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hold me down, shut me up (non-sedated)

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 09:54 AM
Stories, lies and the scandals,
Saying to me move on and just drive,
I cannot hold the handles,
Blindfolded, I’m still alive?

Constantly covering me like a cloud,
Causing my heart to pulse like beating rain,
And I am always wondering how,
I’ll ever see blue skies again.

Blue skies would be my opening soul,
Going on and stop the looking back,
At the darkness whose barrier was whole,
Couldn’t see; a murk with a sightless stack.

And sleepless now seems funny to me,
Disordered, have to lay down with the pain,
Cause getting less sleep, not stunning to me,
Toss, turn, the madness, love, loss and no restrain.

I think they should straight jacket me,
Until they’ve had enough of me,
Imbalance, they’re still going to laugh at me,
But when they’re done, it’s in the rough with me.

Look at the clock disgustedly,
Past my bedtime constantly.


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