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2-15-2011 Dream Fragment

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 11:11 AM
Last night I had several dreams but I only can remember part of one amazing dream moment/place/dream within a dream that I was somehow briefly teleported/transported to or something like that.

Unfortunately I can not really remember all the details of this or my other dreams last night because I kept waking up and going back to sleep at various times during the night after some strange moment in a dream where someone or something seemed to be trying to stick a needle-like thing (well that is what it felt like but I could not see it) in back of my head, and I woke up into the real world for a few seconds feeling the residual feeling/effect/affect in back of my head from that moment in the dream but it went away and when I realized it was just a dream I went back to sleep.

I can not remember what was happening in the dream that came before the amazing moment, but something happened in the dream that either teleported/transported me to another dream or place or a portal opened up and I went inside or something like that but I can not remember.

I remember suddenly being in a place that was very detailed and the place had a Feeling to it (I think a feeling of clearness & being far away & probably a feeling of it being a safe place and/or an isolated place); it reminded me of the place at the beginning of the film Inception and the Limbo place in the film combined with a few other places, but things were brighter/clearer.

I do not remember seeing the sun, which is normal for my dreams, but it was daytime and clear, not overly bright or anything; also I think the dream went Lucid, but I am not sure.

I was at a place that I think over looked a sea with some rocks being near the bottom area of the building/complex, I think the place I was at may have been like an old castle or some ancient ruins or some kind of ancient place but I can not remember, it was like I was on a balcony or entrance-like area on the building with steps or a courtyard-like area of the building or some covered ancient ruin-like place/complex maybe with some structure (maybe a stone bowl-like thing were you might start a fire or something but that is a wild guess) behind me maybe and I was partially outside or I was outside but there may have been a roof over the the area I was at probably being held up by pillars or something maybe; so I could see the inside of the building and still see the outside too, but I can not remember.

I am not sure if something or someone else was there with me at this place or not but I do remember yelling out to someone or something so maybe I felt a presence or hoped that someone would answer my questions or something like that; but I do know that I did not see anyone around the scenery that I was looking at.

I could see places in the distance all around the building/place/complex that I was at, it was like a panorama/combination of different places on Earth.

I will attempt to describe the locations of each area, but do not expect my compass-like directions to be accurate at all because I do not know about directions/compass stuff really.

To my North was the sea with maybe some rocks below me and in the distance I may have seen some land or something, it was very nice and secluded.

To the Northwest there was an area with what may have been old electrical equipment or some kind of equipment in a field, the stuff was sitting there and looked aged.

To the West was what appeared to be an old abandoned city that had a look of being made from mostly dull old concrete, a sort of old Soviet/Fake Communist-style place I think.

To the South West was what appeared to be a New York-style city I think.

I am not sure if it was the South or South East, but I saw snow covered mountains I think or a cold snowy place, and I can not remember the last place exactly or if it was in the South or South East but my guess is that it was another city that may have been a modern-like city by water and/or I can not remember at all.

To the North East and/or East was a clean modern or futuristic looking city.

I remember thinking that I may have finally found the Secure Location, that I had been searching for in other dreams.

I wondered where was everyone and how were these different locations in the distance visible, since they normally can not be seen together on Earth.

I guessed that this place was far away from any threats and I wondered who else knew about this place, and I wondered had I been brought here to avoid some of the possible disasters or disaster.

I wish I could remember what the building/buildings/complex/ruins/etc looked like exactly, because I look around and I saw several parts of it from where I was standing; I could be wrong but I may have seen a yellow vertical flag or several yellow vertical flags blowing in the wind that were attached somewhere on one of these ancient ruins/buildings/castles/whatever but that is a wild guess.

It was an amazing feeling, almost like I was in my own world or something, and I seemed to currently have the place to myself maybe; the place felt kind of crystal clear (if that made sense) and I do not think it felt like any other dream place I have been before except one (but the feeling was stronger this time).

I remember yelling out to someone or something or some presence or I just hoped someone was there to answer my questions, and I asked if this was the Secure Location but no one or nothing responded; which frustrated me a little bit.

I wanted to know where I was and what was this place and ask many other questions, but I think I woke up and/or somehow returned to the other dream/dream place where I was before and/or a portal opened up and I returned or was returned there or something, I can not remember.

The end,
-John Jr

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by TheDreamerCalledJohn

Thanks Dreamer for sharing your dream!
I believe you, I had same kind of dreams.
Dreams are another kind of reality and it works right there.
You will have more like this!
Not worry it's just yours, nobody will tell you enough about it.

Take care!

posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Happyface

You are welcome and thank you for responding Happyface.

I do hope I have more dreams like this because it was an amazing dream experience.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 10:01 AM
One suggestion, often times directions in dreams are backwards. If you take your directions and reverse them slightly you end up with a map that you can almost follow along the United States. Perhaps to the Rockies, if they were snow covered mountains, as the Appalachians don't have snow most the time. Plus the Apps are not as steep as the Rockies.

Hope that helps.


posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 10:10 AM
reply to post by Attrei

Thank you for the suggestion.

This place did not appear to be in the USA or anywhere that I know of, it was like this place was somewhere else but somehow a panorama of places on Earth were visible in the distance, like parts of different countries were cut and pasted together in a picture or something except this was not a picture; it was quite interesting.

I wish I could remember more though, I did the best I could, considering that it seemed to be a dream within a dream and/or a dream place that I was somehow transported to within a dream; so that made things a little bit more complex and the feeling of this place was amazing/different, so that made it harder to remember as well.

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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 10:14 AM
reply to post by TheDreamerCalledJohn

I don't know what the byp is wrong , but I too have been having very almost real dreams...
I mean , it's strange , it's weird and what's even more intriguing is that I remember them all in detail , something like beeing to a party and drinking too much but I still remember them.
And this never happend...
Usually I can remember what I dream in the first 10-20 minutes after waking up...
I don't even whant to give details from my dreams but it's weird I remember them even a day after the night before...

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by leaualorin

Ooo, that is interesting and you are fortunate to keep your dream recall that long after waking up because many of us start forgetting in seconds or a few minutes
, please do re-consider sharing some of them; a little bit is better than nothing and you can censor the parts that you are not comfortable sharing.

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