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Knowledge, power and freedom... in your world.

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posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 06:04 PM
Just tell me what you think about this...

Acquiring a hidden, novel or special knowledge leads you to a direct end... that is the purpose and the use this knowledge will have thereafter, both for you and every other being. At this very moment that you realise having acquired the key to the secret room where no one as ever got, there, and at the same time, you acquire power... as you are in the possession of a new piece of information which will give you plenty of new choices -or "liberties"- that will affect your future condition, and might or mght not affect the conditions of other people, depending whom the information will concern.

The freedom of choice is the liberty to sovereignly decide between two or many options, options that are directly determined by the knowledge you possess concerning a specific situation. Therefore, if knowledge is essentially the key which gives someone`s freedom of choice, then CONTROL of knowledge from one individual to the other -operated by alteration, division or modification or the information-, as from one group of individuals to the rest of society, leads to the alienation of freedom of choice by the first party to the second party. Because you may be recognized as free to decide whatever you want, but how will you be able to KNOW what your choices really are?

Most education systems throughout history were dependent on such alienation of knowledge -leading to an alienation of freedoms-, with and with variating levels of legitimacy and purpose. Or course no system stays alive for a long time without being legitimized, but many systems did not always following the interest or the larger part of society, and this is where contradictions begins. In some cases of knowledge teaching and broadcasting, control is a necessity linked to age (as most childrens are unable to contain and comprehend some complex informations that adults deal with everyday), while in some other cases, control is used to generate and reproduce social stratification and cultural, economic and political inequities.

In our so called "democracies", where an equalistic electoral system is supposedly protecting citizens from the tyranny of the Few, control of knowledge is used systematically to drain the political freedoms from the masses, both by education policies, mass media, state policy, Law and religion, as all of these social structures are collaborating for a systematic control of all of the information which circulates through the masses, as they are the fundamental "mediums" by which information are validated, codified and then transmitted to the masses. No matter if this information is to the concern of a few individuals or billions of humans, the people within these organisations of systematical control will NEVER, ever, consent give it away as the control of information is the very basis, the IMPLICIT basis, of their purpose and role in society. Without control, they are nothing... only machines without software to make them work... or at least it is how they see themselves, as it is the same control of knowledge (to which they are victims too!) that blinds them from knowing that "there IS a world out there", that outside of their boxes, life is happening by itself (some call it "NATURE"), and it`s their own CHOICE to live it or not... So the alienators too are alienated from knowledge.

But it is up to every person on this planet to make the choice -because everyone STILL has this choice-, to willingly collaborate, freely and without any prejudicial discrimination, with other people to the development of a shared knowledge, and a shared, public, way to discover, seek out this knowledge in order to share it with the community of humans. As secrecy is power, but alienation at the same time, sharing is the very basis of true liberty. If State cannot give us the POWER TO DECIDE SEVOREIGNLY, then it is to all human's responsability and aspiration -if they want to live in a free and democratic world- to litterally CREATE this power, or to take it back from the hands that stolen it, and to share it with all the other people in their community.

If some of you wanna go deeper into that topic, I suggest that you read some essays from linguistics theoricians McLuhan and Chomsky, as both do a great work defining the relations between power, liberties and the control of information in our societies.

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