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So how are we going to defeat the Reptilians!? I got an idea! How about you!?

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 07:42 PM
i actually cant believe people still think reptilians exist. I mean come on.......really? im gona say that everyone that believes this rubbish, are the kind of people that have no idea about reality at all. These are the kinds of people that have no idea whats going on in the world and say everything on the news can be traced back to aliens...

These are the people that are just a small step away from the insane asylum.

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 08:02 PM
here's what i was thinking..

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 08:23 PM
Reptiles (ergo reptilians) are cold -blooded (biologically not just psychologically ; ) so maybe we should embrace Global Cooling so they will hibernate or at least become sluggish.

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posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by youthsavior

I'll do it, as long as they stay in human female form.

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by andre18

They used to burn people/put them in insane asylums who proposed the Earth wasn't flat a few hundred years ago.

What does that tell you?

posted on Feb, 23 2011 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by Agarta
reply to post by purplemer

Actually, finding them is not a problem. We can find them extremely easy. They can not breath our atmosphere, so, a little research into caves and caverns that are not open to the public or are military guarded(regardless of the government) and you have an entrance they are about 3 miles down. Those hybrids called shape shifters that can breath our atmosphere will shift when attacked or attacking because they are vulnerable in their human form so they will "out" themselves. Unfortunately, there is a distinct possibility that in the World of Agarta(my user name also spelled Agartha (hollow Earth theory)) may be their central command. There are multiple races and species that live there. Some would stand up with them and some would stand with us unless, we maintain control here and enter hollow Earth with peace. However, we will never make it into these caves much less Agarta as long as they are protected by the military's of the world.

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If you can get together all of the worlds militias or ex hard core military special ops, I'll pay for them to get where they need to be in order to capture these Reptilians.

I will pay for their travel as well & all equipment needed to capture these creatures.

I'm serious! Contact me and we will set something up. We will also document the whole thing for the world to see. What do you think?? Let me know.

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 12:41 AM

They are most certainly real. In the mid-1980's my services (along with the services of nearly a hundred others) were enlisted by the government of Sumter, SC to try and track down a Reptilian that had been terrorizing people along a dirt road that wound through the swampy woods of the area. The Reptilian is indeed a physically strong species - the one that we were looking for had literally ripped the top off one car as it tried to speed away.

I hunt reptilians too. When I find one of the slimy devils I defeat them with the old toe punch to the juggernauts. Then while their doubled over massaging their tender bits I hit em with the 6 to 12 upper-cut and its lights out! Then I call the government types in to clean up the mess. Ya'll are welcome for the advice.
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posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 02:21 AM
Is it me, or is this really just a reptillian ploy to identify dissenters....

posted on Feb, 25 2011 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by andre18

In a universe of infinite possibilities anything can exist!

posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 07:34 PM

Originally posted by youthsavior
From what I understand:

The reptilians and grays live where ever their from, and ..... in subterranean cities on this planet which is a huge tunnel/ cave network... They are working with the government and according to the Pleiadians (who are very similiar to us and have our best interest in mind) are evil demons and are using us for our resources, etc. That's why we should not trust them. Who would you believe, people who look like you who are smarter and peaceful, or reptile/ snake looking people who are very misleading/ evil??? I'll go with the Pleiadians! I know, we don't know any of this as fact right now.. But from all the reading I've been doing. It doesn't make sense that we would be told the opposite of what/ who these et's are.

Hi Youth Savior,

Your post was the most compelling thus far in this thread despite many interesting posts, regardless of whether they were humorous, mocking or alarmist each in its own right was interesting and courteous.

First I must tell you that I used to believe that 'maybe' there might be human looking aliens on Earth, because since they are not identifiable as different from us physically who could know from whence they come? Today I have no further information about this, and aside from channeled information gained by mystical means I know of only one the testimony from military personnel dating back to the 1950;s - 60's which referred to human looking Aliens walking around in the Pentagon and getting a number of people worried. Strange nothing very concrete has surfaced since. If so, please let me know folks.

Secondly I used to be as certain as you can be without direct evidence that "Reptilians" were quite the idiotic fake myth invented to make alternative dissidents out for a bunch of moronic lunatics. Furthermore, I was very alarmed that a growing number of people could believe such nonsense of nasty giant two-legged lizards with high technology and shapeshifting ability. Add to this a middle-aged ex-soccer player "pretty boy" yelping that the Queen Mother is one, that took the cake. I was fully convinced that all this reptilian garbage was invented by those in power to deceive us while having their fun inside joke about just how gullible we are.

Then about 3 years ago I can "face to face" with such a being on a city street. No, I don't do drugs. No, I have no corroborating testimony or physical evidence. Yes I was awake, going about my normal business in familiar surroundings. No, I had no conscious predisposition to either believe such entities might exist and even less desire to come across one. Yes, I was shocked and deeply disturbed by this close encounter which I wished had never happened. No, it didn't help me make sense of things, creating a factor of potential alien influence over events which threw a monkey wrench into my understanding of the world we live in. No, I do not claim to convince anyone of the certainty of this experience, it freaked me out so much that I really wish it was my imagination, only many things prevent me from concluding that. Yes, I am sharing this only for others to use (or not) as a possibly path to understanding what "MIGHT" be happening in our world affairs, either in ancient or recent history or in our present and projected future.

First I wish to introduce my experience from the standpoint which was mine when it happened. Among research and videos I had come across I had seen the following segment, where radio host Alex Jones criticizes David Icke for "taking a dump in the punch bowl" by adding Reptilians to the whistleblowing about our leaders and the Zionist plot of the Illuminati.

Alex Jones statement at minute 1:00

So I was convinced that David Icke was a hired Disinformation Agent, because he was purposely discrediting the truth by mixing it in with preposterous fantasies about imbecilic creatures which couldn't possibly exist, as an insult to our intelligence and to have a good lauch at our expense making Reptile Jokes in our back. This is what I was quite sure about and nobody could have ever talked me into considering for even a moment that Reptoids, humanoid reptile creatures, could actually exist anywhere else than in the festering imagination of a sick mind. You can well imagine therefore what a shock it was for me to come face to face with possibly just about the worst specimen of this sort you could encounter. It was far too close an encounter, and I consider myself very fortunate to be alive. Apparently there are few eyewitness reports of this category of Reptoids because most do not return to speak out.

I can't vouch for them being Extra-terrestrial. I can however state that they are definitely physical beings and not some optical illusion which, of course, doesn't prove they can't shift dimensions, but only that this is something I definitely don't know. My experience was shocking enough to make me wonder about my own sanity, but my thoughts were lucid, I was concentrating and inspecting details continuously, and there was too much which remained known and referenced in familiar surroundings and circumstances to allow room for doubt. They exist, but what on Earth are they? I'm very motivated to get a logical explanation. Wherever they're from there was at least one of them right here on Earth, in my own neighborhood, far too close for comfort.

I only saw one single such creature, by no way indicative of an entire species. My presumption is that there may be an Evil aspect to this Alien being, a sort of two-legged dinosaur which I witnessed in the person of one such individual of that species. What I dared conclude from my observation was that this being was so disposed and physically dominant to be a distinctive potential threat to any mammal lifeforms. After all, why would they have any more regard for our lives than we have for a slimy reptile? And isn't that sense of superiority and enmity something that any species would qualify as Evil? Whatever my impressions of that creature, relevant or misleading, I must nonetheless say how grateful I am to not have seen my life end that shocking night.

I keep open the possibility that I had been "mind controlled" and hypnotized to experience what I saw. But I can't note any interruption in my experience from leaving my car, walking down the street, seeing the being, and rushing home to my building to tell my significant other what had just happened. Nonetheless, hypnosis can use your mind to trick you into believing something as real when it isn't. So this remains a distinct possibility, although the experience was so fully detailed and crisp in its reality that I find it hard to believe that it was suggestion induced. I was very consciously examining the entity while observing him, outlining and analyzing every aspect I could while he walked in my direction getting gradually closer. This doesn't sound like an "induced experience" to me, given my heightened intellectual engagement during the incident.

I know very well the movie "They Live" and would possibly agree with you except for the fact that this was very late at night when there were few people around to witness it. So maybe he didn't need to visually morph ? I certainly didn't notice any morphing, he was from start to beginning, his size and morphology for the several blocks during which I saw him. So while it might or might not be a possibility, it would be speculative to wonder whether he had some sort of visual cloaking going on at some time or other. My problem isn't why didn't others see him, but that "Oh my gosh, these things actually EXIST ?" and its implications for my perception of our human reality as a whole. The circumstances surrounding the incident took a back seat to the impact of that realization.

What I saw makes this look like a girlscout

While I've heard people say that such Reptilians don't have a gender, this one was so warrior-like that I can only conceive of it as a male. It seemed so aggressive as to redefine what I knew of aggression. A very terrible energy emanated from him. It wasn't just physical meanness, its malevolence was psychic or telepathic, as you'll have it. It was pure Evil intent, and very much going about its business in a most determined fashion. You didn't want to get in its way.

If Stewart Swerdlow is a reliable source, something which I cannot know, here is in any case what he says of Reptilians. In this video he refers to a type which sounds similar to the one I witnessed. "Higly volatile" was the terms he used, and I can vouch that the entity I saw sure seemed ready to do just about anything nasty and boiling over seething with a lust for violence. I cannot vouch for any of Steward Swerdlow's other theories, just because he happens to describe to something close to what I saw with my own eyes. He does however refer to something very similar to the 9-footer I saw, and he says that it might have had some sort of belt-mounted holographic device to project a human appearance. I didn't see anything over the surface of his sweatshirt, but it could have been worn underneath. That would help explain how he got there unnoticed after crossing a major intersection.

Bulky Aggressive Warrior Class

Here you will learn more about Reptilians in general, which might place into perspective some of the reports and theories about these entitities. Here Jamie Mausan speaks about them being able to open up a Portal anywhere and walk right through it. This would help explain how the one I saw in the city street appeard to be coming from a major intersection which would have caused Havoc had people driving by seen such a huge being in the middle of the street.

Reptilians Crossing Dimensional Portals

What I saw was in my opinion not a shapeshifter. It would be a full blooded Reptoid, having no human genetics. Could such these beings walk around us often, using a hologram to hide their ghastly appearance? It might work occasionally, but the one I came across gave out such a strong energy pulse that we definitely couldn't fail to sense something gravely wrong in the presence of such a being, whatever their appearance. With more life experience at a young age than most mature adults, today I have seen a great deal and experienced quite a lot. Yet never did I encounter this intense and predatory an entity. Possibly another variety, if such exist, which would be less of a predatory warrrior and with another rapport to reality could intermingle with us in a concealed and undetectable manner. In this instance with what gave every impression of being a very dangerous Warrior Class creature, my warning signal was an intense bodily physical reaction which would have probably happened even if he had looked like Mother Goose. There was an overwhelming sense that he had just gone on a blood letting rampage. No special effect visuals could mask that sort of negatively charged energy nor such a compellingly dangerous manifest presence.

Actually, I didn't share this experience for several years for a variety of reasons. The first was utter shock at it happening. Life really wasn't nearly as enticing with the idea that such beings could actually exist right here on Earth. Also, I shared this story with a friend of mine who hosts an Alien website, and even he was more puzzled than anything... Finally, I told my brother who is far more into unusual theories than me, and he had a hard time believing me, insisting that from now on I take along a camera to confirm what I see. And he knows I'd never play games with him !

So I've taken some time to write up the moments of this experience as precisely as possible, so that without actual photographic documentation, at least others could know what I experienced, whether or not that is of any use to them. I actually think it will interest those most who have themselves had a similar experience, because it is so unsettling that it helps to know that we are not alone confronted with such a ‘hard to face’ reality.

That was my first idea. I cannot however imagine how people wouldn't be floored by the vertiginous height. From a distance that is what he looked like. Also, the sportswear - from shoes to sweat clothes - made him appear to be an over-sized athlete. Maybe his tall size in the dark of night had people steering clear of him, in case he wasn't a friendly guy? Having spent years examining facial features, and not being afraid of much of anything, I probably pushed my curiosity more than others did. True, his hood covered the top of his head and the sides of his face, and it was only when the street light reflected off his glistening greenish brown leathery skin that frontal light that I saw his face with a fairly flat nose and very protruding jawline.

This illustration is the closest one I've found regarding what he looked like, with some noteworthy differences which I shall detail.

3D Rendering of Reptilian

This picture looks very artificial, like some sort of creature. The one I saw looked very natural, just with shapes, textures and coloring you never usually see. He didn't have that long neck, his head was sitting directly atop his bulky shoulders. He looked far more serious, with larger leathery scales. His face was far more impressive atop an extremely powerful humanoid body. His eyes were approximately the same size in proportion to his other features, but they glowed dark amber red which made quite a strong impression. I had never before seen eyes glow, and didn't know they could.

His nose was not as long and straight, but wider and shorter. His jaw line went a bit lower and I wasn't able to see his mouth clearly. The hood of his sweat jacket prevented me from seeing his forehead. Here is a rendition of approximate height, respective to a tall onlooker measuring about 6'7" (2m).

Height reference comparison

This picture looks like a joke, because it is a cartoon. The head has weird protrusion and it looks nothing like what I saw, neither in demeanor or appearance. It is only a height reference. It was only posted to illustrate his size, he didn't look like that at all other than the tapered chest. You will now realize why I said that the small trees nearby looked like bushes. He was very inordinately large and a good bit more muscular with broader shoulders than in the above rendition. Before seeing him closer I thought he was ill with "gigantism" but he had none of the usual deformities associated with that disease.

Here is one which looks more accurate, except that his eyes were large and more rounded, as in the first rendition. Also the hood wasn't sagging because it was not a woven fabric but made of more elastic sweat jacket material. In this image the scales are more accurate in size.

Hooded Draco

This picture is the least different, but his head it too wide and he looks like some kind of a gator, an animal. The one I saw was very humanoid and seemed to be very much "on the ball" and acutely aware of what he was doing and walked with a determined pace. He didn't look dopey like that drawing, but very much in control.

I have to date spoken in person to 3 people only about this. The first runs an Extraterrestrial and UFO website didn't comment, so it appears he is at minimum skeptical and more likely doesn't believe a word. The second was my brother, who knows that in all of our life I've never lied. He thinks I must have had my brain programmed to see it by mind controllers. The third thinks I hallucinated, and just thought it was real. However, he said this to me in a dimly lit dining room and he seemed far less real to me while telling I must have hallucinated that than the Rept did when I observed him in better lighting for several minutes.

Because my intuitions are most often smack on target, and it would confirm that my sighting was at a correlated time I had thought that possibly there were police reports made by others that same night, attesting to the same sighting... I have verified the exact date and it was . I have not been able to elicit the help of anyone in law enforcement who could verify records and find out if there wasn't an unusual unpublicized blood crime committed right before I saw him.

It was downtown in a major European capital - amazing indeed when you read my account. Such a sighting would have stunned me in the most remote region of the planet, in my own neighborhood it simply floored me !

It was late night Saturday November 24th, 2007 after a late dinner party, actually very early on Sunday morning given the time. I had just parked my car a few blocks from home and was walking back when I noticed a most unusual individual. It was between 2:30 and 3:00 AM and he was walking down the middle of the divided city street on its wide center sidewalk lined with trees. I was walking in the opposite direction on the left sidewalk, providing during the entire event a viewing angle between 10 and 90 degrees. This was only a few blocks from my place so I was very familiar with the surroundings of the sighting environment, and this made such a presence stand out even more because it was out of scale with my usual references.

I first noticed him when he was about 500 feet away from me. Aside from his appearing very tall, his entry to this center sidewalk was what I first noticed as being strange. His brisk gate and speed of motion made it look as though he had started onto the center band sidewalk from the middle the busy intersection, usually filled with cars converging from 7 intersecting streets, instead of from one of the sides of the boulevard using the crosswalk.

He was of a height which I can only describe as « the tallest person I have ever seen ». He was considerably taller than a basketball player and had a broader figure, far more muscular and with wider shoulders and a tapered waist. I could tell this thanks to the sweat shirt and sweat pants he wore which wrapped his muscles in a very explicit way. He seemed thickly built although he towered in height, taller yet because his legs didn’t even look like they were extended fully. I first thought he had that posture in an attempt to partially conceal his great size, a hopeless endeavour.

At first I paused, hesitating to look further because I customarily avoid looking at people who are physically unusual, big or little people, those seriously handicapped or even famous celebrities or exceptionally beautiful women. This is out of courtesy because they must bear the gaze of others daily, and it carries a moral burden often becoming distressing to them. But this individual was sufficiently of another order, far beyond anything I had ever encountered, so I decided that I couldn’t turn away.

I had noticed him first when he was about 600 feet away from me. Aside from his appearing very tall, the way he had necessarily entered the center band walkway was what I first found to be very strange. His brisk gate and speed of motion made it look as though he had started onto the divider lane sidewalk from the middle of a busy 7 street intersection, rather than from one of the roadsides using the crosswalk. That struck me as strange and unlikely, had he just walked through crosstown traffic? This was odd, because the sight of so tall a person would have caused cars to slam on their brakes and block traffic. But it may also have been logical, because there were a couple cafes still open at that late weekend hour in that intersection. He was distinctly masculine, moving along swiftly with an unusual pace and noticeable strength, showing he was very athletic.

Then as the distance separating us decreased to about 400 feet I became amazed by just how large he was, first thinking he must be the tallest basketball player I had ever seen. I’d seen some very tall basketball players, and found that they can be impressively big. For reference, I also had spent time in a sports shoe specialty store sizing up the largest basketball shoes in existence, and had marveled at their unusual dimensions. Living in a big city I had also occasionally seen people afflicted with thyroid illness and gigantism. But this was at another scale which I couldn’t come to grips with. He must have been over 8 feet tall despite his hunched posture, his head reaching the height of the second floor of a building.

I can only say what I experienced. First I didn't imagine for a second that this wasn't one very tall guy. Only once I realized that the trees looked like shrubs did it become inescapable that this couldn't be a regular person. I certainly wasn't about to think it was an alien, especially not of reptilian variety, because I was certain that such beings were the stupid ridiculous inventions of people who had no respect for our intelligence. So I can well understand those who will scoff at my story, I would too were I not in my shoes. That is unfortunately not a luxury I have, losing that fated night the right to deny what I now must accept at face value, the impossible must necessarily not be quite as impossible as I once thought.

His stride was very rapid and although it was smooth and regular he didn’t appear to be rushing, but moved forward faster than I’d ever seen in a normal walk. Something struck me about his steps; he didn’t seem to walk normally. So I pondered on how he was walking, carefully observing his legs and posture. I noticed that he didn’t fall forward like we usually do as we walk - catching our fall with the next step we take. He was walking very fast but with an abnormal rhythm. The timing of his steps was regular, without a limp, but he seemed to be making continuous leaps with an enormous muscular mass thrusting his body smoothly forward.

He remained upright and stable using his leg muscles to propel his body mass forward only removing his rear foot from the ground at the very last moment. While walking he had both legs on the ground most of the time, briskly and effortlessly bringing his rear leg to the front while moving his upper body forward in a constant linear motion. Despite this he advanced gracefully, without his upper body leaning or moving vertically, and with all the motion compensation taking place in his legs. Clearly this was not a normal human stride.

He seemed to be larger yet because his very tall height was while walking without completely stretching out his legs which remained slightly curved, possibly to smooth his gait. I had first wondered if he was keeping them bent as a self-conscious overly tall person might do to make their height less noticeable. His back was also somewhat hunched forward, with a considerable bulge at the top. All this made me think he was trying to remain as discrete as possible, since I still assumed he was human.

He was distinctly masculine, which doesn’t correspond to the reports that reptilians are both male and female, it sure wasn’t “ladylike”. He was walking swiftly with an unusual pace and with noticeable athletic strength. He seemed to be larger because he was walking without completely stretching out his legs, which otherwise would make him even taller. I wondered if he was doing this, as tall people often do, to try to diminish the visibility of his great height. Also, he was hunched forward with a considerable bulge on his upper back, which made me think he was trying to remain as discrete as possible.

Even though his exceptional height should have made them look proportionately narrower, his shoulders were extremely broad and very muscular. He wore a dark hooded sweat-jacket which hugged his upper body's bulging muscles and molded his shape. The width of his shoulders and tapering abdomen gave him a sharply triangular silhouette more exaggerate yet than that of cartoon superheros usually portrayed with similar feature tapering. These unusual proportions were visually offset by his thick muscular legs. His muscles more developed than any body builder, not just in places – everywhere.

Also, the top of his back was humped and his upper body was slightly arched forward. I wondered whether he had a backpack under his sweatshirt, but saw that it was too high mounted to be anything hanging on straps. This bump on his upper back ma made him look slightly slumped forward, yet with such a posture he reached abnormally tall height: he was approximately 9-foot tall which, with his legs straightened, would make him as tall as a one story building. Once he was around 200 feet away it struck me, the small trees next to him looked like bushes – he was so tall that he had changed their scale.

While observing his legs I examined every detail I could see because such a large individual was a phenomenal sight. I noted that he was wearing dark navy or black sweat pants larger than I could imagine I could imagine would exist in any store, because since nobody could be so big who would make them? Yet they appeared to be identical in their fabrication and appearance to standard-size sweat pants such as those we readily find is a sports shop.

He was also wearing white sport shoes with shoelaces and crisp navy blue trim which were spanking new and far bigger than the largest sold to basketball players. His were easily double their size. I wondered where they might have been made. Because any factory worker would have asked questions about pants or shoes that large. No person could ever be that size, yet they seemed to be industrially produced in series manufacturing. While it had been an amazing sight, a person so incredibly large and physically powerful, it hadn’t dawned on me that it wouldn’t be human, I figured he was a sort of giant. Examining his silhouette I marveled at ho sculpted it was with incredibly broad shoulders tapering at a rapid angle to a much thinner waist. What a prototypical athlete I thought. I thought at first "he is the largest person I have ever seen” until what happened next. Later once it was all over, I wondered if this meant that somebody had made an entire series of apparel in gigantic sizes for other beings of similar dimensions.

I couldn't help but wonder who this incredibly large man could be, and cast an analytical gaze onto his face, the sides of which were for the most part hidden by the edges of his sweatshirt which prevented the light from reflecting on his face. So, from a distance, I couldn’t distinguish his features. I was puzzled by the hood, because it was drawn low, preventing me to see his face from afar. I could however notice a strange hump shape hump at the top of his back. As a youngster I had seen hunchbacks and had noticed that almost invariably their hump was a good bit lower down and usually to one side, seldom in the middle. But this hump not only was perched very high up at the top of his back, but it peaked at the top at the height of his the neck and not lower down as would be expected. It was only later that I considered that it might have been folded up wings, because at that time it simply seemed an unexplainable high position for a regular hump.

Around 200 feet away, I tried to discern his features to see what kind of man this must be and I was seized with terror. He exuded an impression of absolute danger, a sort of riveting electrical or magnetic energy, something I am at a loss of words to describe, having never before felt anything like it.

Looking intently at his features, which were not easily distinguished in the bluish haze of the neon streetlights, I noticed thathis lower face extended forward as it went down toward the chin, not receding as customary below the nose. This first had me wonder what serious deformity he had, with a dominant mouth extending past his nose. But as it caught the light it reflected in hues of dark greenish brown with a leathery segmented texture. Despite the obscurity that he a bright penetrating glare in his eyes. Then I caught a glimpse of his eyes. This lasted about 15 seconds, during which I tried to define what I was seeing. Then a streetlight lit up his face and I saw that his cheeks and brow had large leathery segments in many beautiful hues of dark brown, dark green and dark red blended in muted shades.

As he rapidly drew closer I noticed despite the obscurity that he a bright penetrating glare in his eyes. Set back a couple of inches behind what I can only refer to as his ‘snout’, I could see a large pair of deep dark red "glowing" eyes the size of hen's eggs. His gaze was intense and his egg-sized eyes were huge, and emitted a glowing red light, not as intense as a car's taillight, but deeper and darker. They were uniformly glowing and while this defied logic, I still didn’t know what to believe. His eyes didn't flicker and I couldn't notice any differences in shading or a separate iris or pupil. They were even in color with a slightly less sharp luminosity than that of a car's taillight lens. How could eyes emit light and glow like this?

I had a hard time coming to grips with the realization that this was not a human being, given that I thought that anyone walking the street on two legs wearing clothes would necessarily be 'one of us'. But those eyes were striking, beaming their dark red color and staring ahead – they were real and a dead giveaway that this was some sort of Alien creature. It was only then that I realized with shock that such a being couldn’t be human, not even remotely. Unafraid, I marveled at such a revelation which I found compellingly fascinating. I wanted to get to the bottom of this and confront the being. I became very intrigued and just had to get a closer look, face to face with him at close range.

I was fascinated and wanted to walk right past him to get a closer look so I started walking straight towards him. Getting closer I realized the power of his stride, which was long and rapid with a step motion very different from our own - he would only lift his rear foot once the front foot had landed, while his upper body remained immobile his arms moving at his sides a bit less than our own at a similar pace. His quick and inordinately steady pace gave an impression of tremendous strength which gave me chills. He was going in the opposite direction, without looking at me or walking directly towards me. I could see him from three quarter profile from the west sidewalk, while he moved south swiftly on the center sidewalk. He was approximately 150 feet away when I had to force myself to stop looking at him, out of fear of attracting his attention. What prevented me from continuing on my path was not his appearance but sensing what was emanating from his very intense energy.

It was only then, once sheltered from his sight, that I sensed the very strong invading and pervasive presence of the creature, this was definitely not a human presence.

I could sense his incredible strength, beyond all measure. It was as if I knew he had the physical energy of two dozen men, and I could also sense that he was noticing very acutely everything that was going on around his vicinity, and maybe even sensing my own presence there. Is was as though he emanated and overwhelming mental energy, one which would require no other telepathic power to communicate with, given his own ability was enough for him to be perceived loud and clear. He was projecting his noticeably a probing energy which spread out beyond me, and I feared being detected as his intentions did not seem peaceable.

My mind became impressed by images of him going to an arranged meeting in an apartment at a nearby neighborhood, and after a short discussion goring to death several people who had come there to see him out of curiosity. The scene was very vivid with picture in living/dying color and clear sound almost as if I had been taken into the room where it had taken place. I noted that he seemed to be replaying this scene in his mind and relishing the horror and torment which had seized his victims when they were partially eaten alive.

Then ensued my evasive manoeuvre which only took seconds. I felt gripped with an uncontrollable physical terror. This fear was not psychological, as I didn't notice dangerous behavior, it was wrenching as if to strongly signal to me the seriousness of my situation. It was unlike any fear I had previously experienced in dangerous situations, not the fear I had known when subjected to desperate treatments, it was far worse. Neither the fear of inescapable suffering or irremediably trouble, of lost causes or anything else remotely rational, it was as if my body had been taken over by some overpowering force taking control, possibly my subconscious mind or a survival instinct had stepped in, prompting me “get out of the driver’s seat”. It was a physical sensation like strong electrical impulses guiding my body independently of my will, as if my it had been “taken over” by some outside force.

I had never before been 'betrayed' by my body nor prompted like this before, so I guessed there must be a good reason for it, and stopped resisting because my instinct told me that otherwise I could only die. Every sense told me that I had better get away as swiftly and as discretely as possible, onto the side street to my left – hoping that he hadn’t seen me and that he wasn’t on to me spying him. This is when my legs carried me against my will to a side street where, planted in front of a wall. My body brought me to walk at a discrete measured but swift pace over to a side street to my left, up to the wall of a building facing the side he couldn't see. My feet carried me resolutely to the side street and I found myself facing up against a building, not daring to look at him or anywhere but straight at the wall until he had passed the crossroad, to not attract his attention. I tried to remain undetected by focusing on the nothingness of the wall's features and blankness. I stayed there until he had passed and even waited some minutes before daring venture out to the main road and meekly check if he was to be seen in the distance. He was gone and I high tailed it back home very shaken up as you can imagine.

It wasn’t out of fear for his tall size, or out of some irrational fear of the unknown that I reacted, but because of the bodily sense of the presence of a terrifying physical danger which gave me an extreme impression of horror. One thing was certain, there was no escaping. My body revealed its awareness that this being had tremendous physical power as well as murderous intent. The fear was physical and wrenching, and I guessed there must be a reason for it. Then I sensed the very strong and pervasive presence of the creature, because I confirm that this was not a human presence. I could sense his incredible strength beyond all known measure and could feel that he was noticing everything going on around him, including that he sensed that I knew he was there, hiding helplessly. I could also sense that he was so very deadly -- way beyond dangerous.

This is also how I could tell he was so very deadly, far beyond dangerous. I can only call him a 'super warrior', a “one man” army. against whom no resistance could be effective. Even alone his tremendous physical power made him numerically superior to us, while his psychic ability would give him both a strategic and a tactical advantage of anticipation in a battle situation. The energy emanating from him made me feel that twenty of our strongest men would be brushed aside in a single gesture. The only reason I dared peek in his direction, as he passed my side street without turning his head, was to see if he was coming my way, but I tried to look without seeming to be looking, gasping and clenching my fists, hoping, against all odds to survive. I sensed he could read my mind and detect my reactions, so I forced myself to focus my eyes on the blank section of wall, blending my thoughts with than bland inert material and trying to not think of anything at all. I felt that I was however failing to do so sufficiently, but he was either not paying attention to me for one reason or another being busy relishing his recent memories, or finding me too insignificant to trouble with.

Once he had passed I remained several minutes standing facing the wall, but it seemed like an eternity before I dared to even try to sense whether he was still nearby. Because I was sure that he’d know if I had tried to sense his presence. Fortunately for me, he was far enough away and I had survived what I can only call “a very close call”. Shaken up but determined to get home and put this all behind me, I cautiously walked back to the main street, checking for any traces of him to my right, and then turning left to return home at a quick pace, all the time wondering how such a being could even exist, much less that he could be walking around at night in a bustling city. All I could imagine was that he must somehow live underground, because were he above the surface there would be major panic in the land.

It was the first time that I had felt such a presence of a predator far above us on the food scale, like an antelope before a lion. This shook my preconceptions as I had always assumed that mankind was at the top of the pecking order. My body showed me it had its own situational intelligence, putting me in panic mode to get me out of a tight spot. My mind however remained lucid and I wanted to know who or what it was. But a violent message came from my entire body to stop me in my tracks, something I never experienced before or after, a sense of absolute EVIL and a most serious concern that something of great consequence is being hidden from us by our governments. This is the only account I have found thus far that describes something similar to what I experienced. Speaking of its “very powerful build” and of a strong sense of Evil from the creature, Barry King's reptilian sighting testimony was posted on YouTube only a few months prior to my own sighting:

I've been in quite a few scrapes and known the sort of fear that dissolves and paralyzes. But never before had my body signaled me so loudly. It was as if there was another driver at the wheel. I've got a lot of willpower, and can't stand losing my self-control. Yet there was nothing I could do. My legs walked me away. I was not scared, I wanted to investigate and walk up to him to get a closer look and find out who/what he was. It was very important to me, because I had never before seen such a sight.

So I discovered either than my subconscious mind can take over sometimes, or that there is such a thing as instinctual fear that can overrun you. I wasn't frightened by him as much as by the terrified physical dread that came over my bodily senses. It was as though I felt subject to an electrical field, a mental scrutiny with a horrible intensity and equally bad intentions. I was the prey and he was the predator, that was the feeling from my body, that I was food and maybe his dinner. It made no logical sense, but was so overwhelming that I made myself as discrete as possible like an opossum playing dead. Never before having had such a signal from my body, not to mention such a strong one, I paid heed, the adrenalin helping heighten my attention.

There was suggested something having to do with those notorious chartoon Ninja Turtle warriors and it is true that there might be something to that modern fictional mythology, possibly coming from people in the know. The one I saw did give off the impression, by his physique, demeanor, stride and posture, of being some sort of super warrior, one bred to kill. That sounds pretty Ninja to me. His head was shaped more like a turtle's head than a snake head. And the skin although a bit scaly seemed leathery and thick like that of a turtle.

This encounter wasn't at all scary, until my body started moving me very swiftly, and when I resisted it really started sending me very strong signals. I was scared by this more than by the creature, but then realized that if it was happening it was because of something having to do with that creature. So then I pondered that I should have been scared instead of being so recklessly curious. My curiosity did nonetheless enable me to get a pretty good look at him. I only wish there was a way to replay what is a very vivid memory of that sighting in mental video form. I will now describe in order of appearance what struck me as unusual in this sighting.

His size was the first mind blower. The second was his very strange way of walking, with his hind leg lurching forward and his upper body remaining totally steady and upright, without bobbing up and down as we do when we walk. The third in order of strangeness was his exaggerate tapered waist and very broad shoulders forming a triangle. Forth his eyes, then struck me with their dark red glow, and I realized that this thing was very much alive and real, was not from this world and was an entirely different creature to be reckoned with, not simply a being an odd assortment of unusual physical characteristics I had never seen before. Fifth, his back bulge gave me a nagging feeling of discomfort, because I kept on staring at that bump and it was very high, almost reaching above his shoulders. It wasn't some sort of back pack because it was so high on his back. It was not a bump at an ordinarily low position, as with hunchbacks who usually have theirs between the shoulder blades. It actually peaked outwards at its higher part, near the top of his shoulders, and sloped down more gently from its peak to gradually diminish about one quarter of the way down his very tall back. Sixth in importance was his thick leathery brownish green scaly skin and his sloping facial shape, which you would ordinarily expect to be the most revealing factor of oddity. This was just a surface feature and didn't define his strangeness nearly as much as the rest of the differences.

This being wasn't human, far from it. I can't say what or who it was, other than his seeming to be a willful composed individual, not some remote controlled drone. He knew where he was going and was absorbed in his thoughts as well as tuned into what was going on around him.

I cannot imagine their resilience in combat. Only that I felt that I didn't stand more of a chance than a sparrow against a mountain lion. Weapons and technology can of course change that power discrepancy, but this being had something which really did start to scare me out of my wits when I sensed it: I felt that it could read my mind and see where I was and observe my thoughts and perceptions. That is one heck of a competitive advantage. The only way I would imagine that you could fight against them effectively, without them second guessing your attack plans, would be to send programmed soldiers who don't know what they're about to do until it happens.

Regarding their physical strength and prowess, the one I saw may not be representative of the others. Most accounts I have since read speak of reptilians who are somewhat smaller than this one, and I may have seen one of the warrior caste some speak of, if such entities do in fact exist. All I know is the one I saw. His size was already several men in volume and weight. Plus, he had a musculature which was far more developed than any body builder I have ever seen. This made me wonder if he hadn't been genetically engineered because how could nature make such a freak?

While looking at him and feeling totally powerless, I asked myself that very same question. It made sense, because he didn't seem to be a friendly sort of chap. He was "walking intimidation" and probably far worse if you got to know him. I gaged, sensing his physical strength during his stride and his powerful demeanor and physique, that even 40 men would be brushed aside and pulverized without excessive effort. Ask yourself, how many 5 year old kids would it take to defeat you? Especially if you are a trained martial arts expert? It was pretty much the same contrast with one of our regular Marines.

Regarding their resistance to weaponry, it's anyone's guess. Maybe they are even more vulnerable to gunfire than we are, or maybe they are hurt less by it? But the one I saw didn't look in the least worried about any attention he could garner from his height, or about an possible encounter with a police patrol. I cannot explain it. Other than imagine he was assured of complicities among law enforcement. Since, I've wondered if this was some sort of engineered entity using genetic experimentation, but I don't think that we could readily invent something so horrid and vicious even if we tried hard. It was beyond the imagination, but who knows? It seemed a lot worse than the more humanoid looking Devil of myth.

He was like a triple sized warrior type, with large red glowing eyes and ten times the physical power of anything we can even imagine, not to mention not needing to use weapons given such mental and physical superiority. I'm not a slouch, when it comes to logic or even abstract thinking, but I sensed that I was a mental dwarf next to him. He seemed distinctly higher in the evolutionary scale, if there is such a thing. We are the sub-specious, and they are at the top of the food chain. That pretty much says it all, and maybe better explains the betrayal and complicity of those in power behind the political scene and the compliance tantamount to surrender of at least part of our military. I hope this gives you some insight, and that someday I will find out how such a being could be walking the streets in brand new factory made Earth clothing without seeming in the least disturbed by any worldly authorities.

"In appearance, the serpent-gods were tall, at least 8 to 10 feet [2.5 to 3 meters], and walked on two feet. They had a tail like a reptile, and a tough hide somewhat like a lizard but with a large amount of horny or scaly skin. Their hide was generally lustrous and smooth, somewhat like a chameleon, and probably varied in different hues of green and gray."

"Their natural condition was to go around naked, but they wore clothing such as cloaks as a sign of rank or godship. Because of their need for moisture, they could not stand the direct sun which made their skin dry and uncomfortable."

"Their face was somewhat flat with chin whiskers or a goatee somewhat like a walrus or ibex. They had short horns on their heads which they considered to be a sign of divinity. Humans were repulsive to them because they were hairy, had soft skins and bony limbs. They were particularly upset by man's pungent smells and excretions. The gods did not eat cooked foods at first, but later depended on man to supply these needs. They did not need fires or stoves to keep warm."

"Early man or Adam was not too dissimilar from his creator, except he was smaller, had no facial hair nor horns. He was more agile and dexterous with his hands. He too ate raw food and ran around naked."

"The sons of the serpent-gods, the Nefilim of the Bible, which descended before the Deluge and mated with human women also dabbled in genetic engineering. Many strange and monstrous forms were produced and gave rise to the ancient legends of centaurs, griffins, satyrs, and all the ogres and fabulous creatures of mythology. These were all destroyed by the Deluge, but their memory lingers on in the ancient legends of mankind."

"The patriarchs, god-kings, priests, generals, and other members of the aristocracy which ruled Man before the Deluge and after as well, were also part saurian. They displayed certain characteristics which set them apart from ordinary people - large patches of scaly skin referred to as "the badge of priesthood," and probably had horns and chin whiskers."

LINK: Flying Serpents and Dragons by R.A. Boulay

DOWNLOAD: Flying Serpents and Dragons by R.A. Boulay

This description and height is a fairly close match to the Reptilian individual which I saw at night in the city streets. He goes on to explain his interpretation of why we know nothing of this type of being's existence among us.


"Mankind is probably not yet ready for the truth. The average man and woman need their fantasies - the myths and religious stories that make life so simple and uncomplicated. Perhaps one of these days we will be shocked into accepting the truth, when our ancestors return to see how their "children" are faring."

"Man has been conditioned for millennia to deny the truth of his ancestry and as a palliative we have developed a convenient form of amnesia."

"We have accepted the interpretation of history propagated by a self-perpetuating priesthood and academia. Nonetheless, the truth can only be delayed so long."

"Eventually Mankind will have to learn the truth about his origins and face the fact that his gods and ancestors were reptiles, truly monsters by any of our current definitions. There will be a great cultural shock as we have never seen before!"

Let's hope that R.A. Boulay is wrong and has got it all backwards. But the being I saw tells me that his account is the one which, so far, comes closest to explaining that encounter. Aside from a Man in Black attack nothing out of the ordinary has happened, and I seldom even see a tall person.

Regarding the Man In Black attack, which happened in a very public place, here are a few qualifying remarks. Having travelled the world over since a child I had developed a knak for guessing people's nationalities. Yet this was a very rare instance in which I couldn't situate where that Man in Black came from. Later he moved with such speed that I could only see more a blur with my peripheral vision, yet he placed the powder in a heap at the exact center of the crown of my head. This should have been incompatible with his precipitated rush out of the train. So where was he from ? My intuition was that he was NOT from the Satanist groups that I had been vehemently opposing in Internet forums.

The man was very physically present and rather banal looking, but it is true that his behavior was surprising. His speed and the coordination of his action made it almost seem as if he slowed our time or sped up his own relation to time. Of course this means that he wouldn't be exactly what we would term HUMAN but he didn't seem to be that different from people I knew, only I couldn't pigeon hole him as I customarily do, and found something like a barrier occulting who he was when trying to tune in to him psychically.

At this date I consider the probability that it may have been a scare tactic, especially as that has been the most common characteristic behavior of Men In Black. But who and why? Does this mean that there is a connection to my witnessing the very large Reptilian ? It still has me stumped. Believe me if I see another guy with the same getup, I'm going at him daredevil style and getting some fast direct answers.

Once home I washed off my head and shampooed several times over, rubbing away like never before. I thought that if it was something nasty antibodies would show up in the bloodstream, but it turned out that Anthrax doesn't show up unless its spores become active, and then it is way too late. It wasn't one of those nasty substances that give people an awful rapid cancer, like in Bob Marley's boot or as UFO Researchers have been known to get. One such substance was used last year to murder the well-known British journalist and Economic Intelligence publisher Christopher Story, aka Edward Harle. Prior to his death on July 14, 2010 he had time to publicly name his assassins.

The Man in Black had attracted my attention because he was entirely dressed in black, shirt, slacks shoes, tie, jacket and most unusually he held in his hand a fairly wide rimmed black felt hat which you never see anyone wearing. He looked like the proverbial Men in Black except that he wasn't driving a black car, obviously, and he wasn't oriental looking.

I am well traveled and usually accurately guess people's nationality by observing them. He seemed to be observing me with a knowing yet curious way of looking at me. His visible nervous discomfort got me really trying hard to identify his nationality or group appurtenance to no avail. He was unreferenced in my book. Given my identity research and postings in this thread, I tried to memorize his features to be able to reconstitute them if needed, for example by a police artist if something nasty happened. I would recognize him anywhere (a famous eyewitness line) and he happened to looked almost exactly like this artists rendering of a Men in Black which I found on the Internet only a few days ago, with the same facial features and bald head, but a darker shirt and slightly younger appearance (38 to 43 years old) but just as sullen.

Man In Black

That website gives the following description of Men in Black from The Alien Encyclopedia:

Men in Black: Also referred to as the 'Men In Black' or 'Horlocks'. These are apparently in many cases humans who are controlled by draconian influences, although other 'MIB' have been encountered which do not seem human, but more reptilian OR synthetic. The 'MIB' have been encountered often after UFO sightings, usually intimidating witnesses into keeping silent about what they've seen (many of the witnesses may be 'abductees' with suppressed memories of the event). Their 'threats' appear to be motivated by attempts to utilize 'terrorism', 'fear' or 'intimidation' as a psychological weapon against witnesses. This 'weapon' may not only be used to keep the human 'MIB' under control, but by the human MIB's themselves.

Men in Black

I considered whether he could have been linked to a satanist group such as the one I had earlier suspected of painting the 666 triangles on my building, but my perception was that he was not that, but what he really was I couldn't make out, as if there was an extrasensory wall preventing me from knowing. He only stayed on one stop, and when he got up and went to the door in front of my seat to exit, I figured it was a false alert and that my imagination had been overactive. Only, he didn't exit and instead plunged into action in the few seconds that the train was stopped in the subway station. This was a time when I didn't have my wits about me to know what to do, something which I came to regret.

Suddenly, instead of opening the door and exiting, he let go of the door handle and ran incredibly fast to the door right behind me before I could so much as raise my eyes. I barely caught his motion in my peripheral vision, while seemingly at the same time sensing his presence to my side, carefully dumping powder onto the center of my scalp, only to be within a fraction of a second accelerating his pace brutally to throw open the door behind me, storming out of the subway train. He ran past me almost silently like a eerie blur, it couldn't have lasted more than 5 seconds, including dumping that powder on the bullseye while seemingly barely slowing down. Just as he was bursting out of the subway car throwing the door open violently, I did hear the pace of his footsteps accelerate with a quickening thump. It was like in one of those Ninja warrior movies, where they learn to walk like shadows, inperceptible, Or a science fiction movies where they somehow slow down the passage of time or freeze others in position in order to move without being detected.

The door towards the front of the subway, where he had been seated when I first spotted him and had risen to exit from, remained closed - proving I hadn't imagined the improbable incident. And the woman sitting across from me in our bench seat section, almost fell over at what had just happened, looking at me with a shocked blank stare. She didn't say anything, partly because of being in city transit where one doesn't speak to strangers, especially when strange things happen. I was myself too dazed to speak, and also quite angry at myself for having irresponsibly lowered my attention, although I had detected and assessed the risk. I was shocked because I thought it was too late to do anything, expecting to soon be in the throws of an agonizing death by poison within moments. It seemed like a professionally executed assassination by biochemical substance.

So there I was, sprinkled on the head with powder by a Man in Black, in full view on public transportation. The Man in Black skillfully dropped the powder onto the crown of my head as I was seated, while practically at the same time rushing out, an impossible feat for a normal person. I had no time to react other than to reluctantly breathe in the abrasive dust reaching my lungs, which reminded me of the powders we bought at novelty stores when we were kids. Only it wasn't itching powder which in such quantity itches a lot more, nor was it sneezing powder as it didn't make me sneeze at all. It was far less radically violent than mace, but was quite harsh enough to be seriously concerned. I knew it wasn't any good, because of my strong physical reaction.

The emanations from the powder burned my nose and had my eyes itching and watering, and I could feel on my hair the presence of a caustic substance. I didn't attenmpt to remove that powder, because my first priority was not to let more than couldn't be avoided get inside my lungs, eyes or nose. I sat fairly still, didn't speak to the lady seated across from me, although she had been a direct witness. This was partly because I was in shock and disbelief, and partly because I didn't want to open my mouth to the dust floating around my face that was making my eyes sting and my nose hurt.

I didn't dare touch my head or face to avoid contaminating my hands, and then other parts of my body or personal effects. I just let the powdered substance sit up there like a tablespoon of sugar balanced atop of my head. I breathed as shallowly and slowly as I could, and didn't let my breathing go back to normal until I was out of the subway and outside of my own "dust cloud". I then wentfar away from other passengers to a deserted area of the platform where I could violently shake it off my head without using my hands. I proceeded to bend down and shake it off of my head as best I could, and was especially concerned for innocent bystanders who might become collateral victims of that powder.

Some twenty minutes later I arrived home and thoroughly washed off any residue. Once cleaned off, I phoned someone whose work phone is taped for professional security purposes in order to make an immediate voice record of the incident, with time and details should I be 'felled' as a consequence. I invited law enforcement personnel with access to public transit video surveillance images to investigate and communicate any images of that individual boarding or exiting the transit system, to no avail.

Two weeks later I assumed it must have been a scare tactic to dissuade me from continuing my research. Then I learned that Anthrax inhalation can take up to 6 weeks to kick in, so I tried many different laboratories to get a blood test for antibodies, but discovered that there is no means of detecting Anthrax if the spores remain dormant. Considering there still might be a delayed reaction, I presented the case to the Director of a leading Toxicology Institute who said that left untreated in advance it is fatal 2 days after symptoms appear.

I wasn't treated by injected antibiotic treatment which is reserved for use during two days critical intensive care, giving a 10% chance of survival. They instead prescribed very high doses of a specific antibiotic to counter the effects of Anthrax spores, should they become active during the 60 day incubation period. I have kept the trenchcoat with powder residue hermetically sealed for later analysis. This was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me, although fortunately not the nastiest in terms of consequences.

So that pretty much wraps it up. I am not trying to convince anyone this actually happened other than sharing my experience, take it or leave it. I have been quite shaken by this and certainly do hope I shall never again come anywhere near to anything like that again. Also I'd open a bottle of champagne to celebrate if I would learn that it was simply a hallucination, even if that would make me sort of a lunatic that would be nicer than contemplating the factual existence of creatures such as those. I hope this helped some here gain insight into what might be out there, and I do hope to learn more in coming months/years.


posted on Mar, 13 2011 @ 07:54 PM
Nah, love energy will never work.

You will have to use mind bullets!

Defeat the imaginary with mind bullets!! That will surely work!!!!

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 02:53 AM

Originally posted by Acid_Burn2009

Nah, love energy will never work.

You will have to use mind bullets!

Defeat the imaginary with mind bullets!! That will surely work!!!!

Hi Acid Burn,

Anyone can understand your irony, unfortunately these entities being solid physical powerhouses makes it hard to believe that peaceful energy could affect them. Especially as they sure don't seem like they care a hoot about human life, much less about loftier spirituality. Yet since they are highly psychic, there is a small chance that it could lock them up, that they wouldn't know how to respond to it or get their instinctive aggressive response? I doubt it, but who knows. After all, that's how mice try to deceive cats that toy with them in their jaws and paws. They become passive, playing dead: they don't have a fighting chance and have nothing to lose. Like us?

I'd sure like it if the authorities, who must know that there are such things to contend with and have invariably gotten their scientists to find ways of affecting them, to tell us how to defend ourselves most effectively against such seemingly invincible predators.

Also, don't think I'm out to kill off all reptoids indiscriminately, but if you'd come across one like I did you also would need the assurance that at least some countermeasures exist. Or just "love them to death", yours.


posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 03:07 AM

Originally posted by Topato
They used to burn people/put them in insane asylums who proposed the Earth wasn't flat a few hundred years ago.

Care to back that claim up with some evidence?

What does that tell you?

That people like you will make up anything

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 05:49 PM
Good bit of sci-fi writing up there...

Wrong forum though bub

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by Acid_Burn2009
Good bit of sci-fi writing up there...

Wrong forum though bub

Who are you talking too ? Getsmart or someone called bub ?

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 09:17 PM
Did you really need to ask that or are you just trying to raise your post count with dumb questions?

Of course I was referring to Getsmart...

bub [bʌb]
1. US informal fellow; youngster: used as a form of address

Originally posted by Doomzilla

Originally posted by Acid_Burn2009
Good bit of sci-fi writing up there...

Wrong forum though bub

Who are you talking too ? Getsmart or someone called bub ?

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 10:33 PM

Originally posted by youthsavior
From what I understand:

The reptilians and grays live where ever their from, and ..... in subterranean cities on this planet which is a huge tunnel/ cave network... They are working with the government and according to the Pleiadians (who are very similiar to us and have our best interest in mind) are evil demons and are using us for our resources, etc. That's why we should not trust them. Who would you believe, people who look like you who are smarter and peaceful, or reptile/ snake looking people who are very misleading/ evil??? I'll go with the Pleiadians! I know, we don't know any of this as fact right now.. But from all the reading I've been doing. It doesn't make sense that we would be told the opposite of what/ who these et's are.

Me too, friend! Especially since those are the people who want to help, not control. But even they cannot all be trusted. I have some friends who are Pleiadians, and they are very peaceful, and very intelligent.

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 10:42 PM
Any proof of this claim or are you just that trusting of people?

Either way, send me a million dollars and I will take you to their secret underground lair, where they keep their space ships. I usually wash and wax them on Sundays during the summer for free space rides.

Zagamaw (sp?) Beach on the outer rings of Saturn is nice this time of year, ask them to take you.

reply to post by autowrench

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by Farnhold

I LOOOOOOVE YOU! You should come to Oklahoma and visit! I have a BEAUTIFUL apartment with an awsome balcony (I spent 500$ on flowers and outdoor furniture! I also have two cypress trees on my balcony! I got a letter from my apartment manager that said he really appreciated how much decorating I did on my balcony!) YOU SHOULD COME OVER!!!

anywho, were is the science in this "love vibration"... and don't give me psychology evidence, we all now that genre of science was made up in the 1950's

posted on Mar, 15 2011 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by dereks


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