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WAR: Headless Body Found in River Near Baghdad

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posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 05:40 PM

A decapitated body was found in an orange jumpsuit today it was discovered in the Tigris River in northern Iraq by the U.S. military coalition troops it is also raising fears that it belongs to the Bulgarian hostage killed the day before. The body was discovered northwest of the city of Beiji, 170 miles north of Baghdad.

BBC NEWS A military spokeswoman said Iraqi police had discovered the body and handed it over to the Americans.

It is not yet known whether the corpse belongs to a Bulgarian hostage beheaded by Islamic militants in Iraq on Monday. The captors have threatened to execute the dead man's Bulgarian colleague unless their demands for prisoner releases are met.

Reuters news agency quoted the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Solomon Passy as saying efforts were being made to identify the headless body "by all possible means, by DNA tests and fingerprints, etc".

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Seems as if anouther hostage has been beheaded and dumped but I've not heard of anything on news channels with footage saying they have killed such a person and claimed responsibility for it. Maybe its new tactics by the terrorist insurgent groups in Iraq. Our thoughts are with his family

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posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 06:34 PM
That's nasty! Those stupid terrorists! Tjhey deserve tp be decapitated!

posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 09:55 PM
How sick is that!! These monsters are depraved!!

posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 03:11 AM
And an other one, it is usual buissiness around there :S

posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 04:22 AM
'Hostage' body found in Iraq river
July 16

IRAQI police have retrieved a second corpse dressed in an orange jumpsuit from the Tigris River near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and turned it over to the US military.


posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 10:17 PM
The death of a Bulgarian lorry driver has been confirmed.

A group led by the Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said it had killed one of two Bulgarian hostages and would kill the second today unless all Iraqi detainees were released. The Bulgarian was the fifth captive to die since March. Bulgaria confirmed his death, first reported on the TV network al-Jazeera, which refused to broadcast a videotape of his execution because it was "gruesome". The victim was said to be named Georgi Lazov, one of two lorry drivers seized late last month.

Another death, another family left grieving.

posted on Apr, 6 2009 @ 01:52 PM
so... they found some guys whole body here in kansas

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