - this DOES NOT mean we all have to give up our freedoms and go back to the stone age either. It just means we have to think more critically about the current system and how utterly imbalanced and thus inefficient it is. It means if we're all going to co-exist happily in a low carbon world, we have to reorganize where our wealth goes. It means we have to stop wasting it away by funneling all the excess up the conveyor belt to the top 1%. TPTB completely recognize this, and do you think they are happy about it?

Likewise don't forget the AGW problem also dictates that the world needs to switch to clean, renewable forms of energy that we all know they have been trying to suppress for decades. So ask yourself - how does this fit into their agenda?

"More taxes" is meaningless because taxes, just like FIAT currency, are meaningless. What matters is the labour, the goods and services, the things of actual value you and I generate that they then exploit. Carbon taxes are inherently designed to slow these activities down. But what this really means is that we have to use them more resourcefully - i.e. to funnel it into the system instead of up the conveyor belt.

So again, how does that all work into their agenda?

The answer is it doesn't, it actually goes completely against it. So this is why I'm sure Mr. Keiser is promoting the global warming issue to you.

Because anyone who actually has enough foresight to look past all the political rhetoric and see the core tenets of AGW for what they are: i.e. conservation, clean energy, sustainability, social responsibility, people "waking up" and taking action - doing things for the good of the planet and the good of each other instead of just serving "the man"...

Anyone who sees these things for what they are understands that they represent the character traits in all us sheeple that TPTB fear the most. AGW presents a platform for all of us to finally start waking up and working for the greater good instead of just for theirs. And as corny as this sounds: we ARE the world. We are the ones who make it run and we, not they, are the ones who hold the power to change it for the better.

Global warming is a huge problem but as such it is one that has the potential to unite the entire planet under a common goal of making it as safe, just, and healthy of a place for everyone to live in and enjoy. But what needs to happen is everyone needs to actually care about that more than they care about all the self-centered priorities which TPTB infuse us with because it makes everyone that much easier to control. And by care I don't mean pay lip service and talk about how much you support the environment - I mean care enough to stand up and ask what you can do about it, and then actually do it.

This is why the real conspiracy in AGW is at worst to shroud this issue in BS economic policies, politics and taxes that confuse everyone and keep them asleep from the bigger picture. At best (and by that I mean much worse) there is a conspiracy to completely deny it, and label anyone who supports such ideals as religious "eco-nazis" or "enviro-loonies" so the rest of the sheep don't pay any attention to what they're actually trying to say.

I have been trying to draw ATS' attention to this conspiracy for a good year and a half now, posting links upon links like the ones in this post for example (scroll down a bit) that completely back up and PROVE what I'm saying.

Unfortunately, other than the few people around here who already get it - 95% of the so-called conspiracy theorists on ATS can't seem to pick out the forest amongst the trees on this issue. Either they are just too ideologically brainwashed by all the political propaganda, or they're too plain stubborn to consider any of this information because that means facing the possibility that (ooops!) they were wrong and have had the whole conspiracy backwards this entire time.

Either way it's incredibly lame, and if people on a conspiracy website can't figure out the conspiracy - what hope is there for the rest of the sheep?

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