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Lucid Nightmares - Lower Dimension?

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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 06:10 AM
Sometimes I become aware in my sleep, most times the experience is not pleasant.
The setting can often be familiar like the pear orchard next to my garden, but in this instance there's a door I know shouldn't exist, that leads to a room I know not to be there. Suddenly in this room certain entities come for me & in this instance place a small round device upon my neck, this piece of equipment I'm shown is one of their many 'tools'.

This causes me alot of terror & pain & makes me vibrate in a bad way, as I resonate I become consciously aware of my sleeping paralyzed body, now at this point I can see my surroundings & the exact position I lay in my bed & as I vibrate I can literally shake myself back into my body which takes real effort I have to flinch & wriggle & kick!

Now at this gateway between body & mind I have 2 choices: I can struggle to force myself to wake or let myself slip away again which is oh so easy to do. Often times I play with the experience & go back & forth, I want to know it more intimately & many times I've tried to relax & focus on Love & positive feeling yet I've found if I try this it makes me vulnerable & I feel like I'm being prodded & pulled at in an effort to tear me limb from limb!

Only when my fear turns to anger & I build up an insurmountable level of rage within my psyche & envision myself glowing red hot like magnesium do I find overwhelming strength to destroy all around me, on the contrary they never stand a chance because I start to spin & everything dissapears yet at this point I often wake up or find myself floating in a dark void.

Can anyone else relate?

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 06:56 AM
How interesting.. I notice you said they were lucid nightmares..Well the best thing to do would be, look for a reality check in your dream..

Such as a mirror, or alarm clock.. If you look into a mirror while dreaming you will not see your self, The image in the mirror will appear wrong.. maybe even terrifying..The alarm clock is also a good reality check.. As it will never read the same time twice..for example you could look at it, And have it say 7:51 then look back at it and it could say 10:21..

The goal is to alert your subconscious that you are sleeping, And that it is a dream.. As soon as you realize you are in a dream you will either wake up, Or become lucid, And then be able to control it..

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 07:00 AM
Ive been wanting to make a post about a similar, yet much less extreme series of events I've started experiencing.

I was very skeptical about even posting it on this forum as its hard to explain, but I get similar experiences when im starting to fall asleep, however I always resist and force myself to wake up. This often means I can not sleep most the night or I experience this feeling again and rather than resist its much easier to stay awake.

The first time was when I was at my cousines wedding in Detroit (I live in the UK near London) and I felt as if I was being watched by a gohst whilst I slept and felt very uncomfortable like something was trying to get into my head/mind.

Anyway I didnt think anything of this until back in the UK I started getting increasingly strong similar sensations. They get more and more intense to the point where I know something is going to happen, but I always resist and force myself to not submit,

I have no idea what this could be and only started exploring these forums recently which has given me a lot of often very extreme possibilities. Whatever it is I don't know, but if its the same thing as I described here is what I do to avoid whatever it is building up to./

First try avoid sleeping at night, this never happens in the day/morning once the sun begins to rise. Have some something on like a film, loud music will totally stop this experience if you are very desperate (I often sleep with my mp3 player in my ears and even tho its harder to sleep it stops this experience) If you must sleep without any of these and start to get these feelings start think about something else, anything else. As soon as you focus on the sensation thats when it gets you (I know its very hard to not think of something when you get told not to think about it, but you just need to keep disrupting the process as much as possible. Put every ounce of concentration on a specific memory or thought and explain yourself all the details, giving you no time to think about what elswe is trying to access your conciousness.

I have no idea what this is to do with, maybe it just involved EMF's or other less sinister things than you have implied. All I know if that I get this sensation and it is not pleasent. What I've told you works for me, but still when this happens I will not sleep more than a couple hours. If anyone has any idea what this could be I'd love to know because its very inconvenient, but thankfully nowhere near as sinister as anything that you have described.

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 07:33 AM
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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 07:41 AM
I do not know if this happens to anyone else but I do read some weird things in this section anyways mine is not that strange. When I go to bed sometimes I sleep with it very dark but as I lay there I see dark and darker shadows flowing around like energy surrounding my body like dark swirled with light. I always blame it on my eyes playing tricks and my mind messing with me but in all hopes I hope its just im scared of the dark.

But I used to do a lot of drugs experimenting with the thoughts of expanding my mind really I was just getting really high but when I would go to sleep I would imagine dark spirits trying to take my soul. I also thought it was the grim reaper because at times I was not far from death.

posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by L.J.C

Yes, I have been battling similar entities. Basically, if they put any "devices" on you, simply imagine grabbing them and removing them. You might feel silly removing an invisible collar with your bear hands, as if you are a mime or something, however just imagine that you are, and then when you have the device, simply imagine destroying it or throwing it away. Some of the devices are in the brain, and some are in the body, You can imagine putting your hand inside of your astral body and removing them. When it comes to the lower entities, you can learn how to snap yourself away (often the last resort) or fight them. Usually, at first, they were too strong for my astral being, however, over time, I was able to overpower them. As soon as I was able to do that, they started to leave me alone. I think that we start to cause mischief when we are able to rise to thier dimension, and they often try to restrain us. Sometimes there are entire buildings and facilities near where we live (in the higher dimensional plane) and they have to restrain us like they do wild animals.

Here is an interesting experience:

Once I remember, thinking that an "angel" was near me, I started to feel good, and then realised that it was giving me some sort of massage. Then, I noticed that there was another being next to me, when I started to try and escape, by rising out of my body, there was like a set of weight-plates holding me down. And the being next to me was trying to read my mind (i.e. the "good cop bad cop" routine). I was REALLY pissed off, so I basically "descended" to the darkness, and then rose back up to where the being that was questioning me was. Basically, I grabbed its head, and noticed it was wearing some kind of mask. At that point I made an effort to remove its mask, and as it struggled, eventually it managed to get away from me. I became REALLY REALLY angry, and basically, tried to "follow" it, this was when I woke up, I used my imagination to follow them. I reached some kind of facility, and I think they were actually humans doing some kind of psy-ops. I warned them, with a statement, that if they dare try and mess with me again, I would come for them in their nightmares and drag them into the abyss, where they can meet some of MY friends.
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posted on Feb, 16 2011 @ 08:20 AM
reply to post by TechVampyre

Weird, I constantly look into mirrors and see myself just the way i am, nothing weird, and that happens while lucid and non-lucid dreaming, i can also turn on the lights, and all kinds of things.

As for the OP, i have very similar experiences, although they vary from one time to another. I too was absolutely terrified at first of these entities harming me, then I tried to give out good energy, love, and I felt them feeding even more off me, and the same as you, this madness stopped only when I started attacking back. I even sucked the energy out of one of them, you should see the looks on their faces when I fight back, and they see how powerful I am. They really stand no chance when we awaken to the strength within ourselves.

I think we're supposed to find balance within our lives by accepting both polarities of this world and within ourselves, good and bad, not just focusing on one of them, which is I guess for me a lesson confirmed in my dreams. The only truth out of this is that we are very powerful amazing human beings, and we don't need any tricks, like sending out love, or any sort of improvisations, because we have it all within, and just the way we are we are very incredible. We don't have to try anything smart, or any particular methods, etc. we just need to be ourselves.

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