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Fascinating Lecture By Martin Rees! Lifes Future In The Cosmos

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 07:32 AM
If you have the time to watch this lecture, please do. Martin Rees discusses all things Universe and shares his knowledge and views in regards to the future of space exploration and humanities role in securing a future for ourselves.

The question is, What if human success on Earth determines life's success in the universe?

What a great question! When I read that sentence, It sparked much interest and I immediately started to question and analyze that Idea. My mind raced with a slightly different version of that question...What if our current human consciousness can advertly effect our universe? What if... What we do here on earth, could change how the universe reacts and changes towards earth? How connected are we really to life outside our planet?

Martin Rees also discusses Robotics and life searching satellites, which lol...spawned a new thought about our Ufo phenomenon. What if our ancient ancestors created a technology, much like our robotics and satellites today, and sent them off to scour the universe and report back to earth? Technology that may have been far more superior to what we have today, more of an intelligent design. We have all heard of rogue satellites and robotics, some of these ideas made famous in the movie Terminator. Could our sightings of Ufo's be ancient advanced intelligent type satellites that have periodically have come back to earth, but realize that there is a clear and present danger?

Yes these ideas and thoughts may be way out there and off the charts, but thats what a question in the description of this lecture got me thinking about.

Outside of my crazy thoughts that swarm my mind, I found this lecture very informative and interesting to listen to. A part of me envys a man that is able to clearly able to construct his thoughts and discuss concepts in a way that can be understood rather easily. I seemed to be able to achieve this type of conversation much better when I was still young and in college with like minds. Many years of passed and a certain part of me has become a victim to all the drama within the world over the past decade. I find myself worrying more about bills and survival than, having intelligent conversations about the mysteries of life. If you have a chance, check this out, and let me know your thoughts.


Hulu-Lifes Future In The Cosmos
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