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Engineered Economic Collapse Approaching; Budget Cuts Will Only Accelerate the Inevitable

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 01:02 PM

Engineered Economic Collapse Approaching; Budget Cuts Will Only Accelerate the Inevitable

Ron Paul constantly reminds us that money is created out of thin air, which is to say it's an illusion. Therefore, the debt must be an illusion too, correct? Yet, fiscal conservatives still use the debt as a tool of fear to make budget cuts that they selectively deem expendable.

Sure, they may think these cuts make them look "responsible," but ultimately it is still collectivism -- just more on their terms. Make no mistake; budget cuts in our corrupt system are just another form of wealth....
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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 01:02 PM
Watch video below for an interesting perspective on the national debt and collapse of the State:

I completely agree with him that this debt is not our liability. However, what he fails to mention is this is an intended collapse of our economy, so the globalists can usher in the SDR as the world reserve currency. Everyone in America will freak out when we default and the IMF will come swooping in to “save” our country but lending us SDR’s. Meanwhile they are prepping China to be the next world super power. All the while leading the American people to believe the radical Islam is our enemy only to keep our eyes off of the true enemies. #1 being the multinational conglomerates, #2 being our biggest rival China. The state has created a false boogey man of islamic terrorists, to protect China from the resentment of the American people. While they build China up to far exceed anything America was. Then they will chuck us over their shoulders like an empty beer can, and move on to the next country of “growth and opportunity”. We are being made to fail by the same people who made us prosper. There is no more money to be made in the U.S. from a business stand point. We are completely saturated. Its time now for the globalist to move on to a more populous country, and a country thats more totalitarian. But I beg the chinese to see these corporations for what they really are and call them out. For when the globalists are done with China they will simply crush and throw the beer can over their shoulder.

More Info:

Barack Obama’s Budget For 2012: A Complete And Total Joke:

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 01:06 PM
Celente and Schiff and Roubini, et al. have been saying this kind of stuff for the past five years.

Few, if any, of their predictions have materialized in the manner they posited.

Yes. I believe that one day the U. S. economy will collapse. However, it won't be on a time-table, and it won't occur for the reasons most people believe.

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by MMPI2

Yes. I believe that one day the U. S. economy will collapse. However, it won't be on a time-table, and it won't occur for the reasons most people believe.

It is due a lot sooner than you think!

Reagan started the economic plunge with the leveraged buyout feeding frenzy of the 1980's that destroyed the US industrial base. Clinton took it further by exporting jobs via WTO and NAFTA and China's entry into the WTO. But the worse thing Clinton did was setting up the USA for the current economic crash with the passage of several banking laws. Quick list of Banking laws

Bush was responsible for the AIG bailout and Obama set up homeowners with his "Loan Modification Program" that lured the unwary into foreclosure so the banks could grab all the tax payer money from AIG Credit Default Swaps on top of the house and land they foreclosed on.

That brings us to the present messed up economy. So what has the Obama Admin done to fix it???

50% of the US labor force work for small business. Obamacare makes a change in the tax law governing 1099's that is going to be a NIGHTMARE for ALL businesses and force many small businesses to close their doors. Worse it will greatly impede the start of new small businesses.

With this change in the tax code, every time $600/year or more is spent for supplies or services at a different vendor, the business must FIRST get a TIN (SS#) BEFORE the purchase is made. Then each quarter or at year's end he must fill out forms for the IRS and the vendor detailing how much was spent. Worse if even ONE of those TIN's are wrong, he is required by the IRS to do withholding tax on ALL his vendors and contractors! (been there done that) Can you see the mess as salesmen, buyers and sales clerks try to deal with confidential information like TIN's ? Can you see the absolute chaos as a salesmen filling the gas tank on his company car argues with a gas station attendant (who only speaks broken English) and tries to explain WHY he is withholding 28% of the purchase prices???

If you read no other references do read this: It shows what was happening behind the scenes and why Dan Amstutz went to work for Sachs Goldman after writing the WTO Agreement on Ag. and the Freedom to Farm Act of 1996 that lead to the food riots of 2008.

The second fiasco is the Food Safety Law. Most American farmers, despite the media's hype, have to work a second job to support their farm. The average net income for US farms is $19K. Very few farms actually get tax payer money and those are normally the large corporate farms. The addition of food safety regulation and the new 1099 tax changes are going to push many out of business and the Tester Amendment Does NOT Help Small Food Producers. A Lawyer says the new law May effect home gardens.

The USA produces 25% of the world's grain. 40% of the USA is farmland and come 2012 when the Food Safety Law goes into effect, the US government will have just put out of business the majority of the 2,055,230 family farms leaving just the 73,752 Corporate farms. (2002 Ag Census)

This destruction of American farming is intentional and started right after WWII. The key moves were the 1995 World Trade Organization Agreement on Ag and the 1996 farm bill called the "Freedom to Farm Act" both written by the VP of Cargill Dan Amstutz. Those two not only wiped out many farmers in the US but all over the world. The "Freedom to Farm Act" also got rid of the US strategic grain reserve. As of 2008 the USDA reported "The Cupboard is bare"

The economic disparity between industrial farms and those that retain locally owned and controlled farms may be due in part, to the degree in which money stays in the community. Locally owned and controlled farms tend to buy their supplies and services locally, thus supporting a variety of local businesses. This phenomenon is known as the economic “multiplier” effect, estimated at approximately seven dollars per dollar earned by the locally owned farm. PEW REPORT

The total economic impact of farming for my state, North Carolina, was over $704 million in 2002. Only 171 Farms of the 53930 NC farms are not Family held.

Obama-Dodd financial bill would further enrich Goldman Sachs The "bill would reward the firm with potentially billions of dollars by instituting a so-called “resolution authority” that would, in practice, be a permanent bailout fund."

Barack Obama has reshuffled his staff, bringing in the trio who under Clinton gave us WTO, NAFTA, repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and China’s entry into the WTO. These are the same dudes who are responseble for exporting millions of American jobs.

Now the monster we call a government is after our life savings.
US Departments of Labor and Treasury Schedule Hearing on Confiscation of Private Retirement Accounts

Leveraged Buyout References:

References on Housing Market Crash:

Farm References
John Munsell's Comment in this article is the best description of the food safety problem I have seen:
(Tester amendment is scam)
(Home Gardens)

Background and History
1996rFeedom to farm Act:

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by crimvelvet


Great post, great work.

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