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7-30-2008 Three Old Dreams The Church & The Devil & The Christian Revelation

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posted on Feb, 15 2011 @ 12:48 AM
The Church
The first dream took place years ago just like the other two, but I still remember enough of each of the dreams to write about them.
These dreams were powerful I guess would be the word back when I had them, during that time I was a teenager & a Christian so you can imagine that these dreams really made me do some thinking.
Anyway the first dream took place in Wal-mart, I went shopping there with my mom.
My mom went to another part of the store while I went to the grocery section I think, as I was looking around I noticed a woman standing looking straight at me.
No one else was around the grocery section by the fruit, so it was only the two of us.
The woman looked like the angel Monica played by Roma Downey, on the television show Touched By An Angel.
I think she said that she was sent to give me a message, I think I asked her if she was an angel and she said yes.
She said that I was going to die, but she would not tell me when and she would not tell me how exactly; but it did not seem that it would happen anytime soon but far in the future.
She only told me that I would die of a spinal injury, I think.
I felt sad and somewhat afraid, I think she told me not to worry and that it would be in the distant future.
I think she seemed to be calm and smiled to help cheer me up and let me know that it would be okay, I told her thank you for telling me and I left.
My mom was leaving out of the store when I told her what the angel had said.
My mom started to cry and said that she wanted to go pray, so as we went to our van, we noticed a small white shotgun styled church by Wal-mart in the little field some apartments.
It was night time outside and no one was by the church, and it looked abandoned.
My mom wanted to go anyway so she knocked on the door, after a few seconds a small opening on the door like a peek hole thing opened, but who or whatever it was did not open the door.
My mom started beating on the door, I told her to relax and lets go somewhere else but she did not listen.
She managed to knock the door open a little and in the small opening I saw one of the strangest things ever!
In this old church there were gargoyle-like creatures in the church seats sitting looking forward like there was a church service going on.
There were church seats on the left and some on the right with a red carpet up the middle of the floor leading to the place where the preacher usually preaches, except a throne was there instead.
On this throne was the lower part of a huge body sitting on the throne, I could only see it from about the feet up to the knees because it was too tall.
The legs were gargoyle/human-like, I only had about 5 seconds or less to see all of this.
I think next to the throne on both sides were two large gargoyle-like creatures that seemed like guards.
In the 5 or 3 seconds that I saw all of this, all of the creatures froze/did not move and turned invisible as soon as my mom barely opened the door, so I only had a few brief seconds to see this.
The creatures feet were the last part of their bodies to go invisible, next to the door were two gargoyle-like creatures that closed the door in our face.
My mom kept beating on the door again, and I told her that we needed to get out of here but she would not listen.
Then the two creatures that were behind the door started to throw a pink colored dust at us, so I pulled my mom away from the door.
My mom still was desperate to go inside, so the two creatures opened some openings on the door and pointed some trumpet-like cannons at us and started to shoot more of the pink colored powder at us & some shotgun-like pellets at us, so I pulled my mom and ran toward our automobile
Then I woke up,
-John Jr

The Devil
This is the oldest dream of the three dreams, and some of the parts I can not remember since I was a little kid when I had this dream.
I remember being a kid, my cousin and I were in a hallway I think.
There were doors in the hallway, and we went into one of the rooms.
The room looked like a large storage closet for a janitor, and the only light in the room seemed to come from a sunroof or a window on the roof.
We were looking around the room, there were metal shelves, and I think we saw some strange candle-like light coming from one part of the room.
I think I remember feeling very scared for some reason as we walked closer, all I remember next is seeing a man.
I remember feeling the strongest feelings of fear, shock, terror, anxiety, and whatever other words you can think of that I have ever felt in a dream.
The feelings were so strong my cousin and I could not talk, run, or move.
I think the man wore animal fur clothes or had animal fur clothes at the top part of his body covering his shoulders like a fur coat or something, or he was wearing a suit with a fur covering over the shoulders like a small cloak.
I think he had short slicked back dark brownish hair & he had whitish colored skin, he looked like a normal politician or businessman or something with a shaved face I think, he was about 6 feet tall or slightly taller, he seemed confident, and he looked relaxed.
He did not look scary but we were scared and felt paralyzed with fear and many other feelings.
I believe I knew he was suppose to be the Christian Devil for some reason, he may have even told us but I can not remember; actually he probably did not say who he was exactly, but I do know that he said that he was called by many names by many different people.
He just stood there and talked to us, as we were paralyzed with fear and the many other strong feelings.
I do not know what he was telling us, but I remember as he walked closer to us the fear & other feelings were so strong that it felt like he was so powerful that the closer he got to us the harder it was to stand/breathe/etc.
I think he said that we had probably heard many stories about him, some true and some not true; I guess he was telling us about some of the true stories about himself, but that is just a guess.
He stood about four feet away from us and just stood there talking about something to us, but I can not remember any of it.
We almost could not stand, it was like gravity was getting heavier and was pushing down on us, and I felt super weak; his presence was that strong, the strongest presence/power I have ever felt from a dream character even till this day.
I think I may have started praying in my mind because I could not talk, run, or anything; so that is all I could do, and hope that the Christian God would help us.
After a while he stopped talking and I think he disappeared but I am not sure, I just remember him being gone; for all I know we could have temporarily lost consciousness or something, since his presence was almost too strong handle.
Then me and my cousin could move, some of the fear started to leave, and we started to get some of our strength back but we still felt drained.
We then ran out of the room to go tell someone, then I woke up.

I have never experienced any thing like that again in a dream that I can remember and I never again had anyone in a dream with a presence that powerful.

-John Jr

The Christian Revelation
This last dream reminded me of the book of Revelation in the Christian bible a little bit, that is why I named the dream that years ago, though that may not be the best title I could have come up with; this is another old dream from years ago.

One day I was at my house on a nice sunny day, when I went outside I noticed some tiny silver UFOs in the sky, actually they were USOs (Unidentified Stationary Objects).

I told my mom & dad to come see them, and I went to turn on the television to watch the news.
No one knew what the objects were and everyone was trying to figure it out.
Some said they were meteorites, some said they were UFOs/USOs, and some said that Jesus was coming back.
My parents said that we would wait to see what they were, and that if it is Jesus we would all go to the church for shelter instead of our house.
Many of the churches in town were starting to let people stay at their churches to wait for Jesus to come.
Some people were going to bomb shelters, and others were preparing for the worse.
Each day the objects got bigger and bigger, but none of them seemed to move, it was like they were just getting closer to the Earth or something.
One day as the objects each were almost half the size of the moon & smaller, my family was preparing to go to the church when suddenly I heard a loud voice and/or trumpet and then a voice.
I stepped outside of my window to my room and outside everyone in the neighborhood was outside looking up at the sky listening to some loud voice that everyone could hear.
The sky had a strange color, the wind was blowing, and as all of that was going on; I noticed a few things on the ground below my window.
I noticed a tumbleweed rolling across our yard, and then I saw the skull of what appeared to be a dead alien by my window on the ground. (It looked like how I would imagine a stereotypical Gray skull to look)
I then thought to myself "So aliens are real!".
I do not remember what the voice that everyone could hear outside said at all unfortunately; all I know is that everyone was listening to the voice.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr

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